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35 Love Messages For Him

What are the love messages for him, and goodnight message for him? No matter how bright the stars are, I know I can’t forget you; Moon no longer clear my heart to understand, I know I have been deeply in love with you; Nothing can change my affection for you! Here’s a collection of love stories for boyfriends. Here are some I love you quotes for him and deep love messages for him. You can send these messages to boyfriend or good morning quote for him.

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35 love messages for him

1. Give me a promise that I will not go anywhere, and I will stand here waiting for you.

2. There is always rare precious things in this world, so there is only one you in the world.

3. Love messages for him: Butterfly is the soul of flowers, is the flower of the past life of the missing, to find the oath of this life.

4. Waiting too long to come, mostly not the original look.

5. Some fate is destined to lose, some fate will never have good results.

Love messages for him

6. Like the sun because it is very warm, warm to the bottom of the heart, warm to the unknown pain.

7. You don’t know every time you ask if you love me or not, you don’t do the best.

8. Love messages for him: Love should be sworn by the sea. Only the one and faithful love is the true love.

9. Thank you for your hard work. I always take me out on weekends to meet my desire to run everywhere.

10. People who know the food will not eat the steak; People who know love will not promise to live forever.

Love messages for him

11. Time is indifferent to memory, saving strange, in the past, torn heart, but not as safe as the current strangers.

12. Thank you for quietly putting the apples in my bag every night, so that I can have fruit in the office the next day.

13. Love messages for him: Thank you for treating my family and friends as your own family and friends. I can always help you at the critical moment.

14. After the vicissitudes of the past, the only thing is the right thing and the others are left behind their monologue.

15. When you are depressed, I am your pistache. When you are sad, I would like to be your worry tree!

Love messages for him

16. In this harmonious society, I feel very practical, good people do not let go, but also afraid it will let go of bad people?

17. Memories are always melancholy. Happy makes people feel: Unfortunately, it is over, unhappy to think of or sad.

18. Love messages for him: The furthest distance in the world is not the separation of life and death, but when I stand in front of you you you don’t know: I love you.

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19. Do you know the taste of missing someone, like drinking a large glass of ice water, and then it takes a long time to flow into tears.

20. You said, if there is no meeting at that time, love halfway through, and finally end, you will not admit that we have grown up.

Love messages for him

21. If you want, when you lose your mind and need a shoulder most, tell me that I will appear immediately.

22. Thank you for taking me home from work everyday. I never give me the chance to go home by bus without interruption.

23. Love messages for him: You don’t know why you said: fish seeds are good nutritious products, I often do fish but always think fish seeds have a bad smell.

24. I have always kept the past in my heart, and occasionally took out the aftertaste of playing. I didn’t want those addicted tastes to dissipate in the air.

25. Young men, especially those gentlemen, like the gentleness of women, not the women who make them wait for anger.

Love messages for him

26. I wish to make an appointment for 10000 years for your heart, but I miss you forever. I want to put my heart in your heart, the land is always the real and never change.

27. Men are divided into two types, one is good color and the other is very good color; Women also have two kinds, one is to pretend to be pure, the other is to pretend not pure.

28. Love messages for him: Dear, thank you for your tolerance and love for me. It is really happy to be with you. I hope we can always be happy to the end!

29. It is not painful to like a person. Love a person, may have a long pain, but he gives me happiness, is also the greatest happiness in the world.

30. You know, someone always miss you, you miss you, your smiling eyes, like stars, are shining on my heart curtain, and the night is bright.

Love messages for him

31. Every day as long as I can hear you call me “wife”, I understand that happiness is around me. Thank you for the happiness you can not replace!

32. Love is also an invention, which needs to be improved constantly. But this kind of invention is different from other inventions,

It has no patent right and will be taken away at any time.

33. Love messages for him: I sing in silence, only to call back your love. I keep running, just to follow your footsteps. With the grace of God, I will meet the best of you.

34. It is because of love that it is quietly away from the shadow, and what can not be avoided is the silent feelings; Today I finally summon up the courage to express my love to you.

35. Want to pull your hand through countless alleys, run from one lane to the end of an alley, exchange their hearts with the dark lane, and catch the sunshine stupidly.

The above are the love messages for him. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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