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Do You Have Pure Love And Devotion? 4 Judgment Methods


The production of Pure love and devotion is based on physiological needs as the original driving force, which is instinct and nature. Each of us likes to have Pure love and devotion, but Pure love and devotion is not so common.


The satisfaction of Pure love and devotion does not actually have much directionality. It can be said that most of the opposite sex with normal physiology can be satisfied. But the reason why a person only produces Pure love and devotion for one person or a few people is determined by personal aesthetics. You must think that he/she is very special and attractive. At this time, the physical needs of Pure love and devotion It rises to personal aesthetic needs, which is what we often say like.


Just to satisfy desire is low-level, and it cannot be regarded as Pure love and devotion. It is the same as the mating of animals for reproduction, but there is a difference between humans and animals when it rises to aesthetic needs.


Pure love and devotion will make you feel very happy. It is beautiful to like someone. When we like someone, we are excited and restless. That person is like a light into your life, letting you know the future. Full of expectation, the whole life is beautiful because of it.

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1. The charm of Pure love and devotion-Let you achieve each other

If you meet Pure love and devotion, whether it is you or your girlfriend, each other will become a better self. Because everyone has an ideal self and a bad self in their hearts. And the true Pure love and devotion just gives you an opportunity and atmosphere. In Pure love and devotion, you can find that bad self, and it will also give you a mysterious motivation to change yourself and get close to the ideal one. Yourself. So you get better and better, and your relationship will get better and better.


2. Pure love and devotion-they are very dedicated to each other

True Pure love and devotion must be single-minded. Both parties maintain sufficient loyalty to each other and exercise self-restraint in terms of morality, without the existence of a third party. Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, when you encounter your Pure love and devotion, you cant pay attention to other opposite sexes. Even if you encounter a good opposite sex, you just simply appreciate it, and you will take the initiative to keep your distance. This is Specificity and loyalty to love. In love, this is something that both men and women need to pay attention to.


3. Pure love and devotion-equal to each other

Pure love and devotion are mutual. If you have wishful thinking or are unrequited love, you can’t call it Pure love and devotion. The true Pure love and devotion is that men and women admire each other, voluntarily and voluntarily. To truly go down, while being equal on the surface, the inner personalities of both men and women must also be equal. If the two parties seem to be respectful and glamorous to outsiders, there is actually an unequal personality status. For example, one party is too accustomed to being strong and the other is always at a disadvantage, or one of them morbidly clings to or possesses the other. Pure love and devotion.

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4. Pure love and devotion has durability

Maybe all loves are glued to each other at the beginning, but some loves can’t stand the test of time, and in the end they feel dull and even go to the end of a breakup. This kind of love cannot be called true pure love and devotion. It can be regarded as a chain reaction caused by the sensual or sensual attraction between men and women. This cannot be long-lasting. No matter how intense the feelings can be caused at the beginning, with With the passage of time, it will gradually fade, replaced by negative emotions such as burnout, indifference and even disgust. The true Pure love and devotion is a broad, deep and lasting collision between the thoughts and tastes of both men and women. When the law of times hard and devotion comes into play, it will be guided by another kind of higher meaning. Keep life fresh. Only in this way can the final Pure love and devotion be formed.


Although Pure love and devotion does not mean that they are completely separated from desires, many peoples emotional pursuits have been stuck on physical needs, which leads to unsuccessful withdrawal from the order, and many people are stuck on aesthetic needs, which will lead to relationships. It won’t last long. In short, when you cannot raise your physical needs to aesthetic needs and then to spiritual recognition, you will not be able to feel Pure love and devotion.


For example, when some boys pursue girls, they only think about how to push girls down. This is typically only at the level of physiological needs. When you do this, unless the other person agrees with you and is also in order to meet your physical needs, they will accept you, otherwise they will definitely reject you. No matter how you hide your true intentions, the other person can feel it. You will not have true Pure love and devotion.


Pure love and devotion also requires that the two people in love are completely independent. If you can accept that the other party is a person of independent will, do not force the other party to be completely consistent with yourself, and treat them rationally and respect when the other party has different views from your own, then congratulations, you have found true love.

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If you cant, and neither party is willing to change, then you should reconsider your relationship. Pure love and devotion is never blind. Blindness is the attraction of physiological needs. I hope everyone can maintain a rational mind and find their own Pure love and devotion! 

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