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Perfect Person In The World: Only Perfectionism

The most perfect person in the world:  Most perfect person in the world:  Most perfect person:


Perfect person in the world:

Life changes in many ways.

But we live for one purpose only.

That is the pursuit of happiness.

There are no perfect people in life, only people who pursue perfectionism.




The most perfect person in the world


Perfect person in the world: The question of whether perfectionism is perfect or not has always been a great concern to people. Some people admire perfectionism, they believe that perfectionism is a necessary factor for success.

For example, we are familiar with the former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, his obsession with perfection almost perverted by countless people appreciate and even admire.

But there are some people who do not and agree with perfectionism.

Perfect person in the world: From a psychological point of view, perfectionism is a very alarming thought, because it brings many people external achievements at the same time, but also to their hearts, as well as interpersonal relationships bring a lot of negative effects.

Let’s talk about the “imperfect” perfectionism.

Perfectionists, or “quasi” perfectionists, usually have the following characteristics:



1. attention to detail.

2. organized, strict adherence to rules.

3. high expectations (either of themselves or of others).

4. neat and tidy in appearance.

5. not being prone to any mistakes.

6. lack of self-confidence (even if one has achieved a high level of success)

7. like to put the environment in which they live in order.

8. easily torn by choices.

9. difficult to trust others.


Most perfect person in the world:

So are there different types of perfectionism? Of course, perfectionism is also divided into two academic categories.

Perfect person in the world: One is the extroverted perfectionist. This type of person is mainly critical of others, always feel that others do not do a perfect job, making it difficult to trust and rely on themselves.

The other type is the introverted perfectionist. Perfect person in the world: This type of person is mainly censure themselves, always feel that they do not do a complete job, always some of the places they ignore not done.

But in real life, whether students or office workers, many people are both of these two characteristics. Especially in the case of office workers, for example, a person is like an introverted perfectionist at work, but more like an extroverted perfectionist when it comes to getting along with people. Perfect person in the world: The relationship will definitely not work well if you are harsh on yourself and harsh on others at the same time.

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Most perfect person

This is the downside of perfectionism:


Perfect person in the world: In the workplace, perfectionists always want to win people’s respect by taking everything into account and achieving results, but because of the heavy handling of details, often resulting in a waste of time, thus missing many opportunities, because of the small loss of large said so.

Perfect person in the world: And in life, the excessive pursuit of meticulous living environment, will make their brains are always in a state of tension, these states will also affect the people around them, thus leading to the restlessness of the people around them.

And overly demanding others will also attract the dissatisfaction of others, no one wants to always be accused and criticized, so the perfectionists have few friends around.

Perfect person in the world: More importantly, overly demanding themselves will also create a sense of inferiority to their own psychology, and people with low self-esteem often fail in dealing with people in the world.

If so, then why do some people still want to be a perfectionist?

Because, the pursuit of perfection has many realistic benefits.



Most perfect person:

In the workplace, they often overachieve because they are highly motivated and demanding of themselves. As a result, they are easily appreciated by their superiors and thus reap great rewards.

Perfect person in the world: In life, they will take care of the environment in order to win the praise and reliance of those around them.

Because of the above characteristics, perfectionists give people a feeling of competence and trustworthiness, and appear to be full of personal charisma in interpersonal relationships, especially in social situations where there are many people.



Most perfect person:

The way perfectionists see things is fundamentally different from the average person: in their eyes, it is a black and white world.

Perfect person in the world: In their minds, things are either good or bad; either they succeed or they fail, and there is no middle ground.

Perfect person in the world: For perfectionist people, no matter how well they do, it is not easy to feel happy and joyful, instead, anxiety and anxiety is their normal state. Their way of thinking is always filled with: “I have to be perfect, or something bad will happen, or others will despise me and not like me”.

To break the perfectionist mindset, it is important to understand that

Perfect person in the world: Pure and extreme is not the truth of life, either black or white is an ideal state, in the gray area between black and white is the normal state of life.

Hope you have a happy life!

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