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Even In Love, You Should Love Your Nature

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Even in love, you should love your nature: Learn to love yourself before you love others. Only in this way can you know how to love others better and give warmth to others and yourself.

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Even in love, you should love your nature 1.

Love your nature: In the plot of the movie 33 days of lovelorn, the heroine chases her ex boyfriend’s car in the dark with tears. She runs in despair and says in her heart, “give me another chance. I will correct what I have done wrong.”. Until she was woken up by a friend’s slap.

Every time I see here, I can’t help but cry. How can two people who used to be so good separate? For you, I try to change, how to end up with nothing?

When trying to save a relationship, basically all the girls cry in the same way, irrationally and say, I change. At least this is the limit for me, but the results are basically the same. The person will tell you: it’s too late.

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In fact, the departure of love is never the other side’s high sounding, we are no longer suitable, it is not the so-called time problem, but when we set foot on the wharf of love, whether we know how to manage this feeling, so that its course does not become blurred in the daily daily necessities and long-term weariness, so that an original vigorous love will fade its true color.

Should we be what lovers like? The answer is: we have to work hard for this process, not to change the result in vain after the end.

Even in love, you should love your nature 2.

Love your nature: In love, of course, we should try our best to change into what lovers like, but we should also change into what we like. So even if a feeling really can’t stay, you can have a clear conscience, no regret, worthy of the love.

Love is not to cater to each other, change for each other is not to cater to each other, when you want to cater, put yourself down, in an equal relationship, it doesn’t matter to cater.

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Love your nature quotes: When we were all little girls, we all had a princess dream in our hearts. We all felt that we would meet our prince. At that time, I thought love was luck. As long as I was lucky, I could find the right person. Once I met him, I didn’t have to change anything. We had a 100% tacit understanding and lived happily in fairy tales forever.

But when we become a big girl, we found that love is not luck, love is a kind of ability, love is not to let you find a very suitable person, but to find a good person, and he slowly fit.

Love needs the ability. The ability of love is the ability to change. It is the ability to see each other’s needs and be willing to let go of their temporary needs.

Even in love, you should love your nature 3.

Love your nature: Good love is not without quarrels, no seven-year itch of boredom, but learn to see each other with a tolerant heart, understand him, understand him, give him what he wants. Know how to make ordinary life interesting and tasteful.

When you have the ability to meet the people you love, you are not a little girl, because your heart is no longer just “I”, but saw a new word – we.

In fact, love is not when you meet the right person at the right time, but when you are willing to change, you meet a person who is willing to change for you, or you are willing to change for him.

Love your nature quotes: We change and learn differently in every love, but we all have a similar result, that is growth. A lot of times, we know it’s not good to do a lot of things, but why not change, because we are too comfortable. So you never know the joy of change.

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Run 7 kilometers every day, the kind of tired to death but overcome their own sense of achievement, you only do will understand; After learning how to swim, think of yourself as a fish and roam freely. Only when you really go deep into it can you have some experience; After falling in love with hiking, that kind of physical and mental growth is a life experience that has never been before.

Even in love, you should love your nature 4.

Love your nature: In love, we don’t want to change each other into ourselves that we no longer know and like, but to seek a balance between our bottom line and our love for each other.

Many people care about change and think it’s against their original intention. In fact, most of us have been changing since we were young, from riding a bicycle to driving a Lamborghini, from cooking to dining in a restaurant. Without change, there will be no progress. What’s the bottom line? Don’t do harm to nature, don’t violate morality and ethics, others can be progressive change, I hope you can treat the word “change” with a correct attitude, progress makes you better!

Love your nature: Everyone should make changes for their lovers and family members. Of course, there is a bottom line for this kind of change. We can give up some principles for love change, but the final choice is to break up instead of compromise.

So when two people fall in love because of love, what they want is not what they shout out. The essence of love is to find out what kind of state they are in, experience their needs, and then meet their needs. That need is what they shout out or what you find out. You already know their needs, but you don’t change yourself, I think it’s incredible.


Love your nature: 01. Don’t force the other party to say that they want you to change, that change is not worth money.

Love your nature: 02. Don’t mention it again after you change for the other party. It’s your choice to change. Don’t count it on the other party.

Embrace your natural beauty quotes: The best change in the world is because of that person, you become a better self. I would like to have such a person, let me fall in love with her, let me no longer care about gain and loss. Let me no longer drift with the tide, because when I know that I love him that moment, I have met the best of myself.

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