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Romantic Love Love Letters For Him | 3 Classic Models

Love is sweet, love is bitter, each of us love is different, but we express love in the same way, is also universal. Those dusty love letters are not only full of love, but also record people’s best years. There are some of my romantic love love letters for him, welcome to read and use for reference.

Romantic love love letters for him – 1


I want to call you like this. I think you should be happy to hear that.

I don’t know how to express myself, just want to tell you, thank you for your attention, tenderness, vitality, and, when cold, you are close to my temperature

You have given me a lot, but what I can give is so little. I try my best to be a good lover, but I know that I not only have to face other people’s rude eyes, but also guard against my heart which is far from noble enough.

I’m a child who hasn’t grown up. I’m spoiled by the night and the trees, and I’m selfish, proud, and unreal. I’m afraid of light, and I’m afraid of exposing my soft body. My life is fragile, but yours is strong.

I want to learn to appreciate, cherish every emotion, and walk together slowly, OK?

The shadow of trees outside the window swaying, the midnight world makes me feel safe and quiet, I really want to walk with you in the orange street in the light.

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Romantic love love letters for him – 2

People often say: only time is eternal, so, I believe this sentence, also hope to practice the truth of this sentence. Because no matter where it is, how far away it is, time is always eternal. So let time accompany us through every day. Because of this sentence, I bought our love the first gift, a pair of watches. Two thousand yuan is not the best watch, but in my heart, its value is beyond anything, because it belongs to both of us.

I hope when you look at it, you will think of me, and I am happy because I have the same things as you, because looking at the watch, time only belongs to us. Therefore, I attach great importance to the value of this watch, just because it has our commemorative value. Maybe it’s my care that sets off your ignorance. Perhaps, for you, it’s just a tool to watch time, but I regard it as an important and extremely valuable thing in my life. It’s expensive, not because of its price, but because I know the value of its existence. But now, you deny the value of this existence. You don’t care about its existence. The meaning for both of us can’t be bought with any money. I just want to let time accompany me think of you every day, let you and I have the same time.

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Romantic love love letters for him – 3

I am eager to know every moment of your life, and every detail of your life. I was absent from your previous life, but with all enthusiasm, I am looking forward to your presence at every node of your life in the future. I’d like to understand all your hidden emotions and take care of all your absent-minded emotions. In those fragile moments of your life, to care, to tolerate, to understand, I am not sure whether I can give you enough strength, but I promise to give you the most substantial warmth; In those difficult and confused moments of your life, to accompany, to encourage, to bear, to accompany you to accumulate the courage to decide, do not hesitate, do not regret, until the recovery of that gentle, smiling, resilient, calm and calm you.

I am eager to grow up with you, make mistakes together, grope through the extended adolescence together, and witness each other’s social adulthood together. I am eager to hide my immaturity as soon as possible, exchange each other’s life experience, and achieve a deeper life for each other.

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