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Love To Learn: How To Love


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Love to learn: For a relationship, there is always a way to get along. Everyone has their own state to get along with, the most comfortable state, in fact, is not tired to get along with, not tired of a long time.

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If two people can achieve this state, they will not easily separate and will become more and more harmonious.

Love to learn: The most important thing for two people to get along with each other is running in. They can be sincere to each other and feel down-to-earth in front of each other. This is the real feeling.

So, the most comfortable state of a relationship is that two people do these three things.

Love to learn: how to love 01. Don’t demand too much

Love to learn: In any relationship, it’s best to be comfortable. No matter how close the relationship between two people is, they can’t ask each other to do anything. Excessive demands will only disgust each other. You know, the most taboo thing in a relationship is to force too much. As the saying goes, if you try to make a fuss, you should always follow the other person’s will.

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Love to learn: If two people want to be together for a long time, mutual understanding is very important. After all, everyone has his own temperament and temperament. We can’t ask each other to change just because we love each other. This is emotional kidnapping. True love is to respect and understand each other.

The reason why two people choose to be together is that they love each other and want to go on. Since they love one person, they should try their best to make each other feel comfortable, but separate the constraints.

The real long-term relationship is that we never force each other to do things we don’t like. It’s not excessive possession and control, but we can let him be ourselves.

So, to be comfortable is to maintain the respect that we should have.

Love to learn: how to love 02. Not blindly aggrieved

Love to learn: Any relationship, if you want to sacrifice yourself to satisfy each other, then this relationship will lose its original meaning.

True love is just to please and not to hurt yourself, but to be equal to each other and be yourself.

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Love to learn: Like those who because of love, and wronged themselves, used to be brave, a person to bear all the suffering, naturally will not feel happy, such feelings will not last long.

Many times, you blindly wronged yourself, it is not necessarily able to exchange for each other’s treasure and understanding.

Have to say, a good emotional state, should be comfortable with each other, treat each other sincerely, do not aggrieve any party, in the relationship can be sincere to face everything.

Therefore, if two people really get along with each other, they should keep harmony. If there are any problems, they should solve them in time. They don’t need to rely on their grievances to maintain their feelings. Such feelings are meaningless.

Love to learn: how to love 03. Don’t try to please

Love to learn: I have always felt that true feelings should be equal to each other. There is no need to curry favor with each other, and there is no need to be too accommodating. Just respect each other.

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But a lot of people, often fall into a relationship, it is easy to lose themselves, in order to get the love of each other, at the expense of reducing self-worth, to please each other, in the end may not be able to get the results they want.

For love and flattery, they are two different concepts.

You can love a person, pay for him, but can’t love a person and humble to the dust, because no one will like you in the dust.

Love to learn: For a relationship, the more flattering you are, the worse the result will be.

A comfortable relationship is the mutual benefit and symbiosis of two people who love each other. It is the equal independence of loving oneself first and then the lover, rather than the servile flattery.

Therefore, true love is mutual respect, each other have each other, do not need to do too much.


Love to learn: I always feel that good love, there is no bondage, can do their own with each other.

There is no need to be too demanding, there is no need to be aggrieved, there is no need to please, just keep the normal mode of getting along, this is the most comfortable state of a relationship.

People who can do this will have a longer relationship.

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