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7 Things You Can Do To Play Love

How to play love? If music be the food of love play on or if music be the food of love? Many people say that music is the food of love and want to find more things to replace play for love. Two people just together when all kinds of sweet, your he from time to time will use action or language and you flirt.

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Although often blush, feel embarrassed. But both body and mind can directly experience the beauty of love. But with the deepening of their communication, it may be because of their work, or they are used to each other, but they are careless in pleasing each other. Appropriate flirtation can enrich your original life.

7 things you can do to play love

1. Things you can do to play love : Sexy lingerie

A friend of mine is so interested in lingerie: there is a sense of excitement in changing clothes. It’s more exciting to change people( No wonder so many people like the temptation of uniform, touch the chin) some time ago, my friend entered a set of sexy underwear of beautiful girl soldiers, and said that he wanted to replace the moon to “eliminate” his boyfriend. As a result, he was completely eliminated by his boyfriend.

Sexy underwear is also divided into high-grade and ordinary or even inferior. If it’s only used once, there’s no need to buy high-end ones. But if you plan to use it for a long time, because it’s close to the body, it’s suggested to buy high-end. After all, the material and quality are relatively guaranteed.

2. Things you can do to play love : IOU of love

In fact, it is a “IOU” that can be made by hand. In short, the IOU of love is actually very similar to the back beating voucher and housework voucher made by hand. This “IOU” can be either I owe you or you owe me. Write the content of “owe” and add the date of “return”, and finally sign it to be a IOU.

The content can be that you owe me a kiss, or I owe you a word that I love you, or… (the baby imagines it by himself) IOU can be everywhere, including boyfriend’s wallet, coat bag and trouser pocket. Imagine his reaction to the IOU

The content of the IOU doesn’t need to be related to sex. It can also be about flirting between partners. For example, if a girl is angry with her boyfriend for some reasons, he can use the IOU to let her forgive you.

3. Things you can do to play love : Body painting

It’s a popular way to flirt. For this reason, some people also invented the use of beautiful glass bottles with edible jam, with the attached feather pen dip, draw or write on the partner, can also be applied to the partner’s body, lick clean.

It can be used as a game that can be played under the bed. It’s not as simple as touching with fingers. It’s super fun.

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4. Things you can do to play love : Look into each other’s eyes

Some people are shy or afraid of looking at each other. If you have time, you can often look at each other’s eyes. If the other person asks why you always look at me like this, you can say, I don’t know, I just want to look at you like this. The longer you look at each other, the deeper your relationship will be.

5. Things you can do to play love : Take each other to a new place

For example, you can blindfold each other and take them to a new place, which will bring them a new experience, a new visual experience, and also increase their feelings towards you.

6. Things you can do to play love : Groom your partner

You can help each other with their clothes and ties.

7. Things you can do to play love : Role playing games

If you watch some movies or other scenes that both sides feel good together, you can role play according to the above plot. By playing some roles, both sides can increase the distance between two people and their feelings.

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