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9 Secret Signs Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Some secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you:

Breakup is a frequent occurrence between couples, but a relationship, from meeting to acquaintance, from acquaintance to love, after experiencing the approval of time but in a certain year in a certain January quietly left, how many people can go spontaneous, go with style, let alone women or such a sentimental animal. So, what is the performance of women who still love you after the breakup? Come together to understand it!

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you:

1. Women break up with you after the initiative to contact or still love you

If your ex-girlfriend after the initiative to send you text messages, or through facebook, twitter etc. and you contact, that she certainly did not completely put you down, still want to get in touch with you, do not want you to disappear from her world. For example, she sends you messages from time to time, asking if you’ve eaten, how you’ve been doing, how you’re doing, whether you have a new girlfriend, etc.? This shows that she certainly did not put you down, if you also did not put down, then this time men can promptly lower a head, back to her, the probability of compound is very high.


2. Women often care about you after the breakup or still love you

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you:The former girlfriend will be concerned about whether you have an umbrella, cooling down, the former girlfriend will urge you to wear more clothes, she still like before so concerned about you, she certainly still like you.


3. Women break up from the side of friends to inquire about you or still love you

And a long time have not seen friends together party, your friends said your ex-girlfriend from his side inquire about your recent life, ask you how you live, is not happy, she is very thinking about you, that she has not forgotten you.


4. Women did not change nicknames or still love you after the breakup

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: Maybe you have changed the same screen name when you were in love (couple series of screen names), or each other privately have to address the love name, etc., you found a long time, she has not changed, that she is quite nostalgic, perhaps has not forgotten you.

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5. Keep your photos

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


6. Will send you text messages late at night

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: You often receive her text messages at midnight, very late at night, she always asks if you have gone to bed, she says she is bored, she just wants to talk to you, she must miss you very much.


7. Asking you to hang out

If your ex-girlfriend asks you to go out on weekends or holidays, it means she wants to see you very much, do your own discretion and decide whether to meet.


8. And your common interests

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: If you have common interests, such as like to play badminton, tennis, billiards, if you ask her, she is still willing to play with you, that she still has feelings for you, can not forget you, the chances are great.


9. Accept your gift

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: You give her gifts, such as: roses, chocolates, she still gladly accept, or you want to hold her hand, want to hug her, she is not very violent reaction, then congratulations, your compound or very hopeful.


Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: Any man or woman who has experienced a breakup knows it is one of the most heartbreaking life experiences. It is not only saying goodbye to the joy and intimacy that was once shared, but it cuts a wound deep in one’s soul that requires endless time and energy to heal. The dark side of a breakup is that if the relationship was destined to fail at the beginning, it is bound to fail. When it ends, it’s really over.

The bright side, however, is that a broken relationship, if strong enough, can be rekindled. What is lost can be returned. It can be recovered, reinvented, and made even more indestructible than it was in the past. So, here are a few simple steps for you to take

1. Get in touch with her – when you mend the cracks in your heart

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: When you’re ready to get back on track, try texting or emailing your ex-girlfriend to reach out to her. Your goal is not to make her come around right then and there. It’s just to reconnect with your ex so that you can continue with the next steps. Make it clear to her that you want both parties to be happy and that you will always care about her. Don’t make certain hints at this point. Just reassure her that no matter what happens, you will be there for her. This strategy leaves the door open for your eventual reconciliation.


2. Meet up – if your ex says yes

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: Then get together for a drink or lunch. Try to avoid romantic dinners with her. You are both very emotionally vulnerable at this time, and a late night meeting is likely to be uncomfortable. This is the reconciliation period. As a result, you will want to focus on current news and interests. Keep the meeting as brief as possible, not more than an hour. At the end, try to make an appointment to meet next time. If she agrees, make an appointment to meet the following week. You want to take things step by step; you can’t be too eager. At the second meeting, you can go further and share with her how you feel after the breakup.


3. Become friends with her again

Secret signs ex girlfriend still loves you: The best thing to do at this point in time is to become friends with her again. Give her equal time to communicate like a friend and listen patiently. Reassure her and apologize for all your past mistakes and carelessness. Confess to what you did in the past that led to the breakup. Also, avoid pushing, blaming, swearing or going crazy. Show your ex that you can be a good friend to her and stand up for her when she is in trouble. Be sincere, forgiving and considerate. In addition, let her be able to laugh with you. Make her realize that you have a chance to get back together.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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