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Read: Love Message For My Husband

Love message for my husband: What kind of words would make your husband happy? Have you ever written a love letter to your husband?



Love messages for husband:

1. You were the reason I couldn’t sleep, and now you are the reason I don’t want to get up.

2. You just mature, I just gentle, the best age to meet the right person is the most beautiful fairy tale.

3. The most crazy thing in this life is to fall in love with you, the greatest hope, is to have you with me crazy for life.


Love message for my husband:

4. If love you is a disease, then I do not want to cure. If you love you is a dream, I want to dream long and not wake up.

5. You never know how much a wishy-washy person loves you, if not care, who wants to eat these jealousy.


Love messages for husband:

6. I want to be a terminator, to end the past you; also want to be a beginner, let you start to love a person well.

7. The two people met, is a small probability thing, two people love each other, is the most beautiful thing. I can meet you are providential, all I have is lucky.


Love messages for husband:

8. When I was a child, I thought the most romantic thing was to walk a long way to see another person, but now I understand that the most romantic thing is to think of the same person no matter how far one walks.

9. You are beside me or in the sky, think of the corner of the world there is a you, feel the whole world has become gentle and stable. I like to hold you tightly at that moment, feeling like I got the world.

10. not in the best time to meet you, but because you are in, I have the best time. The wind in July, August rain, humble me, like distant you, you are still coming, how dare I grow old, the future of me, must be accompanied to the end.

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I love you my husband

Two days ago I saw a love letter from a wife to her husband, I was very moved after reading it, so I wanted to share it with you.


Love message for my husband: It’s Valentine’s Day again, time is really fast. We have known each other for more than two years, married for more than two years, but have spent the third Valentine’s Day together.

When I was single, I thought about married life and automatically made up a lot of romantic scenes. For example, you will receive a big bouquet of flowers from time to time, there will be a long trip every now and then, there will be endless sweet words, there will be a lot of unexpected surprises. The actual marriage, found that the marriage is just so ah, is just a person of the opposite sex together with dinner together with chat together with look forward to the future. Many times, I thought I was not married yet, because the romance I wanted was always delayed. ( I love you my husband )



However, marriage did bring me a lot of benefits. For example, it calms my mind. The world used to be very noisy, so I didn’t know where to go in the surging tide of people. However, after getting married, the world was instantly clearer. ( I love you my husband )

Since getting married, the circle of life has become much simpler. I don’t go to dating sites anymore, and I don’t intentionally try to meet anyone of the opposite sex. Sometimes, when I see a good-looking man, I look at him and pass by, there are no more waves inside, no more fantasies of chance encounters. ( Love message for my husband )


Every day after work, meet the first sentence always ask: what we eat tonight? A very vulgar question, but we ask again and again, repeatedly, every day. Because this question makes people stay, let people have the feeling of wanting to go home.

Yes, we have a home that is completely our own. In this home, we are all masters, we don’t have to look at anyone’s face, there is no one controlling anyone, no one submitting to anyone. If you have a problem, we solve it together; if you are worried, talk to each other; if you are happy, share it with each other. The time has passed, together with the ear to ear has become a habit. The first thing you need to do is to get off work every day and look forward to meeting each other and going home early. ( Love message for my husband )



Marriage doesn’t bring us any benefits, it doesn’t get us out of poverty, and it doesn’t make us rich. However, if you meet the right person, it will make you want to go home every day.

Because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, for several days, we stayed home. Every day, I got up early, but my husband stayed in bed. Whenever it was lunch or dinner time, I said, “Honey, I’m hungry, is there anything to eat? He gets up right away and cooks for me to eat. I sometimes think: If I hadn’t known him, at this very time, when the restaurant was not open, I might not even be able to eat. ( Love message for my husband )



After marriage, I still often watch movies alone, sing alone, and go shopping alone. We have too many differences to play together sometimes. However, our cell phone passwords, bank card and paypal passwords are shared, and there are no secrets between us. I like this kind of relationship that is independent and dependent on each other. The actual fact that we are not inseparable, but, in each other’s hearts, each other has been an inseparable part.

I’m glad that I met the right person at the right time, so that each day became less difficult. In the future, we all have to walk together, because you are my closest little friend. ( Love message for my husband )


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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