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16 Romantic I Love You So Much Quotes

What are the romantic I love you so much quotes? Many of my readers have asked questions about this, which is why I wrote this article. There are similar problems like these-

I love you so much quotes for girlfriend

I love you so much quotes for my wife


50 most romantic I love you so much quotes

Romantic I love you so much quotes

1. I love you so much, not only because of who you are, but also because of who I am when I am with you; I love you so much, not only because of what you do for me, but also because of what I can do for you; I love you so much, because you can call out the most true part of me. The most beautiful place in my heart is illuminated by your light.

2. I love you so much, so I hope you can accompany me more. When we are together, I like to be gently cared by you.

3. I love you so much, so please believe me, whether you can give me your life or not, I will not regret it. Love you, will know to give up and give up some things.

4. I love you so much that I will not limit your movement and freedom. Every woman will not limit any behavior of the man she loves.

5. I love you so much! You don’t need to know that I won’t disturb your happy life, disturb your rhythm of life, and participate in your beautiful journey. You can go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want with your beloved. What I ask you to do is just to stand there, don’t tear me down, and let me indulge in loving you quietly. If I don’t want to love, I will leave. This is the single love. It’s hard, but it’s all my own emotion.

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6. I love you so much, so I will cry and laugh for you often, and feel that crying for you and laughing for you are a kind of happiness.

7. I love you so much, so I like the sweet words you said to me. Although sometimes know you are coaxing me, but I am still very happy. Because very few women don’t like men to say nice things.

8. I love you so much that I don’t need to hold your hand and pretend to be happy. I will watch you silently behind you; I love you, no gorgeous words to express, I will try to continue your happy laughter; I love you. I don’t need to accompany you and take care of you all the time. You have your sky, you have your wind and rain. When you cry, I will hand you a tissue to tell you that there is me in the world; You are tired, I have your shoulder to perch here, and I will integrate into this life with you.

9. I love you so much that I can show you the whole world of my heart and show you all the joys and sorrows; Only you have no defense; I love you, will play some small temper with you, for no reason far away from you, in fact, I just want to enter your hot arms, listen to your heartbeat; I love you, so I give you the right to hurt me, as long as I can bear, I will always accompany you, you can’t hurt me too much, cold, will be indifferent, pain, will let go

10. Many feelings can’t be believed. But I believe, I can persist, persist to the last second that you don’t love. I don’t want you to say I love you, I want you to say we are together. I don’t believe in love, but I believe in you.

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11. I love you so much: I don’t want much, a glass of water, a piece of bread, I love you; If it’s more luxurious, I hope: you pour the water, you cut the bread, and you tell me that I love you.

12. Never thought that one day I will care about you so much, no matter whether our ending is perfect or not, I will not give up. I want to exchange this feeling with my life. I will put you in my heart all my life. No matter who you like, I will leave a seat in your heart. I love you!

13. The furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death. It’s not that the world is apart. It’s that I stand in front of you and you don’t know that I love you.

14. I love your quotation, where you live is very simple, I will feel very warm. If I love you, you ride a motorcycle, I will be very sweet, can hug your waist. If I love you, I’ll find it interesting for you to eat roadside stalls. It’s easy for me to love someone. The only condition is that I love you.

15. Because I don’t want to lose you. Will you be moved when I leave? If you really come to such a day, I still hope you have a little sad, a little lost, a little miss me, as long as there is a little memory about me, really just a little. Sorry, I love you

16. I love your quotation, so I am willing to share the economic difficulties and troubles for you. Because for money, women will never be mean to men they love.

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