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Lover At Last: True Love

Lover at last: There is so much confusion about love that people can’t tell what true love is, and they don’t know how to get it.

Life is precious, love is more expensive. Although the words are good, but sometimes false love can destroy the precious life. Today let’s discuss the topic of love.


1. Do not date alone, but get to know each other in a group

The last lover: Dating is a chance for each other to get to know each other. When you first start dating try not to be alone, but in a group to get to know each other better. It is easier to show our true side in a group.

Dating is an art. Usually many people like to go to the movies, but often in the dark and with only a screen, it is impossible to have a good conversation.

Suggestion: date in a bright and open location, so you can have a very sophisticated date time, but also avoid a lot of trial and error.

Last letter from your lover: Dating is a time to enjoy each other’s company. The cost of the date is usually the responsibility of the man, however this does not confer some privilege on him. Read lover at last: Any man who wants to “get it back” for the rest of the evening because he spent a little money on the girl is a total miser.

The last lover: For the girl, on the other hand, if she really enjoyed the evening and wants to show her appreciation to the boy, then two sincere words will suffice: “Thank you, I had a great day.”


2. Avoid physical contact

True love has to wait.

The last lover: American movie star Clint Eastwood once said, “I don’t want sex without love, and I don’t want love without sex.” It seems that as long as there is love and sex, it equals happiness.

Yet something is missing in such a happiness equation.

Lover at last: It is perfectly normal for both men and women to desire to spend time with the opposite sex, and even to desire to enter into marriage.

Read lover at last: Many people have this disorientation that kissing and caressing is okay as long as they don’t proceed further down the line. Wrong!



Kissing and caressing is very dangerous because it can get you high and make you do things you didn’t want to do. It’s like marijuana, it can get you in deeper.

Lover at last: Sex is not the same as true love and sexual bliss is not the same as happiness.

Many people want physical satisfaction, but the relationship of marriage is not only a physical union, but also a union of two people’s bodies and minds.

Lover at last: The only way to build the foundation of a happy marriage is for two people to learn to respect and understand each other during the relationship.  

If you give your body to the other person at the beginning of the relationship, you will not only be treated with disrespect prematurely, but it will also be difficult to maintain a long-lasting relationship of love and trust.



For most women, giving her body is her true love, and she will expect a long-term commitment from her partner. Lover at last: For men, they are not always willing to make promises quickly.

Lover at last: Sadly, we see a man who does not respect a woman’s body before marriage, and a relationship of mutual respect after marriage is even more challenging.  

A family without mutual respect and understanding will be very difficult to raise children in the future. Lover at last: The impact of this is extremely far-reaching, so protecting each other’s bodies before marriage is very important for both people.

First of all, you have to make up your mind to keep your purity for the future of your marriage.

Advice: Please protect your significant other.

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3. Do not ignore the temptation you may face

Once, after I taught the lesson that true love has to wait (no sex before marriage and no extramarital affairs after marriage), a girl came to me with tears in her eyes to share her difficult experience of abortion and her expectation to be healed and forgiven by the Lord.

Lover at last: According to a study, 84% of unmarried young people between the ages of 18-23 in the United States have had sexual experiences.

Many Christian teens think they will not encounter the temptations that other teens face. This is wrong!

Lover at last: Christian teens often have the idea that they will not encounter the problems that other teens experience. However, they have the same sexual desires and face the same temptations. When they fall into sin, they suffer the same consequences of sin.


4. Treat each other with true love

There are several important elements of true love: time, commitment and promise

You can’t love someone at first sight.

How can you know someone completely at first glance? You may be attracted to someone at first glance and your heart may stop beating instantly, but that’s not true love.

Lover at last: Most of the many misconceptions about love come from popular songs. For example, one song sings, “I woke up from love today because I went to sleep yesterday with thoughts of you.” Another song sings, “I knew I was in love with you before the dance was over.” Another song sings, “I didn’t know what to do, so I said softly, ‘I love you.'”



The authors of these songs are talking about “love,” but they are not talking about true love, but about a romantic feeling known as infatuation.

Lover at last: Under certain circumstances, romantic feelings can be quickly aroused, but they are not true love.

Feelings change, but true love reveals itself only with the verification of time.

Lover at last: Feelings will pass, but true love is committed to each other and can be verified through time.

Advice: Don’t rely on feelings, they will pass, but true love endures.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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