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Don’t Try A Scorpio Break Up Test For Your Happiness

Many people in the process of falling in love with Scorpio, collected some Scorpio break up test or Scorpio woman break up test. I really don’t recommend trying these tests. There are always some people who have a childish view of their feelings. They think that breaking up is a way to test their sincerity.

But in fact, people who are really mature will not use such childish means. And this kind of means, often easy to be fatal hurt feelings. When you finally find the problem, it may be too late to make up for it.

And if your lover is a Scorpio, when you want to break up to test him, then you should think, the consequences of this matter you may not be able to afford.

Why don’t I suggest trying Scorpio break up test? What is Scorpio like in a relationship?

1. External cooling and internal heating

From the appearance, Scorpio has always been a relatively high cold people, they have their own character, have their own world, and do not want to contact others. It is because of this character, so not many people can understand their heart.

Look at this constellation, in essence, the heart is more gentle, has a hot side. It’s just that this most genuine character will only be exposed in front of the people you love deeply. If we want to use one word to sum up their character, it should be cold outside

and hot inside.

2. Do more than say

In love, Scorpio has always been a person who doesn’t like to say sweet words, because in their view, such words are just superficial, not too reliable. So the way they express their love is more willing to give than to say it well.

Most of the time, others may think that falling in love with Scorpio is a very boring and loveless thing. But only you know how clearly Scorpio expresses her love.

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3. A little bit insecure

Maybe from the appearance of Scorpio, many people will feel that they are more confident. They have their own plans and grasp many things. They can easily take the initiative and won’t be led by the nose.

But in this matter, Scorpio is not so confident, but easy to lack a sense of security. So the Scorpio break up test is a very sad thing for them.

And two people in the process of love will inevitably have friction, contradiction. Some people at this time may use some artificial methods to test each other’s love for themselves.

For example, make trouble out of nothing and see how much tolerance each other has for themselves. For example, play some childish small means, try out the importance of yourself in Scorpio lovers’ hearts.

But this kind of skittish is actually irrelevant to Scorpio, and even can be understood as a kind of interest by them. But you must not use the method of breaking up, to test Scorpio’s love for you, because this method in your eyes is a test, in Scorpio’s view is a threat.

As we have said before, Scorpio is a person who has no sense of security in the relationship, so when you use the Scorpio break up test on them, Scorpio even know you are testing, will automatically take such a signal as you want to break up.

Perhaps after you do a Scorpio break up test, Scorpio will not break up with you, but at this time there is a gap between the two people, may be a random disturbance, will arouse Scorpio sensitive nerve.

Those who are in such a state can’t manage a relationship well, and the last two may just end up in the end of the play.

So the last thing I want to say is that it’s very important to be in love with such a constellation. If you ignore this point and go to extremes, not only will you not get the effect you want, but it may be counterproductive.

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