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My Love For You Is Forever: 3 Things Indeed

My Love For You Is Forever: Men and women in love should do three things to increase the shelf life of love.

Human life is like a train. Some people get on and some get off. But there is always someone who can become your soul mate when you get on the train, and accompany you to travel far away on the same train. 

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My Love For You Is Forever: 3 Things Indeed

My Love For You Is Forever: Men and women in love should do three things to increase the shelf life of love.

Human life is like a train. Some people get on and some get off. But there is always someone who can become your soul mate when you get on the train, and accompany you to travel far away on the same train. That person can only be your life partner, your parents and children will leave you, and in the end you will only be your partner, “you are my everything forever”.

Those stars whose love is glamorous, in fact, you don’t know what kind of effort they put into this relationship. Every relationship has a shelf life. If you want a relationship to last, it depends on how you manage it personally. In this tempting society, it is difficult to keep your relationship safe, but to keep your love fresh, you only need the efforts of both parties-“you are my forever and always”.

My Love For You Is Forever
1. The emotional shelf life of the relationship between men and women

No one’s feelings can be smooth sailing, and most of them will experience bumps and bumps. A relationship is a relationship. Dealing with a relationship is very important, but it is not an easy task. The most important thing in the relationship of painstaking management is the emotional shelf life.

When it comes to shelf life, we have to mention burnout period. After you are in love for a certain period of time, you can’t help but have a question: Are you tired of our relationship? Once the burnout period is entered, the beauty of the former lover will never return, and more and more shortcomings will be exposed to both parties. If they cannot be handled properly, then this relationship is likely to send an emergency signal.

Men and women have just fallen in love. Love is in full swing, and only each other sees each other every day. But as time goes by, day and night are relative, the freshness will naturally pass, the temperature of love will gradually cool down, and even some feelings will directly enter a period of coldness. In fact, the metaphysics of feeling cannot be increased out of thin air. If you want a long-lasting relationship, you must increase the emotional shelf life, which requires both parties to maintain and increase it.

But not all emotional shelf life can be increased. When two people have a particularly large gap, the relationship cannot last. “You are my forever” is easy to say but difficult to do.

Even if you are dazzled by impulsive love, you will eventually be defeated by reality, so the shelf life of such feelings is not easy to grow easily. Therefore, you should locate your love position at the beginning. If you are in love with each other, please be sure to overcome the relationship burnout period and extend the shelf life of your love.

My Love For You Is Forever
2. Why is there a period of emotional burnout?

When you have passed the sweet love period, “you are my love forever”. Then the level to test your feelings is here. If you don’t properly increase the relationship shelf life and slowly transition, then it is likely to cause quarrels between lovers. Have you ever thought about why there is a period of emotional burnout?

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My Love For You Is Forever
Part 1: The freshness is cool, it is difficult to find novel hobbies from the other party.

When two people are just together, you may be attracted by his uniqueness, he has things you don’t have, so that he is so special in your eyes; or maybe you are because the two people meet each other as they did. There are too many similar hobbies, and they talk very happily, as if they are soul mates.

Regardless of the above, the more you get along with the other person, the better you will get to know the other person. With in-depth understanding, the unknown hobbies or personality traits that you can explore from your partner are becoming less and less, that is, the unfamiliar and novel part gradually decreases, and finally, because your partner has not been able to let you explore With the novelty part discovered and the freshness disappeared, the burnout period came.

On the other hand, when you are not actively learning to improve in front of your partner, it means that when you stagnate, it is the arrival of a period of burnout. To give an easy-to-understand example, when you want to attract a person’s attention, you will definitely strive to become excellent. Once you have established a relationship with this person, many people will think that since I have caught my hand, then my ability is enough, and your love has been firmly held on to me, so I stagnate. If you give up self-improvement, your partner’s conflicts will also intensify.

My Love For You Is Forever
Part 2: Exhausted both sides in countless quarrels and frictions.

The friction between lovers is inevitable, after all, they are two different individuals. However, if the number of times is increasing and the problem is not solved effectively, in this case, everyone is irritable and irritable. In this irrational situation, many irrational words will be spoken to hurt both parties.

Quarrel is accompanied by consumption of energy and consumption of patience. When patience is exhausted, then a small matter can trigger a fierce quarrel. At this time, both parties are exhausted for love.

My Love For You Is Forever
Part 3: Can not correctly balance the positive emotions and negative states in love.

Couples are composed of happy memories and sad memories. In order to be able to talk about a long-term relationship, many people have always created positive emotions for their partners. They will never provoke their partners and follow their orders. This obviously becomes a “dog licking”. Over time, you will feel exhausted. After all, a good love relationship is equal to each other.

Other people always ignore the feelings of their partners and cannot actively create surprises. For example, forget anniversaries, forget birthdays, forget Valentine’s Day, and so on. In this way, the memory left in the heart of the partner is missing many good memories. Eventually, your partner will go away disappointed.

My Love For You Is Forever
3. How to maintain the relationship and increase the shelf life of love?

There is no love that is always fresh, only two people who have been working hard. Maintaining one’s love relationship is a compulsory course in everyone’s life. When you meet someone who is moved, you must guard him firmly if you don’t want to miss it. Therefore, how to maintain love relationships and increase the shelf life of love? Let me teach you some tips!

My Love For You Is Forever
Part 1: Be good at listening and keep communicating frequently.

The best relationship between two people is that you are laughing and I am making trouble. But there is still no shortage of unsatisfactory times. At this time, all you can do for your partner is to detect his frustration, embrace him, communicate with him, and solve problems with him. If the necessary communication is lacking, then even greater misunderstandings will occur and conflicts will intensify.

Being good at listening is especially important in every relationship, and it is no exception in love. Don’t talk about yourself, be self-centered. You also need to listen to your partner’s thoughts and listen to voices that are different from your heart. This can improve your partner’s sense of security and make him feel that you have him in your heart.

My Love For You Is Forever
Part 2: Proactively solve the problem after a fight.

The couple did not have an overnight rack and quarreled at the end of the bed. This fully shows that we can fight, but what needs to be done after the fight is to solve the problem. If the problem is not solved effectively, there will be endless quarrels.

Both parties should remain patient afterward and try not to say anything that hurts each other and hurt each other’s feelings. On problem-solving. I think that whoever is wrong should recognize it. You cannot just admit it because you are a boy. If it goes on for a long time, the one who bows his head first and admits it will be tiring.

My Love For You Is Forever
Part 3: Stay alone with yourself for a while.

If you feel that the relationship has entered a period of burnout and you have doubts about your partner, then you may need to be alone with yourself and give the relationship a vacation. Think about your original intention and re-examine your relationship. It also gives the other party a space to rest and think independently, which is more conducive to the development of this relationship.

Effective communication between two people after thinking about it can bring surprises to this relationship.

My Love For You Is Forever

There is nothing that never expires, and there is no love that is always fresh. No matter what kind of relationship, it will inevitably enter a period of burnout. But don’t be afraid, don’t think about avoiding the burnout period, but face it bravely. Understand that the burnout period can be solved. After you pass this difficulty, your emotions will rise one step further.

“I love you forever my love.”

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