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How To Make Love Won’t Let Me Down?

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This is an era of free love, and it is also an era of disappointing love. The latest statistics show that the divorce rate in developed cities has reached 25%. One in four couples divorces. Such a high divorce rate also represents people’s disappointment with their feelings.

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The divorce rate does not mean unhappiness, but the purpose of marriage is not divorce. Because of good feelings, because love comes into marriage. Divorce because of emotional disappointment. So what can we do to make love no longer let us down?

Today, I’d like to popularize the related theories of emotional counseling, so as to let love not be disappointed.

How to make love wont let me down? 1. Love theory

There are three main psychological theories about what kind of partner a person will like

Love wont let me down: 1) Parents’ Idol theory.

Psychoanalytic theory holds that people have Oedipus complex in the early stage. Boys like women who have their own mother’s personality as their partners, while girls do the opposite;

Love wont let me down: 2) Demand complementary theory.

People tend to choose partners who complement their own needs. For example, people who have a desire for domination like to find a more submissive partner. People who want to be taken care of often choose someone who likes to take care of others as a partner.

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Love wont let me down: 3) Stimulation value role theory.

The development of the relationship between the two partners is a gradual process, which is divided into three stages: stimulation, value and role. In the stimulation stage, sensory information is generally used as the basis for judgment, such as appearance, age, clothing and so on. The value stage is mainly to measure whether the values of both sides are compatible, whether there is a common language or belief.

The role stage is mainly to measure whether the other party meets their own role expectations, and whether they are harmonious in parenting and home life. The above three stages are passed smoothly, which means that both parties can fall in love smoothly.

How to make love wont let me down? 2.

Beautiful love

These are the reasons why love happens. Is there a law in the development of love? In fact, there are. At present, the most representative is the three-stage theory of love development. The first stage is halo rim. This stage is the stage of beauty in the eyes of the beholder. It will beautify the overall image of the other party, and even the shortcomings will be regarded as advantages.

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How to make love wont let me down? 3.

Halo period

The second stage is cognition and running in period. As the two sides get along with each other for more and more time and know each other more and more, they will find each other’s shortcomings, and even some characteristics that they can’t bear. There will be arguments and emotional instability from time to time. It’s a tough time and the easiest time to break up.

The third stage is the period of rationality and indifference. At this stage, there is a certain tacit understanding between the two sides, and their feelings are gradually stable. They are plain and calm.

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How to make love wont let me down? 4.

Plain and calm

Better understand the characteristics of feelings, but also better understand their own needs, choose the right people, do not let their feelings regret.

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