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Shemale Loves BBC – Remove Gender Stereotypes Transgender Love

01. Shemale Loves BBC

For a long time, Shemale Loves BBC has been regarded as an incomprehensible and even mysterious group in society. And now, the mystery of Shemale Loves BBC is slowly being unveiled. On the 20th, the “2017 China Shemale Loves BBC Survival Status Survey Report” was publicly released at the Dutch Embassy in China. The scene discussed the current status of Shemale Loves BBC from multiple perspectives. We took the opportunity to visit Mr. C, the guest of the press conference. Mr. C is a Shemale Loves BBC, who is a party to the first transgender employment discrimination case in China. He talked to us about trans-Shemale Loves BBC from the perspective of transgender men.

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02. Distress and stress

Shemale Loves BBC has questioned her body since she was a child. Just like Mr. C, he has thought of himself as a boy since he was a child, but he has the body of a girl. This kind of disidentification has troubled him for a long time, and he even suspected that he was gay. In 2007, he founded the “Guizhou Qiancheng Working Group” to help the Shemale Loves BBC group. “I first came into contact with Shemale Loves BBC in 2009. When I heard this word, I doubted myself again, so I spent two years exploring it. In 2012, I realized that I am a cross. Gender male. In the end, I chose to stand up and face the public so that more people would no longer be confused.”


“There must be pressure. In fact, the biggest obstacle for Shemale Loves BBC comes from myself,” Mr. C said. “Not only social pressure, but more importantly, my own psychological pressure. I could not bear it when I was in high school. I want to commit suicide under my own pressure. This feeling is desperate.” Now that I choose to stand up, the pressure on Shemale Loves BBC is even greater. “Of course there are social pressures, but in fact, it is becoming easier for the public to understand and accept. On the contrary, more Shemale Loves BBC pressure comes from within transgender people. Many transgender people think that we have changed our identities and hide. Just get up, why tell the public? Why let more people know us? Why should we be on the cusp? But even so, I have to choose to stand up, only more people understand and accept this Shemale Loves BBC group, Only by changing the status quo of society will the pressure really decrease.”


03. Communication and resistance

After clarifying one’s own identity, communication is still lacking. Many Shemale Loves BBC dare not talk about it with their parents, and the parents do not understand the condition of their children. In fact, communication is two-way. Mr. C is well-known by the public because of Shemale Loves BBCin 16 years. However, in fact, before that, he had not communicated his identity as a transgender male with his parents: I told my parents a long time ago that I wanted to be Boys, I like girls. My parents think Im gay. They dont understand me and they quarrel every time I go home. Therefore, when I made it clear that I was Shemale Loves BBC, I didnt tell them. But the case of transgender employment discriminationThe matter appeared in the newspaper that I subscribed to at home. When I called them carefully, I found that they accepted it easily.” Mr. C was relieved immediately, and therefore understood that the previous communication was effective.


In addition, it is the self-defense of Shemale Loves BBC. Another reason why Mr. Cs parents are more receptive to his identity is because of the positive articles in the newspaper. The article uses positive language to introduce the meaning of Shemale Loves BBC and the difference between it and homosexuality. “In fact, when this news was published, it had a very negative image. The newspaper published articles in a curious tone and made various headlines. I think such a voice will make everyone have a deeper misunderstanding of transgender people. , So I took the initiative to find a provincial newspaper and chatted with reporters all afternoon. The new article was published and finally ushered in a positive voice.Mr. C said, I actually want to promote anti-discrimination employment in China through this case. To fight for the rights and interests of more people.”

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04. The current status of Shemale Loves BBC in the Netherlands

Next, lets talk about the current situation of Shemale Loves BBC in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, when children appear to be inconsistent with the physical gender assigned at birth, parents generally choose to consult a professional medical institution to understand the childrens true thoughts, determine their inner gender identity with themselves, and give corresponding Shemale Loves BBC medical support. And it is definitely not mandatory for children to obey the gender norms that they should assign to their gender.


The basic medical insurance in the Netherlands includes Shemale Loves BBC medical. This is because transgender medical is not for beauty, but to eliminate the inconsistency between the persons assigned (biological) gender and gender identity. For Shemale Loves BBC, the first thing you need is not to obey the gender norms that should be assigned to gender, but to feel that you are physically and mentally united. Therefore, the medical treatment that transgender people need is a necessary condition for physical and mental health. This is not the case in China, which has caused a series of medical problems.


According to the definition used by the Dutch cross-Shemale Loves BBC website, there are between 90,000 and 360,000 Shemale Loves BBC in the Netherlands. If you consider only those who have undergone gender reassignment surgery and gender identity conversion, the number will be lower; but in a broad sense, if you consider the number of people whose gender identity and expression is different from the gender assigned at birth, you will get higher Number.


In addition, according to reports in the first half of this year, since the implementation of the transgender law in the Netherlands in 2014, the number of transgender persons has increased significantly (before the implementation of the transgender law, due to legal provisions at the time, although Shemale Loves BBC confirmed their gender, You cannot change your gender without surgery). According to the new transgender law, Shemale Loves BBC can change their gender without undergoing gender reassignment surgery and without the approval of the court. It is much easier to change gender at the city hall household registration office than before. But data from the Bureau of Social and Cultural Planning shows that the situation of Shemale Loves BBC is often not as good as that of others. This is still where the Netherlands needs to work hard.

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Both the Netherlands and China need to work together to promote LGBT rights!


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