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Self: Dignity And Respect Quotes

Some dignity and respect quotes for you.

There is this proverb: “An ordinary man standing on two legs is taller than a celebrity kneeling on bended knees.”

One must live with poise and backbone, not to be moved by poverty, not to be bent by might and power.

not to retreat in the face of wind and waves, not to tremble in the face of arrows and rain.

Dignity self respect quotes: Noble people, have a proud bone, because the steep cliff, better than the soft weeping willow.

People should live with dignity, when a person has dignity, in the world to have a foothold.




Dignity, is the action of the effort to enter

Self respect and dignity quotes: A writer once said, “Don’t guard dignity yourself, but let dignity guard itself.”

A young boy, after attending a classmate’s party, came home and cried sadly.

She cried to her mother, “Why is the floor of the classmates’ house better than the place where she sleeps?”

Dignity and respect quotes: The mother calmly said, “Son, we don’t have to envy other people’s floors, even if they are beautiful, they are also stepped on by others, as long as we live, live with dignity, any beautiful floor, we can step on.”

The little boy dried his tears and remembered the words.

In the days that followed, the little boy worked hard and became a great translator of his generation.



Dignity and respect quotes: People live their whole life, don’t let others look down on you. Hold on to your dignity and morality, and strive to be strong, so that there are more possibilities.

Dignity and respect quotes: How much dignity a person has, how much backbone he has, how much success he can achieve.

In fact, to be “poor”, not to be poor, but to fight for a breath of life and earn a dignity.

Tell others: what you have lost, you must get back.




Dignity, is the indomitable inside

Self respect and dignity quotes: A Chinese proverb says: life is like a journey, I am also a pedestrian.

Life is nothing but good and bad, good times look at the state of mind, and bad times look at the state of mind.

Only adversity has an additional level, which is the dignity of people in the face of adversity.

People with pride, in the face of adversity will not complain about the sky, only as a life will go through the road.


Dignity self respect quotes: The ancient Chinese poet Su Shi lived a life of honor and disgrace, but always maintained a romantic sentiment of the heart of the naked son.

He has been a first-tier city eunuch, also worked as a farmer chopping wood and cooking, also had a loose and drunk in the moonlight.

Throughout his life, he was reappointed and promoted, and was deported several times.

In the middle of nowhere, he discovered a rare fruit like lychee.

Dignity self respect quotes: He then joked with his son in the letter, don’t let those who set him up know that there are lychees here.

Otherwise, they would run over and grab the lychees from him to eat.

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Dignity and respect quotes: Lin Yutang commented, “People like him, who lived a life of song and dance, deeply happy, no matter how difficult life was, they laughed it off.”

Although he encountered several times the fate of the bad treatment, but always maintained a smiling life of dignity.

In this life, what is really difficult is the hurdle of oneself.

Dignity and respect quotes:

Don’t be bent by life, face the valley, a smile, comfortable with the face is good.

Fall down, stand up, pat the dust, continue to go forward.

The mountain opens the way, the water builds a bridge.

Life, there is no never-ending hurdle, face it frankly is good.

People live their whole life, rich or rich, ordinary meals or ordinary, but can not lose their dignity.





I sometimes wonder if we should always live like animals, driven by the desire for food, sex and so on? Can’t we pursue a better life?

Dignity and respect quotes: There are things that are out of reach, that have the same light as the sun, moon and stars, but for the sake of the light, we have to hold our chests up and walk through them, so that our generation can strengthen itself in the dead of night: let us live with human dignity and human beauty.

When I tell you this, I feel as if I see again the corner where the spotlight shines in the teahouse. Dignity and respect quotes: We should inherit the hard work and perseverance of our fathers and grandfathers, but we have to have a broader heart than they did, in the end, we have walked through the era of the cattle wheel and have grown to know the deep meaning it represents.



Let us remember the times of our fathers and grandfathers with gratitude, and create the dignity and beauty of human beings that they did not even dare to dream of.

What determines the quality of life is not “eight or nine”, but “one or two”. With such a positive attitude towards life, we can face any hardship positively.

Mutual respect is the only way to dissolve feelings!

Dignity and respect quotes:

People give me self-respect, I return his nobility.

People give me joy, I return his happiness.

People give me tolerance, I return his sincerity.

People give me comfort, I return his enthusiasm.

People give me hope, I give them back their gratitude.

People give me kindness, I return his respect.



Dignity and respect quotes: A person’s dignity is out of caring, but also in too much care is lost. If you care too much and don’t care too much, you may have no dignity to talk about. Because, in the two extremes of dignity, either sensitive or paranoid. It is best to take yourself seriously, so that someone respects you; it is also best not to take yourself too seriously, so that you can live to ease.

The people who take you seriously may not care about you, perhaps, just have to ask you. A lot of respect comes from the fact that you are useful. If you are nothing, all the respect will be gone. Of course, when you are nothing, there is nothing to fight for.

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