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My Boyfriend Is A Sex Addict: Should I Break Up?

“My boyfriend is a sex addict. What should I do?”
A reader says: My boyfriend has a sex addiction disorder, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t overcome this psychological barrier. What makes me most sad is that I can’t satisfy him and I can’t complain, is it only to break up?
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In this world, there is such a kind of people, 99% of the brain is related to sex.
When you are happy, do a love to celebrate; when you are sad, do a love to relieve; when you are bored, do a love to amuse …… over time, it becomes a sex addiction.


[ My boyfriend is a sex addict ]

In 2014, the world’s number one golfer “Tiger” Woods was reported by the media for having sex outside of marriage, and the reason for his cheating was that he was suffering from “sex addiction”.
Danny, the dating man reported by the UK Daily Mail, started at the age of 17 and has slept with 2,500 girls in the past ten years, sleeping with an average of 2 non-repeat girls in 3 days.

[ My boyfriend is sexually addicted to me ]
The movie “Female Addict”, the heroine Joe realized what a vagina was at the age of two, and knew how to rub and have fun on the bathroom floor with her friends at the age of seven.
She bets with her sisters to masturbate in public on the train, has sex with different people every day, and is a typical female addict.
When the desire for intercourse takes control of her life and cannot be changed, this is when sexual desire will not be a source of pleasure for her, but a source of pain.

[ My boyfriend has a sex addiction ]
When her father was sick, although she was filled with anxiety and fear inside, she did not show her sadness and had sex with men she did not know in the hospital.
Even when her beloved father died, her lower body was surprisingly wet.
This is simply incomprehensible to a normal person.
For a sex addict, all the bumping, thrusting and grinding of the body speaks of the emptiness deep inside them.

Most of us, in some way, are escaping loneliness, just not in a sexual way.

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What is sex addiction?

[ My boyfriend is a sex addict ]

It is also known as orgasm addiction, or sex addiction disorder, which means that a person is addicted to sex, just like a drug addict, gambler, or alcoholic, and once the sex addiction kicks in, he or she will drop all work to find an object to vent.
How can you tell if you are addicted to sex?

[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]
A leading psychological research institute in the United States has given the following criteria to determine sex addiction: uncontrolled masturbation and sexual intercourse (with sex workers), exhibitionism, voyeurism, child sex abuse, frequent visits to sexual services, rape, etc.
Sexual addiction is essentially the same as tobacco addiction, but with a sexual overtone that attracts more attention.
A foreign website of sex addicts confesses.

[ Addicted to sex with my boyfriend ]
“I hate my sex addiction and will never be able to have a normal relationship because of it.”
“I hope my next boyfriend doesn’t look at me because I’m a sex addict.”
“I want to use sex addiction to treat depression, not drugs.”
Excessive addiction to anything can make our lives very limiting.
But it’s important to note that being sexually active is not the same as being a sex addict.
It is only a symptom of sexual addiction if you masturbate daily but can no longer get sexual pleasure and orgasm and can only continue in great pain.

[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]
The hero of the movie “Sex Addict“, Cavett, has an incurable sex addiction and was abandoned by his two wives.
After actively undergoing treatment, he tries to start a third marriage, but things still don’t work out.
The movie is based on the director’s own experience and took 15 years to complete. Compared to “Female Addict”, it records many realistic interview clips and is more realistic.


What should sex addicts do?

[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]

According to a survey, 60% of sex addicts suffered abuse as children, and the lack of intimacy is an important factor.
Sexual behavior is not only physical pleasure, it can express love, hatred, revenge and harm, and in serious cases will hurt themselves.

1. Pay attention to mental health

[ Signs your boyfriend is a sex addict ]
To control sex addiction, mental health is the first step when you find yourself.
Addicted to having sex with strangers.
Inability to have an emotionally based relationship with someone who is emotionally obsessed
Desire to have sex with multiple people.

When one of the above situations occurs, you need to seek help.

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2. Know your trigger symptoms

[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]
Prevention is better than cure, just like a breakup crisis, when you know what things trigger your sexual behavior, you will be conscious to avoid it.
So when you feel depressed, unappreciated, and need to rely on a substance, such as drugs or intercourse to escape physical and emotional stress, be careful if it triggers your sexual behavior.

3. Make a conscious effort to help yourself

[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]
Psychologists have given three levels to the definition of “sex addiction”. 
The first level: no aggressive behavior to others. 
The second level: the nature of the activity of aggression to others. For example, exhibitionism, peeping into the private parts of others.
Level 3: criminal behavior. For example, sexual assault on children.
Know whether you are a sexually active or sex addict, and then seek help.
See a counselor to regulate.
Join a sex addiction support group and find peers.

Confide in a reliable, trusted buddy.
[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]
Sexual addiction is not scary. Our whole life is a constant struggle with various desires, and it is up to you to decide who is the winner.
There is a thought-provoking quote in The Female Addict.
“These winter boughs are in fact the souls of trees, and the souls of human beings. The twisted soul, the ordinary soul, the crazy soul, depending on what kind of life humans lead.”
When the body’s pleasure is released once and for all, a greater emptiness and desire, is about to come.

[ My boyfriend is sex addict ]
If a person looks for existence for a long time by the physical pleasure of fish and water, then he will one day lose the ability to love.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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