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Love: When A Guy Takes Hours To Text Back

When a guy takes hours to text back: In the process of couples dating, if a boy really like you, the face of the message you sent, even if he is very busy at this time, will be back to you in seconds, because he does not want you to wait too long too anxious, in the heart of the very attention to your feelings, if a boy is not very attentive to you, the face of the message you sent, he will take a long time to return to your message, it is clear that you are not important in his heart, he did not take you seriously The girl should not be pestered at this time, the boy so long to return to your message move is already very clear.




He took a long time to get back to your message for the following reasons

1. No interest in you

What to do when he takes hours to text back? If you and the boy chatting, the face of the message you sent, he will be a long time apart each time to you back to the message, that he simply do not have any interest in you, there is no natural desire to continue chatting with you, encounter such a boy, girls or do not want to pester for good.


2. Have a favorite person

When he takes hours to text back: If a boy likes you, he will want to be with you every day, for your message he will be the first time to reply to you, you can certainly feel these, if the boy does not reply to you in a timely manner, it may be that he has someone he likes, want to deliberately distance from you.


3. Do not want to take care of you

When a guy takes hours to text back: Some boys face your message, a long time before you choose to reply, in fact, it is likely that you do not want to take care of you, so he felt that you sent the message has little value, so there is no need to reply to you so urgently, and even do not want to say too much to you, the face of this do not want to take care of you boys, girls or do not wishful thinking, there is no much meaning.


4. Pretend not to see

When a guy takes hours to text back: If the boy will reply to your message for a long time, most of the reason is that he does not want to return your message, so pretend not to see, but out of courtesy he is still willing to reply to you, so it will take so long to reply to your message.

The face of your message, if a boy often a long time to reply to your message, it can be seen that he does not like you, the heart has been very distant from you, think you are very annoying, only out of courtesy to reply to your message, girls at this time do not continue to entangle.

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About love and not love


What to do when he takes hours to text back? Love or not love this thing, never about the first to come, not about who is more beautiful a little, just because he likes her, so there is no place for you to exist.

The boy who is high and cold in front of you can always be bumped into by us to specially run to accompany the girl to class; to bring the girl cut fresh fruit.

That cold boy who doesn’t smile in front of her, in front of others as if a sunflower that absorbs the sunlight in minutes.

So a person always forget to reply to your message, or reply after a long time, you can basically conclude that he is not like you.



When he takes hours to text back: The person who loves you, is you say four o’clock in the afternoon to come, she fidgeted at three o’clock; is you say you want to eat hot pot at night, he immediately hid the festering mouth ulcers; is you say you want to go home, he said southeast and northwest are by the way.

My colleague has been in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend for four years, always talking about the little things of love between them in front of us from time to time, like his girlfriend bought him a new shirt, his girlfriend loves the cola chicken wings he made, which city his girlfriend wants to go to ……

We always joke with him, “You guys are living such a sweet little life, is there some secret to keeping your love alive?”



He scratched his head, a face of embarrassment, “no ah, I love her, she also loves me, we have endless conversation every day.

I’ve heard the phrase before, and it feels very apt: “I love you, is to accompany you to talk a lot of a lot of nonsense.”

When a guy takes hours to text back: The person who really cares about you, is the mouth, heart, brain chanting all through you.

The only people who don’t love you are the ones who turn a blind eye to so many of your messages, and all of your concerns and misses are worthless in his eyes, there is no need to reply to you.

When a guy takes hours to text back: He is indeed very busy, busy with exams, busy gathering, busy playing games, is no time for you.

So in his world there are grades, brothers, games, but not you.



You are full of joy to share a joke to him, but he may think you are a joke when he sees the message; you try hard to find chat topics, but he may have already complained to his friends around you talk too much, really annoying.

When a guy takes hours to text back: If a person does not care much about you on the surface, he really does not care about you. There are no exceptions.

Sometimes, God let you end a relationship, not confiscate your happiness, but God will look at your unhappiness in the eyes, even God is heartbroken you, think he does not deserve, so let you go.

About the matter of love or not, we are always good at disguise and self-deception, but I hope you can face your heart.

When a guy takes hours to text back: The one who won’t not reply to your messages, you should not continue to send; the one who doesn’t love you, and don’t be sentimental.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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