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Paris City Of Love-Sad Love Story

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Paris city of love-Sad love story 01.

When the boy and the girl first fell in love, the boy folded a thousand paper cranes for the girl and hung them in the girl’s room. The boy said to the girl, these 1000 paper cranes represent my 1000 hearts. At that time, boys and girls were feeling the sweetness and happiness of love every minute. Later, the girl gradually alienated the boy. The girl got married, went to France, and went to Paris in her dream for countless times.

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When the girl and the boy broke up, she said to the boy, we all have to face up to the reality, it’s the second reincarnation, I have to seize every opportunity, you are too poor, I can’t imagine that we are together… After the girl went to France, the boy sold newspapers, worked as a temporary worker, did small business, he tried to do every job. Many years later, with the help of his friends and his own efforts, he finally had his own company. He’s rich, but he’s still thinking about girls.

One rainy day, the boy saw a pair of old people walking slowly in front of him from his black Audi. The boy recognized the girl’s parents, so he decided to follow them. He wants to show them that he has not only a car, but also a villa and a company. He wants to let them know that he is not a pauper, he is a young boss. The boy drove slowly along with them.

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The rain kept falling. Although the old couple were holding an umbrella, they were still wet by the slanting rain. To the destination, the boy stayed, this is a cemetery. He saw the girl. In the porcelain statue of the tombstone, the girl was smiling sweetly at him. And next to the small tomb, there are strings of paper cranes hanging on the thin wire, which is so vivid in the drizzle.

The girl’s parents told the boy that the girl didn’t go to Paris, the girl suffered from cancer, and the girl went to heaven. The girl hopes that the boy can stand out and have a warm home, so the girl makes such a move. She said she knew the boy and would make it. The girl said that if one day the boy went to the cemetery to see her, please bring some paper cranes. The boy knelt down, kneeling in front of the girl’s grave, tearful.

The rain kept falling and the boy got wet. The boy thought of the girl’s innocent smile many years ago, and his heart began to bleed. When the old couple walked out of the cemetery, they saw the boy standing not far away. The door of Audi had been opened for the old man. There was a plaintive voice from the car stereo: ‘my heart, I don’t regret it, it’s all for you, a thousand paper cranes, flying in the wind.

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Paris city of love-Sad love story 02.

One night, a boy and a girl were speeding on a motorcycle. They loved each other deeply.

Girl: “slow down… I’m afraid…”

Boy: “no, it’s fun…”

Girl: “please… It’s scary…”

Boy: “well, then you say you love me…”

Girl: “OK… I love you… Can you slow down now?”

Boy: “give me a hug…”

The girl hugged him tightly and said, “can you slow down now?”

Boy: “can you take off my helmet and put it on yourself? It makes me feel uncomfortable and interferes with my driving. “

The next day, the newspaper reported: a motorcycle crashed into a building because of brake failure. There were two people in the car, one died and the other survived… The boy knew the brake failure, but he didn’t let the girl know, because it would make the girl afraid.

On the contrary, he let the girl say for the last time that she loved him, hugged him for the last time, and let her put on her helmet. As a result, the girl was alive, and he died… In a short time, in ordinary life, love showed us a myth

Paris city of love-Sad love story 03.

The boy and the girl are a couple. The girl likes to feel the rain. The boy is holding an umbrella for the girl when it rains. Most of the umbrella covers the girl. Every time the rain wet the boy’s body, he didn’t say anything. He just looked at the girl’s intoxicated face silently. He felt very happy, and so did the girl.

One day, the boy and the girl go to play, the boy holding the girl’s hand, is passing a construction site, the girl is excited to jump, the mouth is still saying something. The boy seldom talks, just silently watching her happy and happy himself. Just as he was saying this, he suddenly fell a small piece of gravel from the upstairs and hit it on the girl’s head. At this time, it was no hurry. The boy hugged the girl and the girl screamed.

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He wanted to use his body to block the gravel. Just as he was about to land, the boy turned over and let himself face down. As a result, the girl’s hand was hit by the gravel and fractured. The girl just responded and cried out in pain. As a result, tears came out. She didn’t expect that the boy would ignore her safety. The girl struggled with the pain and got up from the boy. Without looking at the boy, he ran away slowly.

At this time, the boy called the girl’s name behind his back, his voice trembled and his lips turned white. He took out his cell phone and dialed the girl’s number, but the girl didn’t answer. He dialed again but still didn’t answer. He gave up several times. It’s just that his finger is pressing something on the mobile phone. At this time, the blood around the boy slowly spreads. His hand drops down, and the mobile phone is in the pool of blood. He has no strength to press the send button any more.

The next day, the girl learned that the boy was rescued in the hospital, but she ran to the hospital regardless of anger. By the time she got to the hospital, the doctor had declared the boy dead. The cause is excessive blood loss from the lungs. Originally, when the boy wanted to block the gravel with his body, he suddenly found a ten centimeter steel bar standing on the ground. Just turn over. Exhausted the whole body strength, only let the gravel hit the girl’s hand. I let the steel stick into my lungs.

The boy’s mother hands the boy’s mobile phone to the girl, and the girl looks at the message that hasn’t been sent out yet: dear, I’m sorry that I still can’t protect you and hurt your hand… Seeing this, the girl can’t help but rush out of her eyes and rush to the boy’s paradise

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