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Lucky: Destined To Love You

Destined to love you:

Meeting each other.

Not without a reason.

No matter who you meet.

or who met you.

It’s all God’s arrangement.

Are destined to fate.




Destined to love u:

In life, all encounters are destined destiny!

Destined to love you: We meet each other, in fact, in a way, are the deliberate arrangement of God, why I know you, you met me, all this is actually fate, is also destined. In a sea of people, a brush, a look fixed, perhaps a pair of achievements!

Destined to love you: Every encounter in our lives is worth cherishing. After all, not everyone we can meet and get to know each other. Imagine, if there is no destiny, we have each other how will meet each other? Or, we do not owe each other, and how can we meet?





Destiny to love you:

Because of fate, we will come face to face.

Because there is no fate, it will be a stranger to pass by.

Because the fate is deep, we will always be together.

Because the fate is shallow, so they will be scattered.

Leave, do not complain, as a souvenir.

The ones left behind, to cherish, do not leave regrets.


In fact, every point of meeting, every time you want to see, there is a certain reason, and all these encounters, but also worth us cherish, of course, more worthy of us to treat.

Destined to love you: In life, the people who are with us every day, over time, we know what real love; and those who leave from our lives, also tell us what is to follow fate, what is to let nature take its course, as it happens. Destined to love you: The face of the people who have hurt us, we will understand what is painful; the face of the people who have loved, we also really appreciate the feeling of being loved, being cared for.



Destined to love you: Life is like a dream, good or bad, everything is like yesterday, flowers bloom, fate, many of them are beyond our control, the only thing we can do is to let nature take its course and cherish all the encounters and possessions.

I’ve heard a saying that makes sense: people who have a relationship are worth cherishing and treasuring and are worth accompanying; people who don’t have a relationship are not to be forced to stay, not to reminisce, not to look forward to, otherwise, people will really lose.

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Destined to love u:

The so-called destiny.

is to meet the right person at the right time.

The so-called blessing

is to be with the right person.

Fate is not something that you can have just by thinking about it.

Only people who owe each other

Only those who owe each other can meet in this life.


Destined to love you: It must be a special fate for people to meet each other. Often heard a saying, not a family, do not enter a family, especially a small couple into a small couple, originally two strangers, growing up in two completely different environment, but the moon will be linked together, become a family, this is how great fate and blessing ah. Destined to love you: People, met each other, please cherish, do not always wait to lose, only to think about to regret, must understand that this society, absolutely no regret medicine. Lost, is lost, regret is useless!


Life, all the meet and have, are destined to fate, and walk and cherish! People and people, it must be a special fate to get to know each other together to become best friends, or become lovers. Destined to love you: It must be a special fate to stay together for many years without separating from each other, to put each other silently in the most important place in the heart, always accompany each other.




Destiny to love you:

How deep must be the destiny that

To meet through the vast sea of people.

How good the blessing.

The actual fact is that you can always snuggle with each other.

To have more sincere feelings

To be able to unreservedly willing to give.

Fate sends the right person to you.

The feelings of love make people miss each other!


Destined to love you: The fate of meeting in life, in fact, is really wonderful, some fate, meet is accompanied by a lifetime, and some people, the same; a vast sea of people, meet, is fate, please cherish each other. Destined to love you: We met each other, really do not know how many lifetimes of blessings to be able to meet in this life, the most beautiful life is just to meet!

Whether I met you, or you met, this is a gift from God to each other, we should treat it well and cherish it. The actual fact is that you will not have to complain, not to hurt, not to disappoint each other’s hearts, and not to choose to cheat each other.


Destined to love you: Life, all the encounter, are the most beautiful fate, and we can have everything, but also the will of God! This life is actually very short and short, met, have, then cherish; next life, perhaps even the opportunity to pass by!


Destined to love you:

The best company is to be with each other.

The most beautiful language is to cling to each other.

The best company is to be with each other, the most beautiful language is to cling to each other.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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