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3 Things On Love Secret

What are the love secret to keep a long relationship? When you have secret love affair what should you do? A stable and happy love relationship comes from the mutual investment and dedication of both parties. As the writer Kate Allen mentioned in his speech: “don’t always think about yourself, don’t always care about gain and loss in love. The secret of my love is to think about what you can contribute to the relationship. Talk to your partner about what you’re going to create in this relationship.” Every wise man in love is good at keeping some good habits in their relationship.

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3 about love secret you should know

1. Love secret: Keep in touch

How do you think of love and secret? What is love secret? Communication includes telling and listening, that is, expressing problems in a timely manner. When you have complaints in your heart, you must take the initiative to tell the other party instead of relying on the so-called blue and red; Don’t be perfunctory when you need to express your opinions and opinions in the areas that the other person cares about.

How to understand this love secret? Understand these love secret, you should know that when the other party is expressing, listen carefully, and do not base on expressing opposing attitudes. For a simple example, when you go shopping, the other party is late or glances at other girls. You are very angry and angry, and the other party also feels your emotion.

This is a very important love secret, and above the secret love, you should know that no matter how the other party asks you, you all bite to death and say that it’s OK. The other party puts down his heart and really thinks it’s OK, but you cry wrongly. He doesn’t understand you. It’s a vicious circle in love that people don’t communicate with each other when they have problems, one feels that they are not understood, and the other feels that they are making trouble.

There are also many couples who go to the other extreme, because they are afraid of conflict, so they reject all the possibilities that will lead to quarrels. Therefore, it’s good for you to understand this love secret. But in fact, two people who grow up in different family environments will have more or less conflicts in character and habits. It’s really nothing to have conflicts and frictions. Quarreling is also a kind of communication. We have to avoid quarreling blindly. It seems that the two people are very harmonious, but in fact, conflicts are growing secretly. A good quarrel can lead two people to reach a consensus most efficiently.

2. Love secret: Compromise with each other

The second love secret. How to understand this love secret? There must be friction and fault in love. If your partner makes a mistake or you find something wrong with the other person, remind yourself to accept rather than try to change the other person.

Love secret: Choose a career oriented man, and then ask him to take care of the family and raise children; Choose to enter a long-distance relationship, and then continue to emphasize with each other, so that they do not have a sense of security; Choose a friend who read countless people, and then look forward to pure ignorance. I hope he is crazy, and I hope he will live alone; I miss him cold and gorgeous, and I miss him frivolous and cheap; Want him sunshine, also want him amorous feelings not to shake.

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This kind of love secret mode with “changing each other” often leads to the end that both parties are physically and mentally exhausted and end up in a mess. Personality has both positive and negative sides. Masculine and domineering men are more or less male chauvinism. Young and lovely girls are more or less pretentious. You are a mortal. You can’t just enjoy the bonus of personality and don’t accept its defects. Compromise means accepting each other’s imperfections.

3. Love secret: Learn to change for each other

What is love secret? How to understand this love secret? Understand the third love secret, you should know that the theory of developmental psychology tells us that life is a process of slowly discovering oneself, from “ego” to “Id” and “superego”. When we were young, we all felt that the moon revolved around us, the world was ready for us, and even many people felt that lovers should naturally meet their demands in love.

But love is a process of running in with each other, so as love secret. During this journey, it is inevitable for us to cut off some edges and corners of ourselves and revise some rhythm of life to adapt to the life of two people. An example on love secret, if you are single, you may go to bed late and want to play more games in the evening. But if your partner has to get up early to work every day, your habit of playing games in the evening may only stay on weekdays. Here you can understand this love secret.

For example, in love, many girls like to read and express their feelings about their relationship, such as missing and complaining. However, most boys don’t like this kind of emotional communication. According to my observation, it is often in this process that the man becomes more and more good at listening, while the woman becomes less and less complaining, considering each other’s feelings and making changes. To put it bluntly, each step back. Change is mutual, not one-way.

The above are the love secret. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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