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Why Long-Distance Relationships Fail + How To Avoid It

Why long-distance relationships fail? Do you think long-distance relationship is reliable? In fact, it’s one of the most challenging types of love. Many couples can’t accept long-distance love, they don’t like it. But there are also some young couples who think that participating in LDR sounds more romantic and interesting than their typical, more traditional partner.

There are similar problems like these-

why do long-distance relationships fail

why do most long-distance relationships fail


why ldr fail

In my opinion, those who think long-distance relationship is romantic and interesting are too optimistic and simple. Most long-distance couples end up breaking up. Although some people make love letters for long-distance lovers, others still fail, lose their way, and are confused about what’s wrong.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the best way is to learn from other people’s mistakes, but where should you start? If you want to know the answer, please read on.

These are some important reasons why long-distance relationships fail and some enlightening tips for avoiding such relationships.

Why long-distance relationships fail

1. Incomplete thoughts and emotions – Why long-distance relationships fail

Sometimes you are not ready for LDR. It’s not your fault. Many people don’t like to participate in long-distance relationship, including me. Due to the lack of a mature way to deal with the more complex and often unpredictable nature of this commitment, most young couples are actually unable to maintain a long-distance marriage.

What you can do:

You have to know yourself and be honest with yourself: are you ready for a long-distance relationship or would it be better to say goodbye? Do you think letting go is a more friendly choice, and believe that if you really love each other, fate will find a way out?

2. Lack of security – Why long-distance relationships fail

You have a lot of insecurity, which often affects how you see yourself. If you don’t have a sense of security, then you don’t have the confidence to trust your partner, they will keep their promise, just because you are worthy, they will be loyal to you.

What you can do:

Love yourself more. If you can’t, try to help yourself see your true value. You have to believe that you deserve the love of others.

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3. Impatience and negative thoughts – Why long-distance relationships fail

Negative thinking can greatly damage relationships, and being in LDR is not an ideal place to choose pessimism over optimism. Plus you can’t be patient, you’ll get a complete failure formula.

What you can do:

Remember that those who wait and those who know how to live a good and happy life will benefit. Once again, please believe that everything will be better, especially in the most important time.

4. Fear of change – Why long-distance relationships fail

You are always trapped in the comfort zone and you are afraid to leave it. You are afraid of change, you will do anything just to stay in your place, because you believe that is the only place that won’t hurt. This attitude will eventually affect your relationship, especially when you are far away from each other.

What you can do:

Learn to take risks and be willing to accept new things and experiences, especially when you are engaged in LDR. Everything changes, and if you’re too afraid or even unable to respond to these changes, you can’t really live and enjoy all that life and love can offer.

5. Can’t admit the mistake – Why long-distance relationships fail

You don’t believe in apologies and think apologizing for what you’ve done is a sign of weakness. In a long-distance relationship, you are likely to fight a lot (most of the time, it’s about trivialities and trivialities), especially in the first few months – a crucial stage that usually leads to most people breaking up.

What you can do:

Put down your guard. I’m sorry. It’s not hard to apologize. Remember, you are not only a lover, but also a best friend. You can tell them anything and they won’t judge you or hate you.

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6. Egocentrism and selfishness – Why long-distance relationships fail

You don’t value other people’s important feelings, and always think about yourself. What’s worse, whenever there is a problem, you always give up the spaceship and run away, just to save your heart and not get hurt.

What you can do:

You are building a relationship and should do your part as a partner. Love and take care of them without asking for anything in return. Always put them first and believe me, they will do the same thing for you truly and sincerely – because that should be love.

7. Self pity and lack of self love – Why long-distance relationships fail

Whenever something goes wrong, you always think it’s your fault. Your self-esteem is very low, and you often think you are in a worse situation. With this attitude, you will always give up your relationship even under the slightest trigger. You don’t value yourself that much, and you don’t think your partner deserves a weak and imperfect person.

What you can do:

Never forget that the important other person chose you for some reason. To them, you are precious and beautiful – if you are not perfect, it doesn’t matter. They choose you because they love you and find something special in you.

8. Lack of confidence in the happy ending – Why long-distance relationships fail

You don’t think LDR will work in the first place. Even at the beginning of everything, you have a fixed impression in your mind that these things will collapse, not because you don’t like them, but because you are sure that the happy ending doesn’t exist.

What you can do:

As lovers, friends and partners. Let fate decide, because it’s unfair to your partner if you give up the fight even before it starts.

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