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Paragraph For EX Girlfriend To Recover

Some people asked me how to write the compound book to retrieve my ex girlfriend. We must be careful in writing this literal thing. If we write it well, it can ease the relationship between the two sides, which is very beneficial to the recovery. If we don’t write it well or have problems, it may bring more trouble to the recovery. Before many students found us, they decided to write the recovery for their ex Compound letter, the result found that the former forced away, and even become very cold, in the end what is wrong?

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Paragraph for ex girlfriend 1.

Find out why you broke up before you write

Before writing the recovery compound letter, we must first find the contradiction of breaking up, so as to write a good recovery compound letter, so as to play the finishing point. So before you write, reflect on the feelings between you, the important words once said by the other party, the complaints of the other party before, the conflicts of frequent quarrels, the root of the quarrels, and so on.

Don’t be confused by each other’s apparent reasons for breaking up, for example, they say they don’t love each other, they don’t like each other, or they don’t have the same personality. Instead, they should reflect on what causes the breakup.

There are various reasons for breaking up, but self-centered, strong, blindly pay or blindly enjoy pay and other reasons have the highest breaking up rate, which is also more common. You can check it yourself.

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Paragraph for ex girlfriend 2.

How to write a breakup letter?

Paragraph for ex girlfriend. The first step: first tell the other party to accept the fact of breaking up, show understanding and respect for the other party’s decision, no longer entanglement, and start to return to their own life, and then let the other party put down their guard and guard against you, dispel their worries, and prepare for the future contact. Of course, the specific language needs to be organized according to their own situation, and the tone must be gentle and have an attitude Write.

Paragraph for ex girlfriend. The second step is to talk about the previous problems roughly or implicitly, and make a simple apology to the other party. This step is also very important. You can’t directly say that I’m wrong. In this way, it’s easy to reduce the value, and you can’t directly say that it’s the other Party’s fault. There’s no sincerity at all. So you should grasp a certain degree to let the other party know that you are aware of the problem, and take him seriously. This will lead to a loss Let the other party have a little hope that they can give you a chance.

Paragraph for ex girlfriend. The third step is to simply mention what the other party is interested in, interesting or meaningful, and show your improvement and change. Remember that it must be performance rather than saying.

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What’s the difference? For example, when the other party says that you have no love, you say that I have love now, and I changed it. This is called light speaking. When you say that you met a lot of children when you went out recently, you just bought some food for them. This is called showing your love. There is a difference between the two.

As for the promotion and change, the heart wood emotion has been mentioned in the previous article, so I won’t repeat it.

Paragraph for ex girlfriend. The fourth step is to throw a bait to indirectly encourage the other party to contact you.

When the other party sees that you have made a lot of changes and want to start a new life, it’s hard to avoid thinking about the good times before. However, in the face of the departure of the other half, they feel more and more lost, and it’s hard to avoid curiosity, to know how much you have changed, why they are suddenly unwilling to save him, and so on.

At this time, we will throw out bait, indirectly encourage each other to contact you, give each other a reason to find you, so that the other party will follow the reason to contact you, and then it will be much easier to retrieve love.

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Finally, I’d like to give you a few points to pay attention to: don’t expose the sense of need, don’t mention words such as recovery and compounding. The content of the letter should be short, not long. Two or three hundred words is almost the same.

Finally, I hope everyone can successfully save love

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