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Lover Unbound: Should Intimacy Have Boundaries?


Lover Unbound is becoming more and more common nowadays, and lovers are pursuing Lover Unbound. But even if the relationship is close, you are still two independent existences, and you need to leave a certain boundary and distance in order for the relationship to develop well. Reject Lover Unbound and Lover unbound jr ward, leaving some room for each other.


Today, we will discuss the problems caused by this Lover Unbound behavior, and how we can cultivate the right distance and avoid Lover Unbound as much as possible.

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01. What is the relationship between Lover Unbound?

The intimacy of Lover Unbound often leads to various problems, such as the following situations:


1. Lover Unbound puts pressure on the relationship

A person who has no boundaries is often a person who cannot identify with himself. They often place their reasons for existence on another person. In this way, Lover Unbound will make the opponent feel a great pressure, suffocating.


2. Lover Unbound uses love to kidnap each other

People who support Lover Unbound will habitually rely on others, especially lovers who have a close relationship with them. If the other party complains about Lover Unbound a little, they will feel dissatisfied. Why are we a couple and you refuse to help me with this little thing? If you love me, you will be willing to do things for me! This black dagger brotherhood, named after love, often appears in the population of Lover Unbound.


3. Lover Unbound-don’t know how to respect each other

A person who supports Lover Unbound will habitually take care of his lover too much, but this kind of behavior that he thinks is good for his lover is actually a kind of disrespect. Because when you Lover Unbound, you actually assume that the other person is a useless person, so you have to take care of the other person everywhere, or the other person will mess things up.


All of the above Lover Unbound are typical manifestations of the lack of a sense of boundaries in interpersonal relationships.

We will scrutinize and comment. We are accustomed to criticizing things that are not pleasing to our eyes. We will also force the other side what we think is good before asking the opinions of lovers or relatives. We always want to keep the people we love away from the things that we think are bad, but forget their own needs. So reject Lover Unbound, we all have our own space.


In fact, Lover Unbound is the consequence of overly forcing the opponent, which often makes the opponent want to escape you even more, because you have made him unable to breathe.

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02. Lover Unbound-How to maintain proper boundaries?

A sense of boundary is to maintain an appropriate distance in interpersonal relationships. Rather than having to pursue Lover Unbound. Rejecting Lover Unbound will make a relationship more comfortable, you have your space, I have my freedom, and each has his own pleasure. If you were not able to grasp Lover Unbound in your relationship in the past, you can try the following methods to redraw yourself:


First of all, we must establish a knowledge of Lover Unbound. A healthy Lover Unbound should have the following characteristics: clear, protective, sturdy but flexible, and self-building. The purpose is to respect the privacy of both parties, respect the items of both parties, and respect the space of both parties. Lovers cant have Lover Unbound. It doesnt mean that you are not intimate enough. This is just to maintain the personal space you should have.


Second, establish self-identity.

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Many people think that the two people who really love each other should be Lover Unbound. The word intimacy is the most vivid expression of this relationship. So they will give up their boundaries and acquiesce to Lover Unbound for the sake of their love, but this attitude is wrong. If you are too ingratiating with each other, you will feel that you are not important in this relationship and lose your identity. . Lover Unbound is not worth advocating. Therefore, you should be clear about the meaning of your independent existence, recognize your own value, and reject Lover Unbound.


Finally, don’t be afraid to refuse Lover Unbound to destroy the relationship.

The establishment of personal boundaries will not make lovers feel that you are inaccessible, because you are only showing your principles and position, rather than rejecting the other’s approach and relationship.


In fact, Lover Unbound shows which behaviors are unacceptable to you. For example, if you don’t like him drinking, what he said makes you uncomfortable, but it will have a positive impact on the relationship between two people. Because there are always conflicts between couples, you should first pick out these things that may cause quarrels, and Lover Unbound can prevent the other party from making mistakes and affecting the relationship.


When we can bravely take responsibility for our lives and stop over Lover Unbound, we will feel comfortable and happy when we are alone, and feel comfortable and happy when we are with others. Only in this way can the spiraling relationship be long and sweet.


03. Lover Unbound may violate privacy

Lover Unbound may invade privacy, and Lover Unbound may also stifle spontaneity and authenticity, which is essential in intimacy.

In an intimate relationship, our attitude towards Lover Unbound will change. We are willing to share our fragile side with our partners and choose to let the closest people know those aspects that we don’t want to be understood by outsiders. All of this happens on the premise of voluntariness, and it will have a positive meaning.


Studies have shown that Lover Unbound forcibly breaks through privacy and will curb the spontaneity of the spouse to open the boundary to you. The more such situations, the greater the probability that the other party will no longer be willing to open up to you-only when a persons privacy is compromised. Only when they are allowed to exist safely, can they be willing to share with others.

In addition, Lover Unbound may cause discomfort to the opponent. If he feels that his privacy has been violated, he may fityour expectations, but what you see may not be the real him.

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