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Signs He Is Smitten By You: To Attract Man

Do you know what are some signs he is smitten by you?

In a love relationship, once when we get into one, we become slightly restless, slightly anxious, and for many women, they see the man as all they have.

How do you get a man to be infatuated with you?

Signs he’s smitten with you: For a smart woman, instead of actively pursuing a man and giving his all, it is better to enjoy the feeling of being loved.

Often some female readers ask me: 

“How can I keep a man’s heart?”

“How can I make a man love me more?”

“Why am I always unable to get his heart?”

For these problems, how to solve, from which aspects to start, today we want to talk to you is the “law of attraction”.




What is the Law of Attraction?

Signs he is smitten by you

Signs a man is smitten with you: The law of attraction, also known as the “law of attraction”, means that when we focus our thoughts and energy on one area, then the people and things related to that area will be attracted to us.

There are strong magnetic fields in the universe, they go around each other and attract each other, and the same is true for human relationships.

Signs he is smitten by you: Let’s imagine why some people have many friends around them and are always appreciated by others, while others seem to be alone, to a large extent this is due to the attraction of the individual.

In 1907, Bruce McClelland wrote in his book, Imagination Brings Riches, “You are what you think, not what you think you are.”

He summed up the law of attraction to a certain extent, when our mind focuses on what we want, then we naturally go in that direction, but how the end result will be is not absolute.

Signs a guy is smitten with you: There is also a huge magnetic field between men and women in sexual relationships, and to get men to fall in love with a woman, then we need to apply the principles of the law of attraction.

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Building intimate connections

Signs he is smitten by you

Signs he is smitten: The reason why some people become friends with these people is because they have certain things in common, so they can do mutual attraction, and this is the role of the connection we are talking about today.

In gender relationships, women want men to be infatuated with you, learn how to build a connection between you and him.

Signs he is smitten by you: This does not simply require you to know each other, you have to know how to find the common ground between you and the other person.

When you have more connections between you, then at the moment your attraction to the man will gradually increase.

Understanding the needs of the man himself, knowing what he wants and what he is tired of, then the woman will naturally know what to do.





Focus on what you want

Signs he is smitten by you

Signs a guy is smitten with you: Women want men to be infatuated with you, so at the moment you have to focus your attention on love itself, not on men.

There are many examples in real life where women focus all their energy on men, and they often get the opposite result.

Signs a guy is smitten with you: Women do not get love from men, but rather they make men more and more indifferent to themselves and can make men feel bored because this kind of love is suffocating.

Women will project their expectations onto each other, but no one is perfect, when women do not get what they want in a man’s needs, is then women at the moment will be in a certain emotional turmoil, they will be insecure, they will be anxious, then the ensuing quarrels and conflicts will arise.

Instead, we should know how to focus our attention on how to love, how to love, then at this time your own behavior motivation will be very different.

Signs he is smitten by you: You will only become more selfish in the relationship, you will not become more narrow-minded, and at the same time, you can bring everyone is precisely a more comfortable love experience.

Signs a guy is smitten with you: The best love is when two people maintain the right amount of differences and care for each other to grow.





Be true to yourself

Signs he is smitten by you

The people we meet in life are like mirrors of our own different facets, and we attract other people who make us fall in love with our own strengths. That’s why I’m presenting these five topics here not only for men but also for us women ourselves. For example, can you give up self-evaluation? Can you not hold on to the memory of something you did wrong in the past? Or are you always overwhelmed by the shadow of your mistakes and failures? How can a person who can’t let go of himself forgive others?

Signs he is smitten by you: When a person fully accepts himself, he is able to create a state of complete ease. Have you ever felt that there is a charm in some people that we are willing to trust them and speak from the heart even if we have not known them for a long time?



Signs he is smitten by you: Any man wants to be the center of attention in a crowd, any woman wants to be the one in a man’s heart, and the attraction is mutual.

A person is attracted to another person because he is able to bring him satisfaction, to bring him security, to bring him the most comfortable experience that no one else can give.

Signs he is smitten by you: The law of attraction teaches us not only to improve our own charm, but more importantly, it teaches us how to truly learn to love someone.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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