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15 Signs He Is Pursuing You, He Loves You Very Much!

Do you know all these signs he is pursuing you? It may be difficult for you to distinguish between desire and love. If you are experiencing such a struggle, that’s okay. You want to get as much protection as possible, and you want to make sure that you are not attracted by someone who only values your body.

You don’t want to do that, because you know that it’s not love. You know that love is more than just your appearance and the way you make love with a person. There should be a real emotional bond and connection between the two of you.

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The following are some Signs he is pursuing you, does your one match?

1. Signs he is pursuing you-He responds to your messages fairly quickly.

No matter when you text him, he wont wait long, he wont play any games with you, because he seriously wants to be with you and wants something mature and real, so he wont deliberately let him You have been waiting. If he is married, then this is a signs a married man is pursuing you.


2. Signs he is pursuing you-open up to you and talk about the private aspects of his life.

This is a sign that a man is pursuing you. He does not reject you at all. There is no emotional distance between him and you. He will not let you think that you are just a bystander in his life, so that you have great interests in his life. He wants you I feel that you have real value to him.


3. Signs he is pursuing you-He is with you as much as possible.

This is a signs a guy is pursuing you. They say that they just spend their time on the person who is most important to them, which means that he really treats you as an important part of his life.


4. Signs he is pursuing you-He does not avoid quarrels and arguments with you.

This is a signs a guy wants you to chase him. He does not avoid arguing with you, because he knows that this is a necessary condition to maintain your relationship, and he knows that if you want to solve the problem between you, you need to quarrel from time to time.


5. Signs he is pursuing you-He listens no matter when you speak.

Whenever you want to talk, he always pays attention to it. If you have something to say, he is always there to listen to you, never letting you feel that you have to hide your true feelings or thoughts.


6. Signs he is pursuing you-He supports you in pursuing your goals and dreams.

He always makes you feel that you are free to pursue your dreams, never makes you feel that you have to choose between your feelings and your goals, and constantly encourages you to work hard for what you want. This is a signs he wants you to chase him.


7. Signs he is pursuing you-He believes that you can make your own decisions.

He absolutely believes that you can make your own decisions, that you have the ability to think independently, be yourself, and will never control you and your behavior.


8. Signs he is pursuing you-He did not hide his love and affection for you.

He has never stopped his love and affection for you, to ensure that you can feel his love and admiration for you is very reliable, and do his best to prevent you from doubting the love in his heart.


9. Signs he is pursuing you-He is talking about your common future.

If you have a man who is really talking to you about the future of your relationship, then this shows that he obviously has investment in you, which means that he is not interested in your temporary indulgence or short-term hookups, and really wants to discuss something with you More serious things. If you dont reject it, this is a sign you are chasing him.


10. Signs he is pursuing you-I will find you every day

No matter how good a friend is, he wont look for you every day, because he doesnt have that much to tell you at all, and he wont interfere with your life all the time, unless he likes you. And they usually talk to you with extremely boring things, such as “have you eaten”, “did you fall asleep”, “have you gotten up”, and “what are you doing”, maybe you will be bored, and he just wants to chat with you. .

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11.Signs he is pursuing you-giving gifts is very heart-warming

On the holiday or your birthday, he will give you gifts, and he will pick whatever you like. Generally, ordinary friends give gifts very casually, and only those who like you will pay attention to your preferences.


12. Signs he is pursuing you-often ask you out to play

Always ask you out alone, or watch a movie, or go shopping, or eat, so they just want more opportunities to be with you. Of course, every date, no matter how late, he will send you home safely, which is also an expression of his love for you.


13. Signs he is pursuing you-create “encounters”

Making “chance encounters” is a common bridge in TV dramas, but men in life will do the same. They will wait for you where you often go, and then pretend to be a daytime encounter, or agree with your favorite celebrities or things you like, so that you will feel that his preferences and living habits are similar to yours. In fact, his illocutionary meaning is “We are really a natural pair.”


14.Signs he is pursuing you-inquire about you

He will ask others and friends around you all about you. If he only inquires silently, he may just have a crush on you; but when his inquiries are unconcealed and honest, it means that he has launched an offensive against you. He wants to let his friends know that he is pursuing you, and others don’t even think about you.


15. Signs he is pursuing you-wake you up

This behavior itself is a bit “little ambiguous”, you can hear your favorite voices at the beginning of the day, and you will definitely be full of vitality throughout the day. If a man makes this request, he will generally be mature, because girls will not arbitrarily let a man wake up, not to mention wake up is not as straightforward as an alarm clock. So as long as you accept it, that is the best proof of your acquiescence to him.


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