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Paragraphs to your ex-You cannot post these 3 types of content!


Many people like to comfort themselves after breaking up and say that the next one will be better. But after we let go, we often found that the better person never appeared.


Then maybe one day you ran into your ex on a street corner, or someone who wore the same clothes as your ex, your heart began to ripple a little, recalling her past. You start to regret and start to meditate on how you were so stupid.

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01. Is it correct to send Paragraphs to your ex?


I have a friend who sent this text message to an ex-girlfriend before:


“Hi, it’s been a long time since I heard from you, and I don’t know how you are now.


In the days without you, I suddenly became sober a lot. I did have a lot of immature things in the past, and I didn’t know what you wanted. Now I changed it. I knew it, but I missed it. It’s sad to think about it. Thank you for allowing me to grow up, and to walk through the most beautiful youth with me.


I hope you can always be happy, if someone bullies you, remember that I’m always by your side, as long as you need, I will appear at any time, love you. “



Do you think there is any problem with sending messages like this? In fact, these seem very touching at first glance, but in fact, there are many problems for recovery.


First, Paragraphs to your ex-do not repeat them in paragraphs.


Information should be sent one by one, and the meaning should be expressed one by one. Remember, recovery must be a long process. You must have patience and slowly let the other person feel your changes, instead of saying that you changed. The murderer says that he didn’t kill. Does the police believe it?


Second, Paragraphs to your ex-excessive pursuit has no good results

Did I realize that I was wrong since then, I changed it, and promised that I wont make any mistakes in the future, and the other party will change his mind and reconcile with me as it should be?


Of course not, friend. Most people feel bad about someone who has hurt them, even if he has corrected those mistakes.


Third, Paragraphs to your ex-remember that your efforts may not be rewarded

Many people have such problems in the early stages of recovery and want to quickly make up for their mistakes.


You are anxious to do something to compensate her, but in her heart it is just to please, it is better than others to do nothing. Paying at an inappropriate time will not only fail to gain the goodwill of your ex, but will also infinitely lower your own posture, which will accelerate your loss of relationship balance. Whether you can save it or not, you will only be passive in the future.

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Fourth, Paragraphs to your ex-don’t ask for reconciliation right away

During the recovery process, many people eagerly wanted to express themselves, and wanted to rush to the other side to give everything. But most of the results are that the other party ran away when they saw you turning around. This is because the other party’s bad impression of you has not been eliminated at all, or you don’t understand the other party’s current emotional state. The other party will think that you are too immature, too impatient, and have a feeling of being violated.




02. What should the content of Paragraphs to your ex look like?


First, Paragraphs to your ex-do not mention the past.

Many people finally started to say, “How are you doing? Remember that we used to…” Those who said this obviously didn’t figure out the situation.


In the beginning, dont mention the previous things, and dont mention the previous mistakes. I wont make such silly things. Believe me, nobody really wants to listen. In case she remembers how you hurt others, yes. Your bad emotions are hooked up again, and you are completely lazy to care about you in an instant.


If you want to talk, talk about changes. If its been a while since this chat, you must talk more about how you have become better recently. Of course, its not for you to brag, but its natural to say that adding advantages will always appear more than changing disadvantages. important.



Second, Paragraphs to your ex-Don’t set the current relationship.

It doesn’t matter what your relationship is now.

Sometimes connecting with your ex is like a kind of comfort in life. You show up when you need each other, pretending to love each other as you once did, talking about your thoughts, not about the future. Sometimes this feeling can make you fascinated and make you mistakenly think that you are back in the past. But when I wake up, they return to their respective life tracks, as if the rain of last night washed everything away, leaving no traces, as if they were a world away.


I think this state is probably also good.

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Third, Paragraphs to your ex-how to chase before, how to chase now.

What did you talk about when you pursued her before? You just assume that you have never pursued her before, chase her again. What to talk about before, what to talk about now.


Celebrity gossip, fashion, current affairs and politics, etc., talk about whatever you can. No matter who it is, it takes courage and time to accept someone who has hurt yourself. Instead of putting pressure on the other party to pursue a status, it is better to get along easily, and when the time comes, the time is ripe, it is never too late to talk.


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