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Sexual psychology: How to look sexier for your man?


1. How to look sexier for your man – Pay attention to dressing

Wear it a bit more revealing. But know what scale is appropriate. Appropriate nudity can evoke a man’s desire, but in order to impress him, you must have some reservations and leave room for imagination. Seek balance. If you plan to show your legs, stop showing your chest and back. Cover your chest and legs if you plan to open your back. If you plan to expose your career line, cover your back and legs tightly.

Choose the part you are most satisfied with and show it, and leave the deepest impression on people.



2. How to look sexier for your man -Expose your wrist.

The wrist is a very subtle place to show sexy.

This effect is completely physiological. A hormone will be emitted from the wrist, which will make people attract you unconsciously.


3.How to look sexier for your man – Wear red clothes.

A red dress, half skirt or hat will arouse the interest of men.

Research shows that women in red are 56% more likely to fall in love at first sight or date than women in white or blue. Red implies flushing of the skin when the heart is surging.

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4. How to look sexier for your man -Choose the right clothes.

You have to admit that you also like the touch of silk, goatskin and cashmere on your skin. Wearing clothes of this material will also cause men to want to touch you.

Silk is a particularly sexy material. Traditionally, it is one of the representatives of sexy. Textured materials are always better than everyday cotton and linen fabrics.


When preparing for a hot date, you should stop and look at your lips first. If you find that your lipstick looks incorrect, or for some reason, your lipstick is not the most popular color nowadays. So you have to erase the current color and choose a richer and fuller red. After all, a girl’s bag must have a lively red lipstick, right?


At the same time, your date can try to find the right cool and soft cologne mixture, as well as the right amount of sweetness, which will stimulate your sexual interest. When we try to have some “adult” fun, we all go through some rituals, But did we stop and think about why we did these things? How to look sexier for your man?


In addition, another article of mine described in detail how to make yourself more attractive in all aspects.


2. Science has proven all this. How to look sexier for your man? When you sit across from him, even if you don’t know it, your behavior will cause his brain to flood his brain with dopamine and other feel-good chemicals. And, in some hypnotic way, you might make him forget how much he will spend at night so that both of you can have a good time (if he is paying).


3.Psychologically speaking, the warmer the weather outside, the more we want to date. The warm weather mimics the psychological well-being we experience when we are intimate. In fact, during spring and early summer, the outside is warmer and more resistant to high temperatures, which is more conducive to social gatherings. Also at this time of the year, people usually wear less clothes to show more skin so that they can show their most prominent features.


There is also a well-known phenomenon in psychology. When women wear more revealing red skirts, they can make men more sexual.


In addition, our diet, the pheromone in our body and the combination of a little bit of sweat and other skin bacteria help to produce your natural fragrance. These are all part of the attraction.



Finally, Do you want a better sexual experience? How to look sexier for your man?


I will give you these sexual psychology

suggestions, implement them, and make you more attractive.


1) How to look sexier for your man – Think about yourself quietly through

meditation, and ask your inner self about sexual desire.


2) How to look sexier for your man – Pay attention to any negative thoughts

or beliefs that cause fear or shame, and release them. Use the mantra “I like sex and I should enjoy a satisfying sex life” instead.


3) How to look sexier for your man – Write down the issues that hinder you from having sex.


4) How to look sexier for your man – Develop a plan for how to solve and solve these problems. For example, discuss your medication side effects with your doctor, go to the gym to become sexier, accept couples therapy for your relationship problems, seek individual treatments for your addiction to pornography, spend time in sexual intercourse, etc.

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5) How to look sexier for your man – Take up the courage to talk to your partner about your sexual feelings, needs and desires. Be honest with each other. Ask your partner what he or she wants (out of judgment and defense).

Keep open communication and strive to be a good lover.

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 6) How to look sexier for your man –  Use “I” statements instead of “you” statements to reduce defenses (for example, “I want more oral sex” and “You never underestimate me”.) Similar to parenting and management, sexual intercourse requires you to treat each Negative feedback gives three positive statements (“I like you doing this, this and this, but not that very much…”).


7) How to look sexier for your man – Before discussing the fact that you are not satisfied with your partner, please do not bury your head in the sand, and then it will take days/months/years to say these things. Please be self-aware, consciously improve sexual relations.


8) Connect with your partner through music, art, dance, poetry, nature, food and

other shared sensual experiences, thus you can lay a foundation for intimacy and connection with your partners. the foundation for intimacy and connection. (Such as playing role-playing,

bringing out massage oils or trying new sex toys) and talking openly without judgment.

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