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4 Meaning Of Love Is Simple

Why someone say that love is simple? The pursuit of interest is called marriage, and the pursuit of emotion is called love. A lot of people tend to confuse this. Think about it. Many of us are confused about marriage and love. Some people say that marriage is the grave of love; Others say that marriage is the continuation of love. There is no love simple plan and I think that love is romantic, and marriage is realistic. In reality, no one dares to say that he really understands love or sees through marriage.

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What do you mean love is simple?

1. Love is simple, which means love is pure

If you want to understand that simple kind of love you may need to know this sentence. Shakespeare said: “love is just a madness.”. Crazy infatuation with a person, you may just be in a moment, in a place, because of a certain action of the other party, a smile and fall in love with him, and then you love him all, accompanied by doing some crazy things.

How do you think of love is simple? When you realize the sweetness of love, the whole world seems to become sweet, the air is fresh, the sun is bright. Your happiness began to become very simple, as long as you see him, is happy.

No wonder some people say that love is the beauty that people pursue all their lives. This is pure love, there are not so many rules and regulations, there are not so many equal interests, just from the two sides of the heart and true love.

2. Love is simple, which means love is the combination of heart and soul

Love is simple and platonic love is a pure spiritual view of love. The pursuit of spiritual communication. When the mind abandons the body and yearns for the truth, then the thought is the best. When the soul is infected by the sin of the body, people’s desire for truth will not be satisfied; When human beings have no strong demand for carnal desire, their mood is peaceful. Carnal desire is the expression of animal nature in human nature and the nature of every organism.

If you can realize that love is simple you will know the reason why man is the so-called higher animal is that in human nature, the beautiful and moral human nature is stronger than the animal nature. True love is a kind of persistent emotion, only time is the touchstone of love. Only extraordinary love can stand the test of time.

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3. Love is simple means equality and giving

Love has equality and love is simple, there is no attachment or possession relationship, the two sides of love is voluntary, never reluctant, that is, love the person you love without regret. In the world of ideas, your perfect partner is your perfect one.

About love, there is an important question: is it the person I love? This is exactly the origin of modern love tragedy. After passion, I find that I love is simple and the meaning of love, not that person. This kind of love itself is a self lie woven by oneself, which is meaningless except for the sense of loneliness and vanity. No matter it is those crazy men and women, or those romantic beauty, no one is not so.

A lot of love can not be maintained, and even to the end of mutual complaints, always feel that they pay too much, get too little, in psychological inequality, imbalance, full of complaints. In fact, this kind of payment is a reverse demand, asking the other party to return equal or more feelings. Thats why someone say that love is simple.

But love comes from the heart, is to give, is voluntary. We think that we are selfless in love. In fact, our subconscious has already helped us calculate whether the ratio of giving and reward is fair.

4. Love is simple, meaning freedom and spiritual richness

Platonic love is a kind of free love view and love is simple. Love needs enough space and time to thrive. Love is not sacrifice, not possession; Love is a kind of accomplishment. When you have love, let the other party be free; When we lose love, we should let each other be free.

Everyone yearns for pure and eternal love. In order to get such love, the most important thing is to constantly understand and learn from each other’s all good virtues in spiritual communication, coordinate the feelings of both sides, constantly discover and know each other’s new virtues, and complement each other. The spirit does not match, is very difficult to talk about the sentiment, even if had the love, also cannot be long.

How to understand love is simple, what does is really mean that love is simple? It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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