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Should I Call Him If He Hasn’t Called Me

Should I call him if he hasn’t called me?

The answer to this question may be different for everyone.

Some will say, “If he is not busy, he will contact me. If he is busy, why should I bother him? If he’s not busy and doesn’t contact me, then why should I contact him?”

Others will say, “You can contact him if you want to, there is no should or should not.”




So in a relationship, in what situation can a girl take the initiative? ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

First: when you meet a particular person you like

If you happen to be single and meet a guy that you really like, you can first see if you can talk to one another by way of whatsapp, and if you’re happy talking, you can also try to get him to ask out.

In case you do not understand whether the boy likes you, you can also boldly ask “do you like me”. If I like you, you happen to also like me, then we will talk about love; if I like you, you do not like me, it does not matter, do not force others must like.

There is a very key point, met a special like people, take the initiative, is to figure out whether he has meaning for you. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

Feelings, in time to figure out the other party’s meaning, but also to save time, not to waste the great youth time.


Second: determined the relationship, small actions without taking the initiative to care

When you determine the relationship, the two sides have been in a relationship situation, this time, may wish to use some small actions to release signals to respond to the boys. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

For example, when a boy said to you recently very busy a little tired, you may wish to take the initiative to care, try to understand, do not complain and make a scene. Appropriate understanding, will look like you are very reasonable.

In a week there are seven days there are four days are boys looking for you, you can also occasionally care, share what you see interesting things to him.

In addition to boys can say love words, girls can also say love words to express their love. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )




We will all encounter a situation, too much initiative will be tired, but also at some point do not want to be so active.

Many people are confused, why feelings will have burnout period? Talking about a good relationship, how to say bored and bored? You might want to think about it, is it a problem with the way we get along with each other?

Before you decide to take the initiative, first through the chat to speculate what kind of character the other person is, he has a few points like you. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

When you two feelings a little tired, the girl appropriate initiative can make the feelings warm up.

Let’s say you feel that he does not take the initiative to contact you, then you can take the initiative to contact him, if the initiative to contact has not improved feelings, you can consider meeting to see what he is all about? This if he does not take the initiative, you also do not take the initiative, your feelings will be unexplained break. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

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First of all, you have to remember that as long as it is a normal relationship, the man will not return your call for no reason.

If he didn’t return, he must be busy with something. Even if he’s not, he just doesn’t want to talk to you!

Your chase phone calls will only make the situation worse! If not, it will be the trigger for your breakup. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

Tell me another example that happened to me.

A female friend of mine has been dating her boyfriend for three years.

Because her boyfriend had a congenital heart defect since he was a child, whenever she couldn’t get her calls, she thought, “He’s fainted somewhere! So she would keep calling furiously until he picked up. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )



Finally, one time, the man did not return calls one afternoon, she called more than a hundred missed calls!

When the man finished seeing the missed calls on his phone, he finally couldn’t help but explode. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. I didn’t return your call for a meeting, and you called more than a hundred!”

“I’m worried about you! If I didn’t love you, I could keep calling you!”

(Note that many girls like to say that they do this because they love you, using love to kidnap each other, which will make men feel the pressure of this love mountain)

“That’s enough! Break it up! From now on you will never have to worry about me again! I also do not need you to care about me like this!” 

You know, some men do not dare to reply to your call immediately because they are afraid of your noise; while some men are because of the rebellious psychology, the more you fight, the more he resents the more he does not want to care about you. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )



Girls must feel very aggrieved, feel their hot love stick to the cold butt, but I tell you.

The way to express love must make it easy for the other party, he will accept.

If you’re worried that he’s in danger and he didn’t pick up after two phone calls, you can send him a message that reads something like. ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

“Baby, you did not answer the phone I am very worried about you, people are worried about you can not eat, free to reply to me a little, love you!”

This way of expressing love is to make the other party feel very relaxed, because he knows that you are not to chase the soul quarrel, the most important thing is to let him know that he does not reply to you, you will sleep and eat difficult to solve.

In this way, even if he is rebellious, he can not bear to let a woman who loves him so much suffer it! ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )

There are also many women who believe that men must be touched when they see that they have called so many times.

“Oh! She loves me so much! I’m so happy!”

So just be sure to call until you burst! This is a sign that I care about this man and love this man!

Then you must be thinking wrong.

Men don’t think that’s a sign of love, normal men would think you’re too scary and feel like they’re being watched and need to run away fast! ( Should I call him if he hasn’t called me? )


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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