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10 Love Rules: The Basic Rules Of Relationship

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These 10 basic rules of love keep your deep love from hurting each other.

Do you feel tired of love? Do you feel that you have been in a relationship that consumes you and others? Love has no right or wrong, but it has “potential” rules. 10 Love rules, hope to bring you a different angle.

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Ground rules for relationships 1. Don’t rely too much on each other

Setting ground rules in a relationship: People who depend too much often suffer a lot. Because you’re too heavy. Others only put half of their lives on another person, and you put all of them. So it’s normal that your lover can’t carry as far as you want.

Ground rules for relationships 2. There is no absolute perfection in love

Setting ground rules in a relationship: In love, people who pursue perfection will be hurt. He was not hurt by the other side, but by his own expectations. Always curious about another person is a great way to keep love fresh.

Ground rules for relationships 3. Don’t judge your lover all the time

Setting ground rules in a relationship: When you always judge your lover instead of observing and analyzing him, then your curiosity about him will die. Successful love is not that I fell in love with you, but that you have been so good and have not changed; Successful love means that when I fall in love with you, I begin to feel that everything is fine with you. Later, I find that you are so bad. Later, I feel that you are both good and bad, and I am still willing to be with you. So the real you were with me and survived. To live in a relationship as you are is success.

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Ground rules for relationships 4. Don’t be patient

Setting ground rules in a relationship: People who are afraid of quarreling are usually very tolerant. But forbearance does not mean acceptance, nor does it mean more love. Acceptance, is really understanding and really accepting the other side is like this. Forbearance is unacceptable, but for some reasons, force yourself to accept it.

Why some people, so good, can’t let you love? Maybe it is because he is afraid that he is not good enough, so he only dares to show the good part. He’s defending you from seeing the real one. How to build intimacy in such a deep defense?

Ground rules for relationships 5. Give up your “imaginary space”

Setting ground rules in a relationship: What many people pursue in the relationship is just a “space of imagination”. That is, when I am with you, I can create a feeling in my heart. In this feeling space, I feel that I am important, special and wonderful. If the other half always destroys your “imaginary space”, it can be said that he is a “don’t let you live” lover.

Ground rules for relationships 6. Change your spouse frequently

Setting ground rules in a relationship: Repetition is enough to kill a person’s vitality. Changing lovers is really a way to gain vitality. But a better way to gain life force is to discover in your lover what you don’t know and what he doesn’t know. Curiosity is the source of vitality.

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Ground rules for relationships 7. Be considerate of each other’s anxiety

Setting ground rules in a relationship: For anxious lovers, if they don’t answer the phone, don’t return whats app, and can’t find anyone, they are experiencing a sense of dying. It’s really scary. Enough to make a person irrational. This sentence is especially suitable for people who are not anxious at all. No matter how many people admire you, it’s useless.

Ground rules for relationships 8. Show your true self

Setting ground rules in a relationship: If you don’t dare to be especially true to anyone. We often “idealize” someone or something without knowing it or wanting to know it. When you idealize a person, the person you think is not the real person, but a role you fantasize about.

Ground rules for relationships 9. Find the sense of self existence and meaning

Setting ground rules in a relationship: We can find our own sense of existence and meaning in love and relationship, and get a sense of value and happiness. But we should not regard it as the only source. We need to build ourselves and live for ourselves. Not for relationship, not for love. Looking for eternal love is our walker.

When you don’t need the walker to walk your own way, you will find that you can go any road you choose. Only in this way can you understand what it means to “love someone” instead of treating that person as an antidote to your pain. Only then can you gain the freedom of life. No matter what the blow, you still have yourself, you still have hope. Not because of frustration, pressure, fear, and easily commit themselves to love without love.

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Ground rules for relationships 10. Don’t close your window

Setting ground rules in a relationship: Also don’t draw a dungeon in the love with problems, beg for mercy and close your own window. The most unfortunate thing is not that you get less love than others. It’s because you decide that you are a soul that is not worth being loved. But at this noisy moment, the past, whether it’s joy or sadness, is just as valuable – because it’s a unique relationship between you and him that can’t be copied to other people, and every moment is alive in you and each other, it’s self blooming, and the moment is eternal.

There is no right or wrong in love, we are all struggling. Between growing up and growing up, between children and adults, maybe everyone has a different face and identity. Only by seeing each other, satisfying each other and tolerating each other can we achieve a good relationship.

What are ground rules for relationships? We are the people who pay attention to, recognize and accept us unconditionally, and who are highly consistent with us at all times. The negation of others only represents that I and others are different individuals, but not the negation of mutual love. Accepting the differences in a close relationship will make you feel better about the world.

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Good love, has an important function, is to meet the communication needs of each other. Let a person, can have a sense of existence, can be seen by each other, can express their feelings. Use all kinds of methods to make yourself more willing to see the truth, less afraid, stronger, more receptive to your problems and the real situation of your life, and then make a choice. This is the way to a better future.

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