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10 Principles To Follow In Love

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What are the Ground rules for relationships? Go straight to the topic and summarize 10 points to share with you:

Ground rules for relationships 1. Don’t just follow your own rules

Setting ground rules in a relationship: You can have expectations for each other, or even hobbies; You also have the freedom to ask for the direction of your feelings. You have your own standards for everything and every detail; You can feel that having a partner around you is enough; You can also feel that love is to be vigorous

But all of these, you have to distinguish clearly: This is your own world rules, but not each other’s, not love.

Similarly, you can only think about it in your own mind at most, but it’s very unreasonable to force the other party’s various behaviors and even the expression of love in accordance with your standards.

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Ground rules for relationships 2. Respect for gender differences

Setting ground rules in a relationship: It’s about the whole human being and even the organism, and you, as one of the creatures, can’t avoid it.

Girls think that sentiment is love, romance is love, and details are love; But boys think that understanding is love, relaxation is love, and stability is love.

Two people together, respectively, ask each other to understand their own way of expression, but also feel that each other must follow their own way of expression.

Of course, there are many contradictions, so the girls cry “you don’t love me” every day, but the boys can’t understand that behind this sentence, in fact, is deep love, which is often used by them to blame.

Ground rules for relationships 3. “Happiness” is the standard of everything

Setting ground rules in a relationship: You love so much that you die and die. You open your eyes every day and miss your illness. You can’t accept the days when you don’t have him for the rest of your life. However, these emotions, no matter how touching they are, still make you nervous all day, worrying about gain and loss, trying to test each other and kidnap each other.

If the other party is not happy, you are even more unhappy. Sooner or later, the other party will want to escape, and you in addition to retain invalid, do a grievance, in no other way.

Whether you are happy or not is an important standard for the other party to test whether you are the right person.

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Ground rules for relationships 4. Cherish the present

Setting ground rules in a relationship: Romantic period, love period, running in period, plain period; Understanding, communication, quarreling, boring, tacit.

Believe me, every stage of a relationship has its own meaning as long as there are feelings between the two parties.

Like a book, you turn page by page and go further and further; The original fresh pages are worn out, but you know more about the content, and you can’t put down the thicker book.

But often too many people don’t understand this. They regard any natural process of emotion as deterioration of emotion, and use questioning, doubt, coercion and self depreciation to deal with these unnecessary problems. In addition to a living relationship forced to die, there is no effect.

Ground rules for relationships 5. Many emotions will eventually turn into love, and many emotions will eventually take away love

Setting ground rules in a relationship: Most people’s love is not just about love, it may be from friendship, or coincidence, curiosity, moving, dependence and a series of emotional stack into.

How it is formed, it may also be lost. Trivial daily life, usually do not care about a quarrel, distrust, torture, may eventually be superimposed into a sudden “do not love.”.

Therefore, if we want to keep love, we should try our best to reduce the negative emotions besides “love”. Don’t be careless.

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Ground rules for relationships 6. Psychological balance

Setting ground rules in a relationship: Anything that makes you pay must be based on psychological balance.

Especially in the relationship between two people, whether it’s giving or taking, you have to achieve “psychological balance”.

You can compromise, as long as you are willing to have no complaints, this is the psychological balance; You can deceive others too much, as long as you have no guilt and can bear the consequences, it is also a psychological balance.

There is no psychological balance to support a strong relationship. No matter how beautiful the appearance is, it’s just a strong outside but a strong in the middle. It breaks out all the time and is vulnerable.

Ground rules for relationships 7. You don’t have to be reasonable sometimes

Setting ground rules in a relationship: Do you think girls really don’t understand anything?

It’s a big mistake. The fact is that she doesn’t want to reason with you. Sounds irritating, doesn’t it? But what I want to tell you is: often behind this unreasonable is the deep and uncontrollable love for you.

There are expectations: she wants to test how much you care about her through this “Ugliness”;

One of them is unwilling: she doesn’t understand why you want to be reasonable in everything. As your lover, can’t she have a little special treatment?

There’s a lesson: she hopes to establish her position in your heart through the process of making you bow.

So, see through, don’t talk through. It doesn’t matter. As a man, coaxing her is much more efficient.

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Ground rules for relationships 8. You have to allow each other to love yourself the most

Setting ground rules in a relationship: It may sound heartless, but if you don’t accept it, you’ll be more hurt in the future.

Many people don’t love, or even don’t love. The so-called love is also a necessary condition to satisfy one’s own desires. So, they like you at this moment, and can be very kind to you; I hate you the next moment. I don’t care about your safety at all. I don’t look back.

The most important thing for them is always how they can be more comfortable – but if you mistakenly misunderstand this process and think that love is love for you, it’s too easy to get hurt.

Ground rules for relationships 9. Don’t aggrieve each other, let alone yourself

Setting ground rules in a relationship: The continuous consumption of either side will eventually lead to an outbreak.

Don’t overestimate yourself. If you deify your sincerity to him, you will do everything to yourself. Similarly, don’t overestimate the other side, credulous his unconditional concession, let go of yourself.

Any dissatisfaction will not disappear easily with time. When they are not really solved, they can only be deeply buried in the bottom of the heart, constantly stacked, quantitative change causes qualitative change.

When it really reappeared, it had already been unable to return.

Ground rules for relationships 10. Strive to do their own, if still unable to retain, then calmly away

Setting ground rules in a relationship: If you can have a clear conscience, in fact, whether this relationship is happy or sad is the inevitable result. You just need to accept it, not be unwilling.

But often most people can’t have a clear conscience. They will imagine that if only they had worked harder, if only they had changed a little, if only they had been more considerate. Too many regrets lead to their delay in coming out, and they want to let time never go again.

And those who really try their best in love are still unsatisfactory, they will be relieved. From this emotional lesson, we can understand better ourselves, that is harvest.

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