Love Is Sweet: 5 Golden Rules & 5 Tips

Love Is Sweet. Satya is committed to improving communication between people and enhancing their self-worth so that people can directly experience their progress. The weather report is a method she has developed to allow people to experience the internal and external humanistic environment and change the temperature in it-within oneself, between two people, and between three or more people.

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Love Is Sweet: 5 Golden Rules & 5 Tips

Love Is Sweet
5 golden rules to keep love sweet

Satya is committed to improving communication between people and enhancing their self-worth so that people can directly experience their progress. The weather report is a method she has developed to allow people to experience the internal and external humanistic environment and change the temperature in it-within oneself, between two people, and between three or more people.

Love Is Sweet
The first step: appreciation and gratitude

When we appreciate others, we will have corresponding gratitude. It can encourage lovers or family members to start sharing from the positive aspects of life and bring about the effect of mutual tolerance. This is a positive trend: to discover, recognize, and share the positive part.

In the weather report, we are as specific as possible and based on the current situation to share our gratitude to the lover.

In the daily weather report, it is not always expected to be grateful to the lover, but I hope this is a more natural and spontaneous behavior.

Love Is Sweet
Step 2: Worry, concern, and confusion

The second thing to share is the worry, which includes concern and confusion. (Sometimes, we do call this item “confused”) Because of fear of improper or clumsy performance, I usually don’t express my concerns or conceal my concerns.

We express our concern or confusion about our lover and ask appropriate and non-accusative questions to feel at ease and comfortable with what the lover is doing. These questions that can clarify the confusion are sentences headed by “what, how, when, where, possible, and why”. Through these questions and answers, freedom of clarification can be developed without triggering the defense of the lover.

Unanswered puzzles or concerns usually breed insecurity and low self-worth. The weather report provides a structured method to eliminate the aforementioned consequences. Otherwise, focusing on your worries without sharing, then you will only cause trouble for yourself.

Love Is Sweet
Step 3: Complaints and possible solutions

Before people complain that something is wrong, they usually compare the situation with their own experience, or they have an unfulfilled expectation or ideal.

Speaking of complaints may also reveal potential anger at the same time. For example: “Why didn’t you call me first, but to someone else first? This makes me feel that I am not the first person in your heart, not the most important person”

By sharing, you can get direct, honest, and supportive feedback from your lover, and you can take more responsibility for your inner worries and concerns. She encourages people to respond and consistently communicate with each other.

The purpose of weather reports is not to let people dispute or resolve every concern, but to let everyone hear each other, learn to coordinate, and possibly reach an agreement on disagreement.

Love Is Sweet
Step 4: New information

The new information comes in various forms. It may be an announcement of next week’s concerts, or it may be a current discount event that attracts everyone’s attention. Usually, we assume that if it’s events, appointments, and preferences that we know, then we don’t need to say a word, and the lover will know (or even should know or remember). These assumptions often bring difficulties to communication.

The weather report emphasizes more personal information: new decisions, achievements, and activities. Sharing this information is an important aspect for building a family team. It helps to ensure that everyone has the same information and can operate with the same understanding. Therefore, no one feels neglected or excluded outer. “Being heard” can bring the feeling of being affirmed and have a higher sense of self-worth.

Love Is Sweet
Step 5: Hope and Expectation

A hope that has not been stated has a very difficult opportunity to be realized, while a clear hope has many opportunities to be practiced. Of course, this does not guarantee that we can get what we want. Once we express our hopes, we and others can more directly gather energy and resources to realize these hopes.

Most people have learned not to express their hopes and expectations. When we were young, we might be afraid that our parents would be unhappy after hearing them, so we began to suppress them. Allowing ourselves to express our hopes and expectations is sometimes enough to release us from the repressed discomfort.

Once we are open to opportunities, discovering resources is one of the ways we can achieve our expectations. Others are often interested in our expectations and can help us achieve them, while family life is enriched by supporting each other’s expectations.

Love Is Sweet
5 tips for keeping love sweet

Love Is Sweet
Set a common goal

Two people need to have a common direction and goal in a relationship. You can make plans that require two people to complete them together.

1. Save money to travel together

2. Fitness plan for two people

3. Common deposit plan

4. Clean up together

5. Cook together every weekend

Love Is Sweet
Respect for the ritual

The sense of ritual is not about spending a lot of money, not a high-end and gorgeous restaurant, but about two people preparing surprises for each other, and carefully preparing for the two people’s festival. Don’t ignore the true meaning of the festival just because you are too unexpected. The sense of ritual is not “exquisite on the surface”, it emphasizes the mind in it.

1. Prepare for a birthday surprise

2. Remember the love anniversary

3. Say good night to each other before going to bed

4. Record and save the lives of two people

5. Occasionally wear it with a couple before going out

6. Go to your favorite restaurant or watch a movie together on the weekend

Love Is Sweet
Be a fresh “me”

Many couples can’t wait to show “I” to each other completely at the beginning, but the other party will lose interest in us when the love period passes. Self-improvement and trying new things will add new “oxygen” to the relationship between the two. In the days together, you should pay attention to self-improvement and understand the difference between you and your partner in each period. Making progress together is the most interesting thing in love.

1. Try different dressing styles

2. Cultivate hobbies and new interests

3. Learn more about each other’s hobbies and participate in it

4. Have separate spaces

5. Travel to new places together and try new things

Love Is Sweet
Resolving conflicts requires effective communication

(1) Quarrel

Quarrels are common among couples. First of all, you have to set your mindset: quarrels are the most common thing in interpersonal communication, and it is also a mode of communication.

1. Calm emotions and communicate in a good tone

2. Resolutely not cold war

3. Not attached

4. There is no absolute right or wrong

5. Don’t be overly negative, and don’t give up guessing easily

6. People make mistakes, learn to forgive

(2) Feelings are facing a period of burnout

This is a test period that most couples will go through. Many people who love each other choose to break up on impulse at this time. We should keep more patience. When we cross this difficult period, we will reap a steady and firm love.

1. Look through the previous photos and sweet chat history more

2. Reflect on whether we are passing on emotions when we are impatient

3. Bad emotions are easy to “pass” to the closest people

4. Care about each other’s life and work status, communication is very important

5. Be confident and firm in the love between two people

6. Try all the methods mentioned before

7. It takes time to get through this period, you have to be patient

Love Is Sweet
Tips for getting along with each other

The feeling is also a science. The enthusiasm alone does not necessarily lead to perfect love. When you learn how to get along well and better ways to express love, stable and happy relationships belong to you.

1. Don’t turn over old accounts

2. Questions and dissatisfaction should be raised promptly

3. Don’t worry about ex things, it doesn’t make sense

4. Self-discipline! Single-minded! When you can do these things, you can ask the other person

5. Give the other party enough personal space, don’t restrict too much

6. Give each other

7. Don’t always threaten your partner with “break up”

8. Cherish the concessions made by the other party

9. Cherish the other person’s heart, don’t be stingy with your praise and love words

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