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Make Him Fear Losing You – He Is Afraid Of Losing Your Performance

How to make him fear losing you? Love a wrestling match between gain and loss.
Furnivier once said “Love is a passionate obsession, a fire that cannot be extinguished, a desire that is never satisfied, a joy like sugar and honey, a madness like intoxication, a labor without peace and a peace without labor.”
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Love is so magical and distressing, once caught in its whirlpool, it is easy to suffer from loss.
This is true for women, and men as well. The more you love in a relationship, the more you are afraid of losing.

When a man is afraid of losing you, there will be the following 5 performance.

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Will not easily say break up

[How to make him fear losing you]
There is a saying: the world does not quarrel with the couple, only quarrel noisy love.
Two people together, of course, there will be sweet contradictions, it is impossible to always smooth sailing.
After all, there are too many contradictions in life that will make two people quarrel.
But in the relationship, the most terrible is never a quarrel, but a quarrel when the mouth is not.
The words that are spoken are like spilled water, can not be collected, in each other’s hearts full of nails, hurt people in the invisible.

Especially between lovers quarrel, the moment the anger is overwhelmed, always to the other side of the deepest pain poke, until both lose.
In the end, the quarrel will always end with one party saying “break up”. But a man who is afraid of losing you, will not easily say break up, not to mention the bad words to you.
Because he knows that some words, once said out there is no room for maneuvering.
The feelings are both strong and fragile, sometimes a tentative “let’s break up”, may be the final end.
Fear of losing your man, deeply understand the reasoning, so no matter how loud, will not arbitrarily end the relationship.


Find time for you

[How to make him fear losing you]
A person who truly loves you, must be willing to spend time with you.
Nowadays, many people like to take busy as an excuse, but not really busy, in fact, each other’s hearts are counted.
The actual fact is that there is always a time to rest, even if you can’t meet, send a message for a few seconds always have it!

In the end, it’s not enough love.
A man who loves you, will never leave you alone, because he knows the taste of being left out is not good.
And, he is more afraid of a long period of time will let you leave, because he can not afford you are not in the day, the loneliness and loneliness.
Understand that the man who does not love you will never have time for you; the man who loves you is free every second.


Pay attention to your feelings

[How to make him fear losing you]
Concerned about your emotions
Most men in life are more unconcerned about the feelings of those around them, not to mention being able to notice a woman’s sensitive mind.
But love will make people become different, sluggish men will also be transformed into careful little man.
He will always be aware of your mood swings, pay attention to your social dynamics.
You encounter any difficulties, if you need help, he will be the first to appear; if you want to accept the challenge yourself, he will respect your wishes, in a silent standby, cheer you on.

You are in a bad mood, he is more anxious than anyone else, want to know why you are unhappy, will make every effort to coax you, just to make you smile again.
What you want to do, will unconditionally support you to accompany you, whether it is on life, or work.
For him, everything about you is the highest priority.
Because of love for you, so willing to pay everything; because of love for you, so I hope you are happy.

A love to fear of losing your man, is so concerned about you, can not see you suffer, more can not stand you sad.

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Be wary of your friends of the opposite sex around you

But still trust you

[How to make him fear losing you]

After two people become a couple, will certainly mind each other around the relationship of the opposite sex. But more than the necessary limit, it will become a kind of shackles, is not trust each other.
A man who loves you deeply must be afraid of losing you.

When seeing you with the opposite sex slightly close, he will be uncomfortable inside, but more of a sense of crisis, rather than arguing with you.
He is well aware of your excellence and charm, will attract a lot of the opposite sex to pursue, so will unconsciously be wary of those people.
But still will remain sensible, trust you, but also trust your feelings for each other.


The promise must be fulfilled

[How to make him fear losing you]
Some people say: commitment is originally a wrestling match between men and women, sometimes all happy, most of the situation is a lose-lose.
The most important thing in love is commitment, but how many people can really do it?
A man who is afraid of losing you will certainly do what he says he will do.
The actual fact is that you may not be able to say sweet words, nor do you know how to surprise romance, but as long as he has promised things, he will definitely do it.

He knows what you expect, so more can not let you down, just want to make you happy.
It is said that companionship is the longest confession, but I think the man who will keep his promise is the true love.
Each of the promises fulfilled, on behalf of him to put you on the heart, full of his deep love for you.
The empty words will be said, to fulfill the promise but not every man can do!

If a man says he likes you, wait until he takes care of you in a hundred different ways before believing it.
If he promises to take you where you want to go, wait until he books a flight and then be happy.
If he says he wants to marry you, wait until he buys a good ring and kneels in front of you before being moved.

People always feel happy when they are close to happiness, but suffer from loss when happiness is in progress.
All the fear of loss is derived from deep love.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice or contact me on Bothlive.

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