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5 Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Is Pretending To Be Over You

What are the signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you? When a man breaks up with a woman, even if the man is unmarried and the woman is unmarried, the man does not know whether the woman has put herself down or not, leading to hesitation until he misses the opportunity. In fact, it can be judged by the woman’s daily attitude towards the man.

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After all, a woman with you in her heart is bound to be reflected in all aspects of her life. If it is in line with your situation, you can try to continue the front line with your ex girlfriend. You have loved each other before, which just proves that you have the motive of love. In order to help you make a relatively accurate judgment, the following ex girlfriends have not put down your four performances. I hope you can remember them, At that time, you will distinguish it according to the actual situation, and you will know it.

5 signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you

1. Signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you: she won’t delete your contact information

Unless you delete her, your ex will often browse your Internet news, no matter what you post, your ex will leave her footprints.

The reason why an ex girlfriend is like this is that she didn’t put you down. Although your people left, the online news you released is both valuable and meaningful to her. Her heart is still occupied by you. Maybe she eased her lovesickness by browsing your online news. The deeper your ex girlfriend used to be, the more so she will be, What’s more, some women can’t forget their old love.

2. Signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you: she agreed to continue to be friends with you

Although you broke up with your ex girlfriend, your ex girlfriend agreed to continue to be friends with you. She will not break up with you. It can be seen that your ex girlfriend expects to break up with you.

After all, you can meet as ordinary friends of the opposite sex. No matter how you communicate or exchange, you will be justified. It can be concluded that your ex girlfriend intends to drag on with you and entangle your relationship. If there is friction or collision, it will be in your ex girlfriend’s arms. Your ex girlfriend is ready to revive with you anytime and anywhere.

3. Signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you: she will send you a message of blessing

Your ex girlfriend will send you blessing messages on New Year’s day. Whether it’s a big festival or a small solar term, it’s not a copy and paste, but a few words edited by your ex girlfriend. It can be seen that your ex girlfriend intends to attract your attention. After all, your ordinary friends of the opposite sex will copy and paste blessing messages. Women are expressing special friendship in a special way.

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4. Signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you: she’ll ask your co-Friends about you

When you encounter difficulties, women will find your difficulties from your common friends. Your ex girlfriend will contact you as soon as possible. She will have the money to pay and give strong efforts, and she doesn’t regard herself as an outsider.

She treats you with a certain degree of concern, and she is more anxious than you. Besides, your ex girlfriend has not put you down. She will ask your common friend to ask you in a side attack.

5. Signs your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you: she was reluctant to throw away her ex boyfriend’s picture

If you find that a woman keeps a picture of her ex boyfriend, you ask her to throw it away. She thinks you are in charge of it too much, and she shows that she is reluctant to throw it away, which shows that her ex boyfriend is more important than you.

Women don’t care about quarreling with you, and don’t throw away photos of ex boyfriends, which shows that women love ex boyfriends more than you. Even if a woman breaks up with her ex boyfriend and is with you, she doesn’t want to throw away the photos in order to meet your requirements. It can be seen that in a woman’s heart, she doesn’t really put down her ex boyfriend, and she has a hard feeling for her ex boyfriend.

When you ask to throw away the photos, women can’t go against their wishes to their ex boyfriends, so they don’t care about your feelings, which shows that women love you very little.

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