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4 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough, Does He Have?

When two people fall in love, they all hope that the other side loves you very much. But how to find out if he doesn’t love you enough? If enough love is shown, I’ll analyze with you the signs he doesn’t love you enough.

4 signs he doesn’t love you enough

1. He never bothers to explain what you ask him

A woman is suspicious by nature. When she encounters a little bit of trouble, she will start to think about things and be suspicious, but she will still want to know the answer. Although she will tell her not to think about it, she will still test it silently or ask him the answer directly. If a man is too lazy to explain to you, or even unwilling to make up a lie that makes you happy, it means that he doesn’t love you enough.

2. He can only see your shortcomings, but not your kindness to him

When you love someone, her advantages will be multiplied and her disadvantages will not be seen at all. Therefore, if a man only sees your disadvantages, he will dislike the way you eat. He will laugh at your mistakes instead of comforting you. He will multiply your disadvantages and be indifferent to your kindness. Then he must not love you enough.

3. Will not give you a surprise, reluctant to pay for you

Money can’t measure whether a person loves you or not, but does it seem that if he doesn’t want to spend money on you, he doesn’t love you? This is a false proposition. The real answer is whether he is willing to pay for you. When it’s cold, whether he is willing to send clothes to you at work, whether he is willing to make a surprise for you to make you happy, these trivial things can measure whether a person loves you enough or not.

4. He won’t coax you, and he won’t care about your mood

When you love someone, you want to make them happy. He will care about your feelings and won’t let you suffer any injustice. He will accept your bad temper and just want to make you happy. If there is a small conflict between you, he is not willing to coax you, and will not care how sad you will be, then he is not careless, but does not care about your feelings at all, and does’t love you enough. All your actions are ridiculous to him.

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