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Love Misunderstanding Quotes

Love misunderstanding quotes: The people for love to give a vigorous imagination, invest great enthusiasm, but always end up sadly. The person who just met not long ago and talked well and wanted to say hello every day, has long been lying in the cold black list.

Love is not you look at me, I look at you, but two people look forward together.

Do not love yourself, do not love life, do not love the future, you, too, do not love that person. You just love a fantasy life, a projected expectation, you turn the pursuit of life into the chase of love freshness again and again. A person who lacks vitality cannot continue the vitality of love.

We, all misunderstand love.


Not lack of money, easy to borrow money. Not lack of love, to meet love.

Misunderstanding in relationship quotes: People who have never been in love always have a somewhat unrealistic imagination of how the two sexes get along. It is easy to mistake love for the sweet romance of just two people.

I don’t know, even the best love will fall to the ground. It is not possible to spend the whole day just focusing on the dream, romance, and ignore the reality, put the rice and oil salt to ignore.

Love misunderstanding quotes: In the beginning of love, only the heart of two people need to rejoice. But in order to have further development, it is not possible to just stay on the surface of the good sharing, and eating and drinking.

You can’t just like each other’s good, and in each other’s isolation when the silence to avoid. Love misunderstanding quotes: You can’t just let the other person see how good they are, and only know how to talk about love with them. Rather, we must really enter the real space of our respective lives and feel the temperature of every corner.

What is the truth about love?


1. Do not idealize your lover.

Misunderstanding in relationship quotes: At the beginning of a relationship, many people will feel that the other party is so flawless, impeccable …… but as time goes by, the other party’s shortcomings gradually exposed, it will suddenly find it difficult to accept. Love misunderstanding quotes: This is not the other party is not good enough, but we at the beginning, the lover is too idealized.

So when we come back to the reality that our lover is not perfect, we will also feel uncomfortable with the contrast between our lover before and after.

Love misunderstanding quotes: In love, we should not only magnify each other’s strengths and ignore their weaknesses, but also evaluate our lovers objectively. In this way, love will not become unreal like a bubble.


2. Being in love does not mean that you should give up your self.

Love misunderstanding quotes: Love is not all there is to life; you can’t ignore your long-time friends, or other things you love, just because you’re in love.

Otherwise, when we lose our love, our life will also become a blank and unsupported.

Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves that our basic life does not change because of love and lovers; and the relationship between each other should be to maintain intimacy and at the same time have their own independent living space.

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3. Don’t expect too much from love.

“There is no ‘forever’ in anything, including love.” Only when we accept this can we understand the true meaning of love. When the chemistry in love fades, the intensity of mutual love for each other decreases day by day.

Misunderstanding in relationship quotes: If we have too many expectations at the beginning, then when the strong emotions become flat, we will also constantly wonder if the other person does not love us anymore, thus falling into blind speculation and pain.

Love misunderstanding quotes: So, in the face of love we have to do with the natural, enjoy the moment can be; only then, when the passion gradually transformed into warmth and affection, although the feeling of bland but also can be well maintained, both sides will also feel good.


4. Do not let your lover occupy our minds like a virus.

When the other person is not around, we may not stop missing each other for a moment, hoping to see him quickly. However, it is not good to indulge in thoughts every moment.

Love misunderstanding quotes: When the other person occupies all of our thoughts, it will make it impossible for us to do the right thing, and we will constantly guess what the other person is doing now, thus falling into a frenzy of thoughts, and love will turn into a troubling physical and mental disorder.

Therefore, learn to get rid of this obsession with the lover; and whatever way we choose to suspend our thoughts, learn to own our lives.


5. Don’t let love overwhelm you.

Love misunderstanding quotes: When deeply in love with someone, sometimes you may also do something impulsive, such as: deciding to get married without thinking it through, and agreeing to anything the other person wants in one fell swoop.

Although falling in love is a beautiful emotional state, but it does not mean that we must dive into love; otherwise, when things do not go as we wish, we will also feel regretful.

So even if we love each other again, we have to keep our sanity. Love misunderstanding quotes: This reasoning does not mean that we have reservations about each other’s love; on the contrary, this is a kind of responsible for themselves, but also responsible for each other’s love performance.

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