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100 Short Funny Quotes Of Love

Short Funny Quotes Of Love and Classic marriage quotes: 100 Short Funny Quotes Of Love!

“Marriage is a gorgeous adventure.”

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100 Short Funny Quotes Of Love

Classic marriage quotes: 100 Short Funny Quotes Of Love!

“Marriage is a gorgeous adventure.”

– Do you have some short funny sayings about love or some short funny quotes about life?

– YES. I would tell you some short funny phrases of life. These short funny inspirational quotes will make you happy and lucky.

100 marriage love quotes for husband or wife is Okay.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 1-10

1. Every woman wears a white laboratory gown at least once in her life, which is a wedding gown.

2. Marriage is just a bet on who will not love each other first.

3. A woman spends her entire life in order to find someone she loves and to prevent other women from finding him.

4. Every time a beautiful woman appears in front of me, my wife will appear behind me. Classic quotations

5. His voice: Sweetheart, the more I look at you, the less you look like a woman. Her voice: Darling, the more I look at you, the less you look like a man.

6. Shopping points for women: Never let the money in the husband’s wallet remain enough to make you regret it.

7. Marriage is like an old TV series that has nothing new but is rebroadcasted again and again.

8. It is not the parents, but the age that makes a woman the wife of others.

9. The only person who can interrupt his wife is the mother-in-law.

10. Human desire is like toothpaste. When it is squeezed out, it is difficult to squeeze it back.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 11-20

11. If you want a bright marriage, don’t choose a girl in the dark.

12. Every man wants to have a woman in a TV commercial, but they didn’t expect: once they don’t like her, they can’t shut down at any time.

13. A fickle man is indifferent but he must be an oligarch.

14. There are so many things worthy of love about my wife that my husband can’t even think of it.

15. A perfect marriage is a faithful woman with an honest man.

16. The wife cuts the birthday cake and is making a wish, while the husband is watching the cake and cursing.

17. Women will leave a door of opportunity for every man, but they will not give every man a key to the door of opportunity.

18. The reason for marriage is a call, and the reason for divorce is a short circuit.

19. Marriage is a dim house, and an affair is a ray of sunlight coming in through a gap in the velvet curtain.

20. Everything starts with love and ends with marriage.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 21-30

21. Married man: For every beautiful possibility, his wife will emptied his wallet.

22. Love is like a double-winged butterfly, and marriage is a caterpillar it hatches.

23. Chinese women are good at bowing their heads, Japanese women are good at kneeling, French women are walking on the runway, and German women are boxing.

24. What is true love? He can get lost in love when you don’t wash your face in the morning.

25. Some men desperately want to be the leader of men, and some men would rather just be followers of women.

26. A woman is the comfort of a man, because the person needs to tie the bell to untie the bell.

27. Love is like a basin of bathwater. Over time, the water will become cold. Even if you don’t care about the temperature of the water, your skin will become wrinkled if you soak for a long time.

28. It is not parents, but the age that can force a woman to become someone else’s wife.

29. Don’t hope to play the role of both a good lover and a good wife, because this violates the Fair Trading Law.

30. The so-called love expert is someone who keeps talking about other people’s love problems.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 31-40

31. Marrying a historian is the sadness of a woman, because he will try to unearth all your unknown past.

32. Your wife’s best partner is your husband, and your husband’s best partner is yourself.

33. When you suddenly receive a whole bunch of roses after a thousand boring days, don’t think that he is rekindling your old feelings. It’s the resurgence of old love, but for another woman.

34. It is more difficult to ask a woman to say I was wrong than to ask a man to say the whole tongue twister.

35. Eighty percent of modern women’s evaluations of each love affair are based on their beauty and clothing prices at the time.

36. Most women can talk to each other, but only a few women can talk to each other.

37. The husband who has money has a loud voice, and the husband who has no money has a loud voice.

38. When a person understands a woman, he will sympathize with a man, but when a person studies a man, he will forgive a woman.

39. When you want to get married, you can’t meet a good partner; when you meet a good partner, you want to be a single girl again-this is life.

40. The ancients are sincere and sincere, and the gold and stone are open. Nowadays, when they go to the gold and stone, sincere is open.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 41-50

41. Marriage makes people stupid, and people are stupid, so marriage makes people so stupid to forgive their stupidity.

42. What is love at first sight? The first time he saw you, he immediately suffered from amnesia to a large amount of romantic history in the past.

43. Love is an ideal and marriage is a reality. People who get both must be excellent mixing experts.

44. The only way a man can avenge a woman is to become a fashion designer, design a piece of unsightly, weird clothes, and then rush to the women, rush to purchase and add them to him.

45. Life is sometimes a process of asking questions rather than finding answers. It is up to you to choose the joy of life or the result of life.

46. Marriage is equal to love, contradiction, stupidity, and then add the root sign.

47. The lover is: what kind of person do you think she is, she is not at all, but you still think she is the kind of person you imagine.

48. Before finding another lover, the present lover is always the best.

49. Love is an ideal and marriage is a reality. If you confuse the two together, you will get confusion and loneliness.

50. The era of total barbarism is coming, when all women learn to be men but not gentlemen.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 51-60

51. Most people have only two criteria for the so-called success: the score when they were young and the amount of money after they got older.

52. Choosing to be single or married depends entirely on whether you choose to be lonely or restrained. If marriage is an act of buying and selling, cohabitation is a probationary stage. Most of the trial results were returned, not because the quality was bad, but because it was not novel enough.

53. To study science and understand women, for these two things, life is too short.

54. The first time a person falls in love, it is for love; the next few times are just for freshness and comparison.

55. Try to tell the difference between modernist love and Hollywood movie love, the latter’s costume, and setting are more advanced.

56. Women are divided into married women and unmarried women, and men are divided into voluntary marriages and forced marriages.

57. It is never too late to argue, and it is always too late to apologize.

58. A man will never really understand a woman, just as a woman will never understand a woman.

59. Large companies are not efficient, and small companies are not efficient.

60. The wife needs everything for her husband, except for the husband herself.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 61-70

61. Women don’t like kind men, because kind men must be extremely boring.

62. When in love, a man and a woman are more likely to deceive; after marriage, they are more likely to deceive.

63. Fashion is not a conversation between a designer and a customer, but a conversation between a liar and a fool.

64. To what extent can men sacrifice for love? The answer is: to the extent that they sacrifice their wives and children.

65. Love shows the best side, marriage shows the worst side.

66. If you are not picky about marriage, marriage will pick you up.

67. Men and women make mistakes, but women make this mistake as if it were the fault of the man next to them.

68. Why do all women in the world get old? Because all women want to reduce their age and increase the age of other women, so you add to others’ age, and others will add to yourself.

69. If marriage is a movie, the affair is the popcorn at hand. Although you eat it in your mouth, you still have to stare at the screen.

70. When a woman wants to make you happy, you may not be happy, but if a woman wants to make you painful, you will definitely be in pain.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 71-80

71. Why are the birthday candles in the pastry shop given away for free? Because only people get less, and no one wants more.

72. Women always want their age to be divided by two, men always want their salary to be multiplied by two, but most husbands love to multiply their wife’s age by two, and most wives will divide their husband’s salary by two.

73. Marriage means don’t care what your husband thinks, only what your wife says.

74. What is eternity? The day when you did not quarrel, the nuclear war broke out.

75. Life is full of dreams. If you don’t work hard to pursue your dreams, you will be included by others to pursue their dreams.

76, “I can’t believe I married you.” This sentence must be said twice in a man’s life. The first time was on the wedding night, the man said joyfully; the second time was 30 years after marriage, the man said with excitement.

77. People in love are immortals, and people in the marriage are superman.

78. The purpose of marriage is to warn you not to trust your judgment too much.

79. The reason why the mother-in-law chooses to choose her son-in-law is not only to find a home for her daughter but also to find a place for herself.

80. In modern cities, love is no longer a romance and marriage is no longer a blessing.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 81-90

81. Marriage is: the most effective way that human beings can think of without knowing how to waste their lives.

82. The biggest difference between a lover and a husband and wife is that there is no need to talk to each other.

83. When a woman is reasonable, she will scold you; when a woman is irrational, she will scold more fiercely.

84. Who is inferior in love depends entirely on who loves whom.

85. What impressed and missed the most for each man and woman was the first love that died because it did not go on.

86. The act of receiving alimony is legal blackmail.

87. People are unwilling to be lonely, so after they get married, they are content to be lonely.

88. Some people are afraid of being lonely and get married, while others are afraid of getting married and are lonely.

89. A woman’s tears can soften a man’s leaving heart, but a man’s tears can strengthen a woman’s leaving heart.

90. Why are most senior executives over fifty years old? Because they have honed enough experience in their married life.

Short Funny Quotes Of Love 91-100

91. There are three ways to deal with a wife: one, don’t just say good two, don’t just say bad three, don’t just ask her if this is good.

92. If you violate human nature for a long time, everyone will get sick. This is a world where only people teach us how to succeed but no one teaches us how to keep ourselves. Everything around is adding value

93. What is the difference between urban and rural areas? The latter is a larger marriage camp

94. People who do not believe in love must have an unfortunate marriage.

95. Happiness has never been far away from us, but sometimes it will use temptation to see if we still care.

96. The smoother the road to love, the more bumpy the road to marriage.

97. Why can’t love last forever? Because men live longer than lovers.

98. Every compromise between husband and wife is through a quarrel.

99. The definition of being single is: fictional romance, and then make marriage empty.

100. Marriage is like hanging yourself. Don’t think that the rope will end soon if your feet are lifted into the air. You have to go through a period of struggle, convulsions, and suffocation to reach the calm stage.

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