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Selfish Quotes: The Selfish Gene


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Any creature, including ourselves, is just a survival machine. The three mechanisms of replication, variation and elimination can evolve into the forest in all the world life phenomena.

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Selfish quotes 1.

Obviously altruistic behavior is actually a disguised selfish behavior.

Selfish quotes 2.

One of the outstanding characteristics of success genes is its ruthless selfishness.

Selfish quotes 3.

We and all other animals are machines of their own genes.

Selfish quotes 4.

Organism is the survival machine of gene creation. Life is short, genes are immortal.

Selfish quotes 5.

Any altruistic system has inherent instability, because selfish experience abuse it, ready to use it.

Selfish quotes 6.

Due to the emergence of culture, the ultimate task of our life will not only be reproduction, but also the creation and inheritance of culture.

Selfish quotes 7.

Gene is defined as any part of a chromosome substance that can act as a unit of natural selection for successive generations.

Selfish quotes 8.

We must instill the virtues of altruism into the minds of our children, for we cannot expect that there is a altruistic element in their nature.

Selfish quotes 9.

We and all other animals are machines of their own genes. One of the prominent characteristics of success genes is ruthless selfishness. In some special cases, a limited altruism will also be developed.

Selfish quotes 10.

We are all survival machines – robots as carriers whose programs are blindly programmed to permanently preserve so-called genes, the selfishness of the molecules. The fact has surprised me to this day.

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Selfish quotes 11.

The source of selfishness comes from life itself, the insecurity of individuals and the need for survival guide us to be close to a better soul and * *, which makes the so-called unchanging love and so-called exclusive choice seem very untrue.

Selfish quotes 12.

One of the outstanding characteristics of success genes is its ruthless selfishness. The selfishness of this gene usually leads to the selfishness of individual behavior. However, we will also see that genes, in some special cases, also develop a limited altruism in order to achieve their selfish purpose more effectively.

Selfish quotes 13.

A clear altruistic behavior seems to (no matter how small the possibility) makes altruists more likely to die, while the beneficiaries are more likely to survive. Looking more closely, we often find that obvious altruistic behavior is actually a disguised selfish behavior.

Selfish quotes 14.

The genes that encourage children to cheat are in the dominant position in gene library. If there is something profound in it that can be used for human reference, it is that we must instill the virtues of altruism into our children’s minds, because we cannot expect that there is altruism in their nature.

Selfish quotes 15.

In many cases, females refuse to mate with males because they do not have a territory. Sometimes, females are often given up to the winners because their spouses are defeated, their territory is occupied, and soon they are placed on the winner. Even in apparently loyal monogamous species, females may be mating in the male domain, not the males themselves.

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Selfish people quotes 16.

We have enough power to resist our innate selfish genes. We can also resist selfish mothersearching that is instilled in our minds. We can even discuss how to carefully cultivate pure, selfless altruism, which has no place in nature and has never been seen in the whole history of the world. We were built as genetic machines and trained as mother seeking machines, but we had enough power to oppose our founders. In this world, only us, we humans, can resist selfish replicates.

Selfish people quotes 17.

Over time, the skills and strategies used to replicate genes to ensure their existence in the world have also been improved, but is there any end to this improvement? There is no end to the time used to improve. What kind of weird self preservation machine will the thousand years change produce? What fate would ancient genes be copied after four billion years? They didn’t disappear because they were the masters of the art of survival. But today, don’t think they will float in the ocean.

Long ago, they had given up this free-minded lifestyle. Today, they live together in a large “machine” human body, separated from the outside world, and connect with the external world through twists and turns, and manipulate the external world by remote control. They exist in you and my body; They created us, created our * * and our hearts; And preserving them is the ultimate reason for our existence. These replication genes have a long history.

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Selfish people quotes 18.

Any parent can use in her life to invest in the parent of children (and other relatives, herself, etc.), but for the sake of argumentation, we only consider children here) in a certain amount. The total amount of parental investment includes all the food she can collect or manufacture in her life, all the risks she is prepared to take, and all the energy and energy she can spend for the welfare of her children.

How should a young female individual invest in her life resources after she is adult? What kind of investment strategy is the best strategy it should follow? Lak’s theory has told us that it should not allocate resources to too many children, resulting in a disproportionate share of each child. It loses too many genes: it won’t have enough grandchildren. On the other hand, it should not concentrate resources on a few spoiled children. It actually ensures a certain number of grandchildren, but some of its rivals raise more grandchildren because of their investment in the most appropriate number of children.

Selfish people quotes 19.

For the first time, the perspective of gene and meme has great impact. So are survival strategies, ESS, and various instances. But it is obscure to express words in a way that is like Dawkins.

Selfish people quotes 20.

The first time reading selfish genes, in addition to the impact of perspective and survival strategies, there is a particularly deep impression that helpless. There are always certain proportion of individuals or species (such as cuckoo) who use the “down stream” means to benefit from the same species and other species. This is a very helpless reality.

Selfish status 21.

Three key points: longevity, reproduction ability, replication accuracy.

Selfish status 22.

Gene expression is the adaptation of genes, and different responses are made according to different environments.

Selfish status 23.

The stability of ESS population is not because it is beneficial to the individual, but only because it has no hidden danger of internal betrayal. This makes the vast majority of stability not “optimal” equilibrium.

Selfish status 24.

Childbearing and parenting are two types of decisions.

Selfish status 25.

Overcrowding sometimes reduces the birth rate.

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