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Love Rejection: How To Reject Suitors That You Don’t Like?


Regarding the theme of how to conduct Love Rejection and reject the suitors I dont like, I will briefly talk about my views on Love Rejection. Being rejected by someone you love is not a shame. Hope it can be helpful to everyone.


In love, you are not afraid of unfeeling, let alone affectionate, just afraid of Love Rejection. In fact, whether unfeeling or affectionate, they are often relative, depending on the treatment of different people. Maybe you think reject me I love it, you are very sad, if someone rejects your love, how do you deal with rejection in love? Here are some emotional suggestions for you.


In love, Pain of rejection in love may be very painful, but what I fear most is that I dont understand Love Rejection and fall into a dilemma of entanglement and retreat. You can neither give up in a calm manner nor say without regrets. Deep love, on the one hand, can’t ask for it, on the other hand, while still having hope.

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In fact, the final result of Love Rejection is not available, and this has been doomed very early, but you don’t know it. When you fall into such a tangled state and a dilemma without going to Love Rejection, the sky suddenly becomes dim.


After you are Love Rejection, your emotions begin to be unstable, and even often become emotional. It makes yourself uncomfortable and also brings troubles to others. Life is suddenly covered by dark clouds. Many important and beautiful people and things in life are you. All turned a blind eye. How to coping with rejection in love?


01. Why can’t you accept the Love Rejection in love

1. Love Rejection-you are not really aware of the current cruel reality

If you are rejected by someone you love, you may be very sad, but after you know that Love Rejection, in fact, it is impossible for you and her. In fact, she does not love you at all. In fact, she has already left and will never come back. Up.


Many parties encounter Love Rejection in their emotions, and they tend to find rational reasons for themselves. They give themselves hope and allow themselves to escape Love Rejection. However, this way of thinking about avoiding Love Rejection often makes them more hurt and will Create more and more troubles for the people you like.


2. Love Rejection-express your true thoughts

If someone likes you, but you don’t like him, the best way to Love Rejection is to confess your feelings to him in a friendly way, and express your thoughts about your relationship and your feelings. Love and rejection are eternal topics.


Tell him how you really feel about him, and love Rejection bravely. If you dont feel anything for him, tell him, tell him that you dont like him, and tell him not to have any illusions about you anymore. If you want to be friends with him, then tell him what you think. If you dont want to be with him again Yes, tell him too, and then just do it according to your Love Rejection idea.


In the matter of emotions, what is emphasized is the feeling, the feeling of love, the heartbeat, the instinctive urge to be with the person in front of you. If you don’t want to waste their time, then Love Rejection.


And if the other person does not respect your feelings and the choice of Love Rejection, and imposes his love for you on you, this is his immaturity in the relationship, and your Love Rejection will help him recognize love earlier According to the basic rules in, Love Rejection will not only greatly reduce the harm to him, but also help him grow in love.


On the other hand, if your suitor can’t even respect your feelings and the willingness of Love Rejection, and only cares about his own demands and feelings, do you really want to care about such a person?


Don’t give up Love Rejection because you are indecisive, and don’t care about the other person excessively because you can’t bear to hurt him, let him mistakenly think that you actually like him.


03. Love Rejection-Have a hard attitude

Dont be ambiguous about his Love Rejection attitude. Your indecisive Love Rejection will make it easy for you to turn your indecision into lust and indulgence. You also know that this set of lust and indulgence is very effective for men. The more you want, the more a man’s eagerness will make you pay more and more, until the mud feet are deeply sinking. So Love Rejection should start early.


And the more you give, the harder it will be to let go. This will drag the relationship between the two people into the darkness like a snowball. You see how many people around you cant do it because they want to pursue what they love, but in the end they cant even be friends. Become a stranger.


2. Love Rejection-enhance your ability to cope with and deal with emotional problems

To survive and live well, people need to possess various abilities.


Love Rejection is a very important theme in human life, and emotional life is an important part of a happy life. The ability of love rejection in love is indeed lacking in many people. This is why I often call some adult emotional naives. An important reason for falling in love with elementary school students.


In the same face of Love Rejection, some people, even if they are sad, sad, or heartbroken, they can stick to their sentimental values and beliefs about love, respect each others wishes and choices, and some people face Love Rejection , On the surface shouting how much I love each other, I have paid a lot for each other, and I am willing to pay more for each other. In fact, under these self-movements, what hides is a fragile, childish and selfish heart, which is fragile and selfish. My heart will also add an excuse that I cant let go because I love the other person too much. On the one hand, it raises my sadness in love, and on the other hand, it suppresses the choices and wishes of other people who can respect their loved ones. People who say they dont really love each other can do this, so learning and accepting Love Rejection is a kind of growth.


If you meet a suitor who lacks the ability to cope with and deal with Love Rejection problems, you are not responsible for his growth in love. You can do what you should do and be kind and honest to him. Love Rejection is already very good.



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