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Paragraphs for your crush him-He won’t refuse you with such a confession!


01. Paragraphs for your crush him-first letter

I know I am not the most beautiful girl, I know I am not the best girl, even you never even noticed me. But you know what, I must have a lot of courage to say these words, because I can’t wait any longer, maybe I can’t get any results when I say these words, but I just want you to know , I want you to know that there is such a girl who loves you so deeply.


(In this paragraph of Paragraphs for your crush him, you have to express your deep love for him and let him know that you like him very much)

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02. Paragraphs for your crush him-second letter

There was a girl who liked you so deeply

She remembers your gentle smiling face in the sun, and she remembers every back of you.


Did you know that she once held her phone tightly at night and typed those words, but after hesitating for a long time, she clicked delete.


Did you know that she once watched you fight with other girls, but she-personally prayed for you to appear in tonight’s dream.


Maybe, she is so light to you, you can treat it like a marshmallow on Sunday afternoon, and eat it from time to time to adjust the taste of life. But it takes her a lifetime to forget you, to struggle with miss and hope. I wonder if you will remember that there was such a passionate woman many years later?


She thinks she is probably annoying, if tears can be counted by drops, how many tears did she shed for you in these short years?


She recalled all your expressions, squinted and smiled, and occasionally frowned, showing her teeth, but what? What belongs to her, I am afraid there is only silence.


Sometimes I think, why do I like you? This is an unsolvable mathematical problem. Under the inference of countless formulas and theorems, only the word “like” becomes more and more prominent.


I clearly remember that every day I secretly follow you behind, I feel that our hearts seem to be closer-I feel so warm and happy. I know that I am stupid, and I also know that we can’t, but I just hope you know that there is such a girl, I think as a me you have never followed, all I can do is to have courage.


(In this paragraph of Paragraphs for your crush him, you have to express what you like what he did for him and let him understand your loyalty)

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03. Paragraphs for your crush him-third letter


Today is Valentine’s Day. I know that it is offensive to tell you this today, but if I dont pluck up the courage today, there may be no chance for my generation.


I like you, I really, really, really, really like you so much. I don’t have much, but I will sit next to cheer you while you are playing, and then I will hand you water when you are tired;


I will prepare a table for you when you are hungry:; I will knit a scarf for you in winter; although I cant know some of them, I am willing to learn. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree that we are together, I just think that I can meet you, and I am very happy to like you!


Thank you for making me feel love, loving you is the best thing I have learned.


(In this paragraph of Paragraphs for your crush him, you have to make a sincere confession to him and invite him to fall in love with you. I think if you are sincere enough, he will accept your confession. God will bless you)


In addition, I have compiled some Paragraphs for your crush him, I hope to help you.


1. If life is a river, you are my other shore, and every struggling swim is just to reach you; if life is a mountain, you are the peak of the cloud, every step of the hard climb is just for you Overlooking the world together!


2. I don’t know if you are good today, but my situation is not good. I just feel like you are in front and back, left and right, inside and outside of your mind, do you miss me?


3. It is a kind of fate to meet you in the vast crowd. I only hope to exchange my sincerity for your true feelings.


4. I see you, I am afraid of electric shock; I cannot see you, I need to recharge. If it were not for you, I think I would cut off the power.


5. Baby: I have toothache recently, because I often miss you at night, it feels too sweet and will cavities.


6. I like you and want to be with you.

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7. Now I wake up every day and open my eyes to see your sunshine-like smile on the wall. I really think that when I wake up, the first thing I touched is your real flower-sweet sleep…


8. You are the deepest feeling I can experience in my life!


9. I made a wish in front of God, hoping to transform into a small tree and stand by the road you pass every day. I will hang my love and longing all over the branches, and hope that one day you will fall in love with me!


10. You gave me the whole starry sky so that I can come and go freely. What I enjoy is a deep and broad love! My love for you is like a letter with no return address. I only know how to send it, but I know there is no way to receive it.


11. Send you a heart, and a lot of warmth: one health, one happiness, one miss, one blessing, one wish, one caring, one caring, one greeting, one love, Warmth. …

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