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Love Stage Characters: 6 Stages Of Intimacy

Love Stage Characters: Master the 6 stages of love to make love more and more smooth.

Love Stage Characters: Do you know that couples go through 6 stages when they are in love?

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Love Stage Characters: 6 Stages Of Intimacy

Love Stage Characters: Master the 6 stages of love to make love more and more smooth.

Love Stage Characters: Do you know that couples go through 6 stages when they are in love?

Love Stage Characters
1. Love period

It is a very warm thing to go from one person to two people. That kind of feeling is like finding support in spirit. Since then, the spirit has sustenance, accompanied by company, two people stay together, warm each other, and no longer have to suffer the torment of loneliness. The so-called love period is largely caused by curiosity and freshness.

Are you happy when you have a new toy? Then you can’t put it down, wishing to sleep with your arms directly, don’t want to separate for a moment? The moment you shop online and then open the express package, does your heart beat faster? When you own your first car in your life, do you want to drive it around the world every day?

This is the so-called curiosity, which is the curiosity of a new thing, followed by novelty.

Love Stage Characters
2. Buffer period

As we all know, freshness has a shelf life. It does not exist for a long time. On the contrary, this thing generally comes as fast as it goes.

People can’t keep the initial curiosity about something very familiar. The curiosity is because they don’t understand, because of the unknown. Once they know something, that impulse will quickly diminish.

So when two people are together, they have passed the sweet love period, and the rest is the buffer period. All the enthusiasm is slowly fading away, slowly getting used to each other, slowly getting used to life, and then neither sad nor happy nor cold nor hot. Some emotional women will question men at this stage: “Are you not in love with me anymore?”

Love Stage Characters
3. Tired period

Would you get bored if you let you eat one dish every day? Will you get tired if you do the same job every day? Similarly, when two people are together, because of each other’s thorough habits, they slowly start to experience visual fatigue. They no longer feel that each other is amazing, and they no longer feel that each other is irreplaceable, and they will not feel that each other is as perfect as before.

Often at this stage, pickiness and resentment begin to appear. No matter what the other party does, it seems that it cannot satisfy you. No matter how hard the other party tries, it seems to be far away from your expectations. Sometimes it’s not that the other party is not good enough, it’s because you have been together for a long time, and because of the habit, you can only see the other party’s shortcomings.

Love Stage Characters
4. Running-in period

The running-in period must be the most painful stage, and it is also the stage when two people understand and run-in. In this world, everyone is a different existence, a unique existence, because everyone’s thinking is different, so everyone is slowly testing each other’s bottom line, testing each other’s principles, and the price is time and time again. Frequent and disintegrating quarrels.

The cultivation of the tacit understanding of two people is a matter of overnight, and the running-in of the two people is not a matter of three months and half a year. This stage is the easiest stage for couples to break up. Some people can’t stand the quarrels again and again, some can’t stand the temptation of the other party, and some people lose their feelings after arguing!

Love Stage Characters
5. Flat period

Only when two people have survived all the hardships, can they truly understand the value of happiness, and only through their hard work can people earnestly. Only after experiencing hysterical quarrels can I understand the value of ordinariness, and only after experiencing severe running-in can we understand the meaning of feelings.

When two people are together, plainness is the greatest happiness, the most ordinary care, and the most heartwarming. The vigorous romantic love is certainly exciting, but after all, it is only a moment of blooming, only at that time the entire sky is gorgeous; and the true feelings are like the faint candlelight of the night, long and true!

Love Stage Characters
6. Dependence period

At this stage, the most obvious manifestation is that you can no longer do without the other party. It seems that if you leave the other party, you can’t live anymore. It’s not that the other party is too important, nor that he is too fragile, but that he has been with each other for a long time and has integrated the other party into his bones, blood, and a habit of being with each other.

The warmest thing in the world is this, and the true meaning of feelings is also truly interpreted at this stage. You are in me, and you are in me, supporting each other and warming each other. Although life is bitter, the warmth of feelings will turn into the sweetest syrup in the world.

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