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About Love And Jealousy: Love Is Not Jealous

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE:Love is not jealous

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Jealousy affects all aspects of people, especially about love and marriage. Today, we need to sort out “jealousy”, a special aspect of human nature. We need to know that love is not jealousy.

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About love and jealousy: Love is not jealous-1Mainstream theory

There are six mainstream theories of jealousy: psychodynamic theory, systematic theory, sociobiological theory, social psychology theory, behavioral psychology theory, and cognitive phenomenology theory. Although the phenomenon of jealousy is extremely complex, no theory can describe the panorama of human jealousy, but these theories have their own contributions in their own scope of application.

About love and jealousy: Love is not jealous-2Definition

Compared with others, it is a complex emotional state composed of shame, anger, resentment and so on, which results from finding that one is inferior to others in talent, reputation, status or situation A dictionary of Psychology

The psychological state of being suspicious, worried or aware of competitors is manifested in love: fear of being replaced emotionally by others, or distrust of the loyalty of a sweetheart, especially to his wife, husband and lover Oxford Dictionary of English

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Jealousy is the envy, worry and pain after seeing the excellence of others Guangci Garden

Love jealousy is produced when a person, due to a third party, is aware of the threat or fear of an important love relationship or the loss of a partner. It is a combination of a variety of emotions. Its core components include: anger, sadness and fear. This kind of threat can be real or imagined.

About love and jealousy: Love is not jealous-3The psychological characteristics of jealousy

Love is not jealous 01. The homogeneity of the object of jealousy. Jealousy is often a kind of distorted mentality and behavior that is superior to or beyond oneself to those who are similar to oneself.

Love is not jealous 02. The exclusiveness, aggressiveness and catharsis of jealousy. Pellegrini, 2007. “Judging people by their appearance” women usually spread rumors to them because they are envious that they are more beautiful or more sexually attractive than themselves, and indirectly destroy other women’s reputation and interpersonal relationships.

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Love is not jealous 03. It has “camouflage” (implicit), people often hide their inner jealousy.

Love is not jealous 04. Self centered balance.

Love is not jealous 05. Fairness of advantages. Jealousy is related to subjective unfairness.

About love and jealousy: Love is not jealous-4Love, jealousy and emotion

Love is not jealous 01. In love jealousy, anger arises because the individual’s goal of having a certain relationship is threatened. Anger in this situation often causes the “compensation effect” of the jealous person, including revenge, ignoring the existence of the partner and so on. The purpose is to induce the jealousy of the partner.

Love is not jealous 02. If jealous people feel that their jealousy will hurt their existing relationship, they will avoid discussing fear. They are likely to monitor their partner, thereby reducing their uncertainty and their fear of relationship loss.

Love is not jealous 03. The feeling of rejection, loneliness and insecurity brought about by the appearance of competitors makes the jealous sad. They deal with the pain by expressing their negative emotions or denying their jealousy.

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Love is not jealous 04. There is jealousy in love jealousy.

Love is not jealous 05. In love jealousy, there are three main reasons for jealous people to feel guilty: love jealousy is seen as the expression of insecurity and weakness in the culture of numerous consciousness; Jealous people will feel guilty for their negative behaviors such as verbal violence and invasion of privacy; Attribute your partner’s empathy to your own fault.

About love and jealousy: Love is not jealous-5Love, jealousy and sex

Love is not jealous 01. The overall level of sexual drive can predict the four dimensions of exclusive relationship in love jealousy: threat, dependence, sexual possession, competition and revenge. The stronger the sexual drive, the stronger the degree of love jealousy in love relationship.

Love is not jealous 02. The frequency of sexual desire is related to the three dimensions of love jealousy: dependence, new comrades in arms, competition and revenge. It shows that the more the frequency of sexual desire is, the easier it is to produce attachment, sexual possessiveness and the competition and revenge of the threat factors of love relationship.

Love is not jealous 03. The frequency of orgasm and masturbation were positively correlated with sexual possessiveness.

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