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My Feelings Quotes About Love

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My feelings quotes: 1.

Quotes gut feelingIn front of love, who has not humbly begged for a little charity?

My feelings quotes: 2.

Quotes gut feelingLove can’t prove anything, it can only prove a feeling. There are only two things in the world that can prove love, one is life and death, the other is time.

My feelings quotes: 3.

Quotes gut feelingWho doesn’t want the people they kiss to be loved and loved by themselves? However, some things are not satisfactory.

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My feelings quotes: 4.

Quotes gut feelingMen usually pretend to be strong, while women usually pretend to be weak.

My feelings quotes: 5.

In my feelings quotes The end of infinity is not love, love is limited, ending in betrayal and infidelity.

My feelings quotes: 6.

In my feelings quotes In the name of love, women can easily conquer men.

My feelings quotes: 7.

In my feelings quotes The so-called “home” is a person who has a warm embrace waiting for his return.

My feelings quotes: 8.

In my feelings quotes If you don’t want to say goodbye, you should choose to live together, but you are afraid that you will have to face all kinds of disappointments after you don’t have to bear the loss of parting.

My feelings quotes: 9.

In my feelings quotes Love is a kind of overbearing taste.

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My feelings quotes: 10.

In my feelings quotes Sometimes hope that the soul can be like a fireworks, can stay in the night sky bright and warm for a moment and then fall.

My feelings quotes: 11.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsThere is only a thin line between you and me. We thought we could give each other more love, but we finally found that you didn’t want anything.

My feelings quotes: 12.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsWhen you love someone, it’s just good to love eight minutes. All expectations and hopes are only seven or eight points, the remaining two or three points to love themselves. If you continue to love more, it is likely to give each other heavy pressure, let each other out of breath, completely lost the fun of love. So please remember, don’t drink more than six points, drink more than seven points, eat more than seven points, love a person don’t more than eight points.

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My feelings quotes: 13.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsThere is a person in the world who always thinks about him when he doesn’t meet, but when he meets, he blushes and heartbeats, and can’t say anything. He is always easy to hold your heart, so that you can not forget, can also make you want to sleep, but you are still happy, because you love him. He is your sweetest, sweetest load. This person is called lover.

My feelings quotes: 14.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsLove is not a game, because we can’t afford it. Love, we should pay sincerely, treat each other sincerely. Don’t easily say love, promise, debt. Love is not missing can be found, but also not tired can be changed. Love a person, do not have to have; But with a person, we must love well. Love is not one person’s one-man play, but two people’s opponent play! Women are fickle in their faces, while men are fickle in their hearts.

My feelings quotes: 15.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsFlowers are sweet love at any time. If you don’t have any preparation for the festival, you must send flowers. A red rose can also nourish our love!

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My feelings quotes: 16.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsI only think of you when I get to a certain intersection; I only think of you when I see half of it; I only think of you when I listen to the music. I really don’t miss you very much, I just think of you when I don’t think about you.

My feelings quotes: 17.

Quotes about expressing your feelingsIf I say we won’t see each other again, I will avoid you. Maybe I’ll see you on the street, and how will you remember me. I will let go of myself, depression and attached memory. Wanted in the past, lonely invasion, habit can.

My feelings quotes: 18.

My feelings for you quotesFrom the moment a person, especially a woman, is waiting for another person, she is no longer really young, and life begins to grow old.

My feelings quotes: 19.

My feelings for you quotesIf one has to do something he doesn’t like, the best way is to do it as soon as possible and then finish it.

My feelings quotes: 20.

My feelings for you quotesWe walk barefoot on the earth, and the ground is covered with thorns and gravel. Stupid people try to cover the whole earth with cowhide in order to prevent their feet from being injured, but smart people know that just putting a pair of shoes on their feet is enough to solve all the problems – so why don’t we just try to control our hearts?

My feelings quotes: 21.

My feelings for you quotesFranklin: I have never seen a man who gets up early, diligent, prudent and honest complaining about his bad fortune; Good character, good habits, strong will, is not supposed to be defeated by the so-called fate.

My feelings quotes: 22.

My feelings for you quotesYou can go anywhere if you are led by someone; Someone responded, saying anything. Because that is two people’s business, even if again boring, also can become very happy.

My feelings quotes: 23.

My feelings for you quotesTo believe: there is such a miracle in the world, you like him, he also likes you, two people, a lifetime.

My feelings quotes: 24.

My feelings for you quotesNo matter how the world changes, my love remains unchanged.

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