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Paragraphs for your crush him-let him fall in love with you

01. Paragraphs for your crush him-first paragraph


Before I met you, I was a tough girl.

I can walk the night alone, spend a long night alone, and live through the bitter days alone. But after you are with you, I become soft and fragile.

 I hate those days when I can’t see each other, and I don’t think a person’s movie looks good.

The sweetness of life lies in you. And I am like a diligent little ant, secretly moving you home.

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02. Paragraphs for your crush him-second paragraph


Thank you for your willingness to be by my side, when I thought I would never meet such a you in my life.

From that day on, you made this world gentle and lovely. From that moment on, the light on you kept shining on me.


I always thought that there is nothing to show off in falling in love, but it’s different after meeting you. I became a little squirrel, always quietly happy, and then put all the happiness in my mouth to guard.



03. Paragraphs for your crush him-third paragraph

I always remember the way you pulled me behind to protect you.

You are like a great hero who can split the world. For the first time, I felt loved and protected by a deep love. Suddenly found that there is nothing terrible about this world, you are with me and take care of me in everything.


I want to stand with you forever. You are my knight, my prince, and my king.

Thank you, the best person in the world.



04. Paragraphs for your crush him-fourth paragraph

I always like to be foolish and headstrong, but now I want to be quiet and watch you busy. Even if two people don’t talk, the air is sweet.


I don’t like planning for the future. I won’t think about things tomorrow. But after it has something to do with you, I can think about it a million times a day.


What kind of cat should we keep and what its name. What kind of car to buy and where to live. I originally thought the world was interesting, but now I think the world is not as interesting as you.

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05. Paragraphs for your crush him-fifth paragraph

This world is false and ambiguous, seemingly true and false, and psychedelic smoke covers everyone. But I love you, so I don’t want you to bother with suspicion.


My love is direct and passionate. In this circle of fog, I hold a sharp sword to cut a path for you. I am at this end of the road, so you can see me at a glance.


In this world that requires suspicion, I am the person you least need to doubt. I will give you love and security, I will hug your back.


I love you.


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06. Paragraphs for your crush him-sixth paragraph

Love is like chocolate. It is happy and sweet. It doesn’t matter who chases it on the road of love. Girls can also write Paragraphs for your crush him. Below I have compiled Paragraphs for your crush him written by girls.


Dear, I have practiced these three simple words in the mirror many times, many times, I hope you can give me this opportunity to let me keep calling you like this, calling you for a lifetime, even if I forget the other person’s real name It doesn’t matter; maybe you think I’m stupid, but this won’t stop me from thinking about you infinitely. Every time you see you smiling at me, a look in your eyes will make me feel aftertaste for a long time, so that the surrounding Any sound and movement of the person became static, and at that time, there was only you in my world;


I don’t know from which day, I found that in my world I can’t live without you at all. If I can’t see you in my line of sight, I will feel panic, afraid, afraid that you will never appear in front of me like this At that time, I would really lose control and look for you everywhere like crazy; as long as I can see you, even if you are far away from me, I will be satisfied.


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At that moment, I really understand that loving someone is really a tiring thing, but I don’t know why. I am so tired but my love for you has not diminished, but it has become more and more intense;

I will be very sad to see you chatting with other girls, although I know you are just friends with her, but I know that is the case. When I see you with her, my heart will start to get nervous inexplicably because I am afraid, I am afraid that you will fall in love with her, she is really too good, because there is such a good woman by your side, that my insignificance and ignorance will appear more and more;


Many times, I walked to you and wanted to really call you “Dear”; but thinking about the excellence of you and her, I couldn’t help but retreat, and I could only hold the mirror and tell myself.


Although I am tired of loving you, I will never regret it.

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