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What Is It Like When A Man Love You To Bits?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Love you to bits

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What is it like to love you to the extreme? Let me tell you something you don’t want to hear

When men don’t like you 1.

A boy often looks for you, not necessarily because he likes you, but also because he looks for you with the highest “cost performance”. That is, you give him the highest return, so he saves the most effort.

When men don’t like you 2.

He is always warm to you, not necessarily like you, or even do not want to care about you. He just wants to create the illusion of “being liked by him” through this sense of ritual, so as to get your pay more easily.

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When men don’t like you 3.

When you send a message to him, it’s not necessarily that he can’t wait. It’s also that he’s bored, just watching his mobile phone, and you just send it to him. So I’ll have a chat with you to pass the time.

When men don’t like you 4.

He always praises you for your good looks, not necessarily because he likes you. Maybe it’s just that he thinks you’re good-looking-a boy’s “good-looking” and “owning” are two different things. Just like you see a flower, boast casually, but don’t think about it all the time after passing by – don’t even look back.

When men don’t like you 5.

Just because he always gives you all kinds of promises doesn’t mean he likes you. Maybe he is a person who is merciful everywhere. As soon as the atmosphere arrives, he will blurt out his promise. Frankly speaking, he has no sense of responsibility for you, so he doesn’t need to consider the “after-sales problem” at all. It’s more important to be addicted now.

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When men don’t like you 6.

It doesn’t mean that he likes you. Do you know what “possessiveness” is? This kind of thing is often bound with “love”, but in fact, the two are related: he does not love you, and does not want to be nice to you, and does not plan you in his own life. He just wants to enjoy your pay and your good, and selfishly does not want to share this “enjoyment” with others.

Therefore, many plots in love novels will not have any persuasion in life.

Say something nice and do something that cares about you. These behaviors are replicable. Boys who have experienced several relationships can do it.

A boy really falls in love with you and loves you to the extreme state, but is recessive, is silent, is flowing. Because the emergence and display of “love” is in many cases an unconscious instinct.

When a man love you to bits 1. His behavior is very childish

Love you to bits meaning: When two people are alone, he may change from a powerful and serious man to a coquettish little princess. This is not to please you, but because he puts down all his precautions and leaves only the softest side.

When a man love you to bits 2. He has a mature mind

Love you to bits meaning: The reason why he is naive is that he does not need to consider too many practical problems. Maybe someone shares the burden of life for him. Maybe he only needs to care about himself. As long as he works, he can live a good life. Therefore, even if he has a simple idea, he can guarantee that he will not suffer any losses.

After falling in love with a person, a boy’s instinct is to protect his beloved. As soon as his sense of responsibility appears, his thinking will become very advanced and in all directions. What you haven’t considered is in his plan.

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When a man love you to bits 3. Sense of responsibility

I love you to bits: Responsibility is the bond that connects you with him.

Sometimes, responsibility may be a sweet burden for him – who doesn’t want to live more natural and unrestrained?

But because he loves you, he will have instinctive responsibility. He will feel that the quality of your life is related to him, and any choice he makes carries the consequences of two people.

When a man love you to bits 4. I’ll plan you for the future

I love you to bits: For the future, he must have you in his plan. Even if he has a personal plan, he will try his best to consider the choices of both sides, instead of just thinking about himself.

When a man love you to bits 5. He must be firm in choosing you

I love you to bits meaning : What is firm choice?

“Love is never just an emotion, but a decision, a judgment and a commitment,” Fromm said

He won’t leave you because of other things, and won’t be indifferent to you because of other people. After being fresh, he still has the habit of “being good to you”, so that everyone around him can know that he has “the master of famous grass”.

Let you clearly feel a sense of existence, security, not because of his hesitation or indifference, every day in the worry about gain and loss.

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When a man love you to bits 6. Even if I see your shortcomings, I have plans to continue with you

I love you to bits meaning : People who love you are not only infatuated with your shining point, but also blind to the dark side – real love is not so turbulent and worshipful. Compared with the absolute peaks of “worship” and “infatuation”, it is a long process of “understanding, respect and acceptance”.

This kind of love is precipitated after the enthusiasm, never asking you how perfect, but rationally accepted your shortcomings, pessimistically thought of countless unknown future, made the worst plan, also have a kind of want to hold your hand to go on.

“Love” is not only a beautiful and romantic Idol: when the time is good, it will fall apart if it is careless;

“Love” is to have the courage to face all practical problems, and to calmly decide: to be together, to live.

When a man love you to bits 7. “Abnormality” is the normal

Love to bits: On weekdays, the witty boy is at a loss when facing you; Muna honest boys always want to play romantic for you; The boys in the game life began to seriously consider their future.

Love has no specific expression, but it can definitely inspire the other side of a person who never shows others.

When a man love you to bits 8. Will seriously analyze your feelings, know how to respect

Love to bits: Because I have a sense of responsibility for you, your mood and state are closely related to him.

When two people disagree, his first reaction is not to defend his own point of view, but to have empathy and know how to look at problems from your point of view.

Even if there is a gap, he will try to respect your choice instead of forcing you to make changes for him

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