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In The Hearts Of Those Who Really Love , Love Without Limits

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: Love without limits

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What is the relationship between intimacy and true love between people, regardless of family, friendship and love? Is there any limit to love?

Is it true that without true love, there will be no close healthy relationship, and if there is no relationship, true love will disappear?

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If two people who have changed with the growth of time do not maintain the relationship of mutual need, will they still accept each other’s changes unconditionally, understand and support each other, sincerely hope each other’s happiness and love each other at the moment when they meet?

Or will true love disappear because time and relationships don’t last? Is there any limit to love?

Before any discussion, the first task is to confirm that both sides have the same understanding and definition of the same word.

Because there are a lot of “vague language” in our communication.

The existence of this kind of fuzzy language will lead to our different understanding of the same problem.

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When both sides have different understanding of the same concept, our discussion will become invalid and meaningless.

The word “true love” is a typical fuzzy language.

Its denotation is uncertain and its connotation is indefinite, so love without limits.

Combined with some indirect expressions of the concept of true love by most people, let me try to sort out the connotation of the word “true love” that most people understand.

First of all, many people assume that true love is a “pre-existing” thing, and what we have to do is to find this existence.

There is no limit to love, just like the heroine in a fairy tale. After all the hardships, she finally finds the prince and is with him. Then both the author and the audience take it for granted that the heroine has found true love, so love without limits.

But I found a very interesting point, whether it’s fairy tales or movies and TV series, the heroine is very quickly fell in love with his prince, and the reason for falling in love, it seems, is just because of the appearance.

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As for the other party’s character, connotation, values and so on?

Because the other party is the hero, so there is no doubt that they are first-class, and also agree with the heroine;

Even if there are some bad things about men, there must be reasons and should be understood;

But the problem is, in real life, we simply can’t be sure whether a person is true love for you.

When we talk about true love, we often think of the sweetness, beauty and unconditional mutual acceptance in the period of hot love, so there is no limit to love.

But after the illusion of love, two real people’s insipid, full of trivial details, not so romantic together, is the real permanent theme in love, so love without limits.

And the breakup of love, almost all happened after the period of hot love, only at this time will your conflict break out, because at this time, the true selves of both of you begin to show up, love without limits.

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So the problem is that when you fall in love with someone, you can’t predict the direction of your relationship with that person, because love without limits.

Because you firmly believe that this person is your true love, you can’t stay with someone who is not suitable for you for a long time;

Because you believe that this person is not your true love, you refuse a person who is suitable for you in all aspects, which is obviously not a rational approach, because love without limits;

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