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Much Love Meaning: Believe Love

Much love meaning:

From the words of the poet, people

choose their beloved meanings.

But the ultimate meaning of the verses

is directed to you.



Love should not attach too many things to it, such as morality, responsibility, obligation, etc. Those things do not belong to love, but to marriage. If you love someone, you will do something willingly. I love you so much meaning: The deeper the love, the more things you are willing to do for each other. When you feel that it is duty and responsibility, it is not love anymore.

Love is the strongest kind of emotion and the most fickle one, and it is as easy to extinguish as a spark. Many people hope that love will last forever, but in reality it cannot. So much love meaning: What can be done is to maintain some kind of long-term relationship: marriage, intimacy, friendship, partnership, etc., through legal or moral constraints, through rational choice, through sexual need, or even through habit. Many people think this is love.

Much love meaning: Love is between two people, while marriage is between two families. Two families are somehow connected through the marriage of two people, feel that they can get some kind of connection and rights through marriage, and two people are obligated because of this relationship.





I love you so much meaning: In love and marriage there is a need or expectation of care and warmth for the other person, and the other person will be disappointed or sad if they don’t do it, and what is the meaning of love and marriage if this expectation is not supposed to be there, isn’t it to warm each other and lift each other up and make progress together?


In my opinion, this kind of expectation is not necessary or can not have. If you desire to be cared for and warmed, how can you have the strength to care for and warm others? After all, these two are two different states. Much love meaning: If you care and warm others, then life will support you, and it will care and warm you through others. Abundance creates abundance. However, if you desire to be cared for and warmed, you will inevitably be disappointed or sad when you don’t get it, and your energy state will be even lower. Much love meaning: Care and warmth come from love, and love is not expected. If love could be expected, love would be a slave to expectation, and it would no longer be love. Love is something that is free and has its own rhythm, and we often try to capture it with something that cannot capture it. This is childish.

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The meaning of love and marriage is not to expect each other, but to love each other, in fact the answer is as simple as that. However, those who expect to be loved are no longer able to love. So much love meaning: The person who expects to be loved has lost his or her temperature himself or herself. How can two people who have lost their temperature warm each other? This is actually a paradox. In the same way, it is a lie that two people who are trapped cannot carry each other. Much love meaning: Two people who have lost their direction cannot progress together either. In the midst of the cold and darkness, yet we keep expecting another cold person to give us warmth, another lost person to give us direction, another blind person to show us the way, this vision is unrealistic.


It is when we lose the ability to care for and warm others that we desire to be cared for and warmed by others. In fact, it is not losing this ability that is most important.

Much love meaning: Go ahead and love! Then the people who love you will appear in your life on their own.

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What is the meaning of “giving”, especially in a relationship between a man and a woman?

Much love meaning: “Give” always seems to correspond to “get”, that is, “give” is to “get”. In any relationship, including the relationship between a man and a woman, this is a transaction. Love is not “giving”, or rather love is giving without expecting anything in return. Love itself is rich and non-traditional. Love wants nothing but love itself. Love is self-sufficient.





For me right now, at this moment, I think that love between many people is a kind of aberrant love. Much love meaning: When a person does not get the response he or she deserves in the family of origin, the response does not disappear, but is projected in intimate relationships. Perhaps we are understanding, cheerful, lively, quiet, and considerate in our dealings with the next person, but in intimate relationships we are willful, introverted, selfish, and unreasonable, and we present our least known, most unrecognized, and at the same time most vivid other side to each other. Much love meaning: Our lack of acceptance of our true selves and our desire to get the response we deserve seems to become the purpose of our search for a partner.


Much love meaning: I believe that true love should be between “whole people”. Both partners are independent and complete, both are full people who can feel the value of their existence and the beauty of the world without relying on others, both do not have to respond to the expectations they have felt in intimate relationships through each other, and both are able to take good care of themselves on a spiritual level.


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