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Sapphire Flavor Of Love Is The Most Beautiful, Wish We All Have

Aqua marine is a kind of transparency of gem quality, and it is also a sapphire flavor of love. The exquisite blue or sea blue beryl is a silicate mineral. Legend has it that if you get a sapphire, you will have a sapphire flavor of love, and navigators also use it to pray to the sea god to bless the safety of navigation, and call it “the stone of good fortune.” Aquamarine and emeralds are equally precious, and both belong to “beryl.” They are as scarce as the sapphire flavor of love.

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01. The legend about Sapphire Flavor Of Love

Sapphire is a symbol of Sapphire Flavor Of Love, but you must also learn to choose aquamarine itself that is not strong in color, and aquamarine that is too thin cannot even display blue well. With the same color, large particles will change a lot, and the hue will be much more intense. The principle is similar to how the depth of water affects the color of the water. A good cut can make the blue reflection of the gemstone stronger.


In the legend of Sapphire Flavor Of Love, a group of mermaids live on the faint blue seabed. They usually use aquamarine as their accessories to dress themselves up. Once they encounter a critical moment, they only need to let the gems receive the sun to gain mystery. Power to help yourself. Therefore, aquamarine also has a nickname “mermaid stone”, which coincides with the Pisces in March. Therefore, aquamarine with the attribute of “water” is defined as the birthstone of March, which symbolizes composure, bravery and cleverness. In addition to blessing safety, aquamarine is also called a “love stone”. If you see Sapphire, you will have Sapphire Flavor Of Love.


In ancient Greek mythology, there is a wind god named Roland, handsome in appearance but low in status. Later, he fell in love with a mortal woman, which was not allowed by the gods at that time. In order to be loyal to his love, he did not hesitate to give his life. This is also the legendary background of Sapphire Flavor Of Love. Before his death, Roland begged Venus, the god of love, to seal his soul in aquamarine as the birthstone of those born in March, blessing people to find their love. Therefore, people in Mediterranean countries like to wear aquamarine, so that they can have sweet love and maintain a happy marriage. The story of Sapphire Flavor Of Love is so moving,


The crystal-clear, pure and flawless aquamarine is often polished into a mirror, and some wizards insist that such a mirror can be used for divination. Those who have watched “Snow White” must remember the “magic mirror” of the vicious queen in the story. The “magic mirror” in the movie of the same name is made of aquamarine. So Snow White’s love is also Sapphire Flavor Of Love.

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02. Able to own the constellation of Sapphire Flavor Of Love

The constellation that can have Sapphire Flavor Of Love-Pisces: a weak Pisces, needs the protection of sea blue, gives courage, and can calm the mood.


Can have the constellation of Sapphire Flavor Of Love-Taurus: Cows often have problems with the larynx, which can be improved by aquamarine. Be able to have Sapphire Flavor Of Love constellation-Gemini: Help improve respiratory diseases.


Haibao is a very popular gemstone in Europe. Whether it is a prominent figure or a fashion star, Haibao has become a trend to wear. Because of the low recognition in the domestic market, the best aquamarine ore is basically taken away by the Europeans. The best vitreous aquamarine is actually the same as tourmaline. They are all valuable high-end gems! So in the cabinet, your record of meeting aquamarine is as low as you owning Sapphire Flavor Of Love. The best aquamarine is a very precious and rare gem. The domestic market is mostly low-end sea treasures with ice cotton and translucent. The top aquamarine is pure glass like the best tourmaline, and the color is bright and beautiful. !


03. Aquamarine-Sapphire Flavor Of Love of the Royal Family

Aquamarine reveals noble and pure temperament, exuding moving color and luster. Therefore, although aquamarine is not as precious as emeralds, there are still many royals and nobles who favor aquamarine. The first to bear the brunt is Elizabeth II. So being able to own sapphire means that you will have Sapphire Flavor Of Love.


Sapphire Flavor Of Love is not over yet, and the story of the queen and aquamarine is not over. In 1958, the President of Brazil sent a brooch and bracelet with it. When the Queen visited Brazil in 1968, the Governor of Sao Paulo gave her some sea Sapphire jewelry. So the queen’s aquamarine crown was modified again, adding Sao Paulo’s aquamarine jewelry, and the center stone was changed to a necklace pendant gifted by the President of Brazil. Today, this set of aquamarine jewelry has almost become the most photographed set of Elizabeth II, and the aquamarine brooch has become the queen’s favorite.

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04. Sapphire Flavor Of Love-Love can continue to spread

Princess Madeleine of Sweden also wore the aquamarine crown in the official photo released. This crown was originally a collection of Princess Margaret, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England.


After Margaret’s death in 1920, this dazzling crown studded with five large sea sapphires was given to her daughter-in-law: Shibira from the United Kingdom, and her granddaughter: the current Swedish princess Margaret Princess Sha succeeded, and finally came to Madeleine’s hands.


05. Aquamarine-the favorite of museums

In addition to members of the royal family, more and more people are also beginning to accept and love aquamarine, because they symbolize Sapphire Flavor Of Love. Nowadays, large-carat high-quality aquamarine is an excellent choice for collection, while extremely high-quality aquamarine is difficult to make jewelry, but it is the favorite of museums.


The aquamarine collected in the museum is a rare treasure gifted to mankind by nature, and silently tells the history of the earth as mineral specimens. Due to the close connection between aquamarine and Sapphire Flavor Of Love, it has long been used as a talisman, especially those who live on the sea all year round, who believe that aquamarine can capture the soul of the ocean.


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