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Love Landscape: Passive Love

Love landscape: The picture of love in my eyes should be

Shining like the Big Dipper

Like stars in a cold universe

A lighthouse that lights up the sky in the darkness of the night


What is love?

It is said that love is the secret medicine to save human souls from loneliness and let them enjoy happiness, but sometimes it can also become a blindfold and a shackle to enslave human beings.

Love your landscape: The famous Dutch philosopher Spinoza believed that man is passive, and so is love.

And such passive love often has these three characteristics.



Emotional impulse

Love your lawn landscaping: When we like someone, we will be blind, no matter how good or bad the person’s character, or even hurt by him, we still love this person, not only that, we will also be in love without distinguishing good from evil.

As Spinoza mentioned in ethics: individuals judge what is good, what is evil, what is good and what is bad, based on their emotions.

Love your landscape: In other words, in love, people are often prone to not distinguish between good and evil due to their personal emotions.

Love landscape: Just like some rich kids, she stood up for the man because of love, so in her opinion helping him steal his father’s resources and money just to better help his lover, while his father pursued responsibility, this move hurt the lover’s interests, which became unforgivable.


Then again, helping your boyfriend steal your own father’s resources and money and complaining about your father’s wealthy second generation, you really have no ability to know right from wrong?

Love landscape: Of course not, it is because she is enslaved by her feelings, even if she can distinguish right from wrong, she will still be swayed by her feelings, as Spinoza said: I call the weakness of man in controlling and restraining his emotions slavery.

Love landscape: For when a man is ruled by his feelings, he has no autonomy in his actions, but is subject to the slaughter of fate, and under the control of fate, he is sometimes forced to do evil things, even though he knows what is good for him.

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Emotional imitation

Love your lawn landscaping: The second characteristic of passive love is emotional imitation, which means that we imitate the emotions of the person we love and thus feel the same emotions as them.

As the saying goes in “the reflection of the left hand and the right hand”: I can be happy for days if you smile once, but I will be sad for years if I see you cry once.

Love landscape: When you love someone wholeheartedly, it is easy to use his likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes as a benchmark for your emotional changes. Love your landscape: Not only that, we will also love someone because of love and his related people and things, such as his preferences, like to eat, etc., that is to say, love of the house and the Wu.

So many times, we can not control their own emotions and thinking, become in love to lose reason, like a puppet, all because of this “passive love” caused by.




Herd mentality

Love landscape: Herd mentality is what we generally call herd mentality, about which Spinoza mentioned in “Ethics”: If we imagine that someone loves, hates, or meets something we also love, hate, or desire, we will therefore insist on loving, hating, or desiring this thing.

Conversely, if we imagine that someone loves what I hate and hates what I love, we will feel a ripple in our heart.

Love landscape: What does that mean? To understand it in layman’s terms, for example, in the universal concept that the man should be the main man and the woman should be the main woman, so when looking for someone, girls tend to look for men who are more capable than they are, and men also tend to look for women who are a little less capable than they are.


Love landscape: And when I met a less capable than us, and even a certain degree of dependence on our men, we will naturally feel in the first place: the other side will not mind this mode of living together, will not be able to accept the difference in the ability of the two people, in the feelings do not accept themselves?

But, really ability than we are more worthy of our love, ability than we are weak people are really not suitable to get along? I think the answer is not necessarily.

Love landscape: It is obvious that it is not a really wise choice to “love” because the public loves and avoid because the public is evil.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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